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  1. If anything Poole look slightly stronger now.
  2. From what i saw just over a week ago, i would say Warriors is correct unfortunately. Chapman dismantled their team and has also ruined one of the best race tracks in the country.
  3. Crumpet77

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Cook maybe, now that would pizz off Boro fans like nothing else.
  4. Josh Grajczonek will score more this time around, he apparently had broken fingers in the first meeting...
  5. Crumpet77

    Ipswich 2019

    I think your feeling is correct.
  6. Crumpet77

    Ipswich v Wolves 20th May

    His equipment is pants, plus we need a good trapper at home. Rather we looked at someone like Jensen, Pickering or Stewart.
  7. Crumpet77

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Should be an away win this time then now Josh has recovered. Most of your team love the Showground so expecting the pirates to plunder 3 points this time around.
  8. Crumpet77

    Ipswich 2019

    I can't see Harris getting the boot after he was removed from the Panthers team, and away from a track that suits him down to the ground.
  9. Crumpet77

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Didn't the Panthers beat you last month before the changes
  10. Crumpet77

    Wolves 2019

    Thorssell back in the team with Scotty off to the Panthers, and good news that Nick Morris returns next week as well. Now who would like to take Harris and Bellego off us
  11. Crumpet77

    Ipswich v Wolves 20th May

    Latest Championship green sheet average is 6.91
  12. Crumpet77

    Ipswich v Wolves 20th May

    My usual party of five won't be going, everyone going round to the one person who has BT Sports. An offer may have got them at Foxhall, they were all expecting the ten pound offer often offered by other clubs for a televised meeting.
  13. Crumpet77

    Warsaw 2019

    If you ignore it you don't have to deal with it
  14. Crumpet77

    Warsaw 2019

    Dudek leads the GP standings

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