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  1. Of course not his fault but the fact remains that IF he had not had one and maybe scored at least a point in his final ride then it probably would have been Rybnik who would have been promoted. Yes there were some dodgy decisions but home sides normally get some in their favour. I think Lebedev knew Rybniks game was up when he looked and saw Woryna was not behind him as he was absolutely furious having won the race thinking maybe they were on for a 5-1. They were no doubt unlucky what also with injury to their decent junior in the junior finals on Friday, and Spaniak proving yet again what a poor season he has had. To much is put on Woryna who we have to remember even though he dropped a league is in his first season as a senior and number one where he is always pitched against still some decent riders rather than when he was in the EXTR League last season as still a junior. Personally feel gutted for him as I am sure they knew after that puncture that it was near enough impossible. Even if the aggr scores had been equal then Lublin went thru due to having finished above Rybnik in the league. All NOT lost though as they now meet Fabulaz over 2 legs. Maybe their loss of Dudek for rest of the season may weaken them ?? Lambert must be happy. Got away with one today and now will be POL EXL next season irrespective of if he stays or if one of the big guns come knocking which maybe a possibility ??
  2. Oh Dear Woryna has just cost his team promotion to POL EXL. On a 5-1 in clear second when he had a puncture on lap 3 of Ht 13. A stone last in ht 15 was the final nail in the coffin. His loss of points in effect cost his team the move up to the big league. Even lost out to Jonsson in top of points av for Nice 1 due to those 2 rides. Mind you one can add the useless efforts of Spaniak who again proved he was a one season wonder in 2017. You remember the guy who was top of the POL Nice 1 points av in 2017. How the mighty have fallen huh ?? Lets hope Kacper's luck changes for Poole.

    Poole 2019

    Could it be he is now in the clear to get a visa - subject to signing for a team in UK ?? Am only guessing as have no idea, but even that would sound better than the no visa possibility that seemed to prevail prior to this seasons start.

    Poole 2019

    Yes the personal stuff was the more serious situation that many still don't know too much about, but it was a serious but difficult situation. Let's hope that all the Court visits and eventual ruling/s come to an ammicable agreement/arrangement that both sides can live with, so that both sides can move on and allow Chris to continue his racing career and also give him a better quality of life on a personal front. I am sure some stability and security also with his club in Poland hopefully sorted, I would hope that he can rediscover the form we know he is capable of even if he doesn't quite make it back to the very top again. On his day he still looks one of the best riders around as evidenced by some of his rides in the last GP. If his visa situ is sorted as well as his POL Club then it's now all about the conclusion of the case. Get that sorted before year end and he indeed can be more relaxed. Be interesting if Matt Ford is keeping in close contact with him and advising him where he can. He was being supportive earlier this year so let's hope so. Also noticed Matt was getting close up with Jack in a photo just before this years UK GP and if their was the alleged tension last season, then that photo sure didn't reflect it. Let's hope differences have been sorted as I feel having both Holder's at Poole and both happy would be good as no doubt both live at Chris's house near Poole.

    Poole 2019

    Welcome back to Steve S. You have been missed. Interesting news posted on POL Speedway news last night. https://sportowefakty.wp.pl/zuzel/778390/chris-holder-ma-zostac-w-toruniu-nowy-kontrakt-uzgodniony Torun Media site saying Chris Holder is being offered a new contract for 2019 which surprised me for one as most news filtering out on POL media was that he would be asked to move on. Maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel on his personal court case situ and in respect of his future in UK ???. Let's hope so as its obviously taken it's toll on the guy. Would not surprise me if he has offered to ride for less at Torun as he loves the club so much. Also with Jack riding I am sure they will travel out together and enjoy similar crew team etc. Will also maybe help Chris with his Monster sponsorship along with Jack. Will be one big load off knowing he has his main income stream sorted for 2019. If he can get a successful resolution to the legal case going on that works for all parties and get his visa situ sorted, then I think a calmer Chris with none of this hanging over him could be a shrewd signing for 2019 especially with his improving young Bro Jack. I would still like to see both in a Poole side but that is just my opinion. Get those 2 alongside Brady Kurtz/Woryna/Jackobsen. The remaining 2 to be determined by what the new league set up is - what points limit there is and also if it will be 6 men teams or 6 plus a young N/L Junior which personally would be my idea going forward. For me much as winning the league is important so is a team with plenty of youth and some experience with exciting riders developing. One would hope that Holder Jr/Kurtz/Woryna and Jackobsen are riders going forward with decent careers developing. Chris with no baggage and a sorted personal life could still be a bonus on 7.16 and would also be good to help the younger guys coming along. Much as the role that was supposed to have happened in Torun this year before the personal family issues kind of overtook events.
  6. Just saw the highlights of Gorzow v Leszno - Speedway as it should be. Point of the post is Brady Kurtz who scored 4 plus 2 from his 5 rides. To be honest other than one ride in which he scored 2 plus 1 he didnt look that good. Rarely made starts and did nothing from the back. The way he is riding the second half of this season I can see him being a weak link in the play off. Hate to say it as I have always thought he would be one of the World's top riders. Maybe one day he will but haven't seen much recently to suggest so. To me Leszno's 2 young reserves look more promising than him currently. Take a look at the last race last night in Gorzow to see exciting 23 year olds Piotr Pawliki and Zmarzlik showing how it should be done. Zmarzlik didnt quite get there but so reminded me of Darcy's all action style on the bike. The camera's also did great action shots of the battle between the two. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7xEe1pbI4I

    Poole 2019

    Perhaps he is awaiting the outcome of the BSPA AGM in Nov to decide whether to move on. If he doesn't like the outcome of what is decided and if they decide to water down/weaken and push out World or potentially World class talent for a lower level product, he may decide it really is time to go. I believe Matt is the kind of guy who may prefer to let teams sign their own talent similar to what POL/Swe do with no points limits and maybe a 1/2 young home grown rider to compliment similar to the way they do in POL. With so many rumours flying around on what may happen in 2019, I wonder if as a promoter he already has a heads up on what is planned, and maybe he doesn't like the way its going. Can't believe internal meetings have not already taken place among promoters and the powers that be as to what may be in store for 2019. Rumours and comments are already starting to slip out so maybe a draft has already been proposed ahead of the AGM. Having said that we all know Matt is a master of utilising the local media to put a positive spin on the club and his own position. He is hardly going to undersell the asset, but most of us know ultimately its a question of how potential interests view the viability of the sport going forward. Even if is a solvent business, Speedway is not the sport it was 10 or even 5 year ago with many teetering on the brink with little sign of an upward turn in fortunes going forward. Would anyone be willing to purchase a club under those circumstances ?? - Even someone with deep pockets. I have big doubts on that score.
  8. Having witnessed what Spaniak and even Woryna have done plenty of times this season I would definitely echo that. But UK smaller tracks do give you that extra experience for rider development even if some of them are questionably prepared condition wise. I am sure that Hancock is a better rider for his experience in UK and maybe why he may be eager for Luke Becker to get fixed up here as well as in SWE/POL ongoing. Seems his POL team sorted (same as Greg's and good chance will be promoted POL Nice 1 next season. Sweden assume same if he stays with or near Hancock next season and sneaks into a SWE Prem team (said he already has a Swe 2nd Div team). Interesting that in the Poole podcast even Richie Worrall commented on rumours that maybe one big League next season. Unless he is an avid supporter of the BSF and looks in most days you can't help thinking that the rumour about it may be gathering momentum ?? A funny old season though in POL with Milik's form falling off a cliff a lot like Zagar's did in the first 2/3rds of last season before he got his equip sorted. A lot of good riders have had too many up and down meetings between POL/Swe and even in the GP's/SEC's. Maybe it is a case that so many riders incl all the good young Pole's coming through have set the bar higher, so consistency at the very top is becoming more difficult. Even Tai is blowing very hot and cold. Hopefully he won't blow it over the 2 last GP's. But Zmarzlik is surely a champion in waiting and his all action style so reminds me of perhaps what Darcy Ward might have achieved had he not been banned for a year and then so cruelly injured after he came back which ended his career.
  9. It's his inconsistency that's his biggest problem currently. Just like in UK and SWE as well as POL he can have 1/2 brilliant rides and beat the World's best and then he can have 2/3 bad ones which have dragged his scores down. He has shown he has what it takes hence why Leszno and his Swe side signed him. He may even get a Gold medal with Leszno who are now in the play off final after their win tonight. I think having an Aussie Summer back home may do him some good and come out fighting for next year after he has that initial Europe Globe trotting season out of the way. Needs to get his mental strength sorted as on the bike he has the ability. Also on a different note, there were some comments incl mine re Luke Becker after his flying visit to Poole (as mentioned by Steve S) the other day, decked out in Monster gear who for sure will sponsor him as a Hancock protege now part of the Hancock Haj team along with Holder Sr/Milik/Hancock and Smektala. I mentioned that probable promotion favs (at least now in play off Final) Stal Rzeszow had signed him early season, no doubt after some impressive practices and friendlies while he was in Europe for 6 weeks or so. Also no doubt being promoted by Hancock who also rides for same team. Interesting that he was put in the team today and scored 12 +1 from his 5 rides which is impressive by any means even if it is Pol 2nd Div. Considering the likes of Lawson/Wright and even his own team mate Morris scored a lot less you have to say it was an impressive performance from the inexperienced 19 year old. Ok chances are he was on Hancock well prepared equip, just like Jack Holder was in those last few meetings at Torun last season which in effect cemented a place in the Torun squad for this season and 99% certain he will be in there team next year. Maybe that little tour around Poole the other night could pave the way maybe for a full team slot at reserve for Poole in 2019 ??. I am always up for giving youngsters a go who have potential and when I saw him on You Tube the other day, it looked to me like Hancock may well have been giving him some advice during the close season in sunny Costa Mesa as his gating was sharp (like Gregs)and seemed very quick and assured on the bike. Him and Jackobsen at reserve would be an exciting young pair to see develop. I'm sure that Matt or Neil would also sort his accommodation. That's IF..... he can get a work permit.
  10. Well if he had something to do with having his key riders drop their GSA's for 2019 but at the same time make it into the play offs, then he has done a good job imo. Also considering that at one stage many of us were saying we wouldn't make the play offs. As a duo Matt and Middlo have done a good job over the years. Always on the face of it a good team (ok yes some have under performed last 2/3 seasons). But the reason Poole have always been so well supported is for the very reason they have worked as a successful partnership as Promoter/Team Manager. Those at the top will always be the first to be shot at when you have not scaled the giddy heights of 2013/14/15 and earlier years. We did make the play offs in 2016/17 but fell a bit short. Despite the problems of 2018 they are again in the play offs (and still in with a chance) so pretty good overall.

    Poole v Wolves. Prem B. 5/9/18

    Yes but after all the negativity of 2018. Loss of Rye in Prem and Lakeside having to step in to Rye thus losing Lakeside, many promotions losing their backsides with falling crowds etc, most believe that judgement day has kind of arrived or we spiral down into the abyss. Maybe we are ultimately on borrowed time anyway in the long run, but something a bit radical has to happen/change. What that change ends up as God only knows, but there has been plenty of air vented about possible League amalgamation with maybe also part of the Champ and N/L becoming a second League. The permutation possibilities are many but of course until we know what these thought provoking changes might be, all we can do is guess and importantly for this season hope that Poole can salvage something from what on the face of it has been a pretty bad season with the rain offs - heavy outlay for the doomed 70th Anniv meeting and the expensive function and costs to fly in (and put up) all those top riders etc. ( I am talking from Matt Ford's perspective). Add to that the incredible under and inconsistent performance by near enough all the team many times this season. Matt said this season has cost him well into 6 figures (which he said he won't get back), which may be one of the reasons he felt like getting out with all those losses and the sport in general facing maybe long term financial issues unless between them they can come up with something to reignite supporter interest. Let's hope that commonsense prevails finally in the sports time of need. We need something as no real TV money coming in (I mean decent money) - Big stars no longer interested in the main in coming - Attendances falling at many tracks - Promoters losing money. No doubt we shall see come November. Before then we have plenty of racing still to look forward to.

    Poole v Wolves. Prem B. 5/9/18

    Yes but nothing wrong with airing thoughts. Initially started with Kurtz/Wory/Jackobsen having mouthwatering starting GSA's for 2019 assuming they stay at Poole. Its kind of built from there. Matt (if he stays) may well have a good choice of riders to pick from for 2019 but as you quite rightly say none of us know the rules/regs/league set up etc for 2019. Having said that I can't believe the likes of Matt Ford and other promoters already know what is being proposed and possibly planned. Even Jon Cook let slip in an interview he did on the Lakeside website weeks ago about some exciting changes planned by the BSPA for 2019 after their mid season get together.

    Poole v Wolves. Prem B. 5/9/18

    The problem will be with whatever points limit is set by the BSPA and the League set up. Having strength in depth potentially also brings its own problems as with so many on the 6 to 7 mark (except Jackobsen) then maybe an issue if you want an out and out number one like say a Doyle. Could someone like Piotr Pawlicki become a possibility again (although a Wolves asset now I believe). Heard he was primed for Poole and sponsors etc set up before the one over 8 killed that option. I see he again missed out on next seasons GP's and if his 7.32 GSA has dropped again having been out of UK since 2014 (5 seasons out of UK come 2019 season), then like say Milik who is also not in SGP he could be on a bargain av below 8 as a non GP rider. I know many will say top stars not interested in UK, (I believe will continue to be the case with Milik), but Pawlicki seemed to want to ride UK until the SGP points rules rules blocked him, so maybe a possible contender ?? Maybe young Becker is a reserve contender as one would assume he would come in on a low av ?? Going to be interesting as only Matt Ford and the Holders may have an insight as to whether one or both will be part of the future plans. (Wouldn't surprise me if discussions already in hand or have taken place). On their current GSA's and with the level of the Prem not being as high as POL or Swe then both on 7 points are not bad. Especially with the younger one seemingly on the way up. Both would be living locally to Poole as I am sure both live at Chris's house now he is single (I'm assuming), so expenses wise also a saving compared to say Poles/Swedes/Danes etc. I am sure Matt will be eager to avoid any banana skins (like Spaniak) after this season. The big risk would possibly be Becker but on a low GSA may be worth the risk to give him more points further up. One would think someone is going to go for him with all the backing he has from Hancock's joint venture and Monster backing. He must be showing something.

    Poole v Wolves. Prem B. 5/9/18

    It's a difficult one Gav. He signed Woryna as he saw him as having maybe the potential of Magic (his words not mine), although that was more headline grabbing I think for the media. Jackobsen was definitely signed for the future and Ford openly said that it was a bonus getting him for the later part of this just to get track experience so 5.04 is a bargain to start the season on at reserve probably. Harris you will always get effort and Klindt we all know is a gating tart but this season he has improved as the season went on and has become a fairly good consistent gating tart. A poor man's Hancock i call him as like him if he makes the gate great but if not doesnt always overtake from the back. I think Matt will have some difficult decisions in the close season BUT so much will be governed by the league set up and points limits for 2019. Will there be some amalgamation ?? - If there si will there be a Prem points conv as a leveller and what will that all important team limit be. What about the Holders ?? Both are assets and IF allowed both could be signed ?? Plenty of questions for sure but we all need to know what they agree at the BSPA before any real planning can be done, although I would be VERY surprised if Kur/Wory/Jack are not first names on the sheet purely because they are all young with potential and importantly all on attractive GSA's for next season.

    Poole v Wolves. Prem B. 5/9/18

    He could probably double up (if there are 2 leagues next season that is) and he is also on Hancock's POL Team books. That team looks likely to be promoted into POL Lge 1 next season so he may get early exposre to POL as well. If the likes of an unknown Aussie like Jaimon Lidsey can get into a POL Lge team (lge 2) then maybe this guy with his backing can get in ??

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