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  1. Could be a case of needs/must come mind/end May. Woryna is not the answer for sure as he has started the new POL season less than impressive. Even in the odd meeting Jakobsen has ridden in he was poor. I think those 4 League meetings H/A against BV and Swindon will have a bearing on what happens next. Why fly in Woryna and his Mechanic/s/team when he isn't performing (certainly not as a HL in UK anyway). Rather spend on a proven rider in the Prem even if not popular with some. The next month will be interesting that's for sure as this won't be allowed to continue. Of course that's assuming the Ford's don't want to hold on to the money bearing in mind this season's team was built around Club assets and riders they could sign within a certain budget.
  2. Okay 1-0 to you LOL Just get frustrated especially when its a Derby match even if it is the Cup rather than league. At the moment those top 2 so called Heat Leaders are costing us at home. It neess to be sorted as no good fiddling further down the team if only one or in this case neither are performing. The odd point/s further down cannot compensate when you get your top 2 scoring 11 from 10 rides. Going to be interesting considering we have BV & Swind H & A in the League over the next month. At this rate we could well be bottom come end of May with that single Peterborough away point. But of course means nothing at this stage ;-)
  3. i would hope so Steve if you only have to come 4th out of 7 teams. Think much will depend on whether Ford spends decent money to shore up the team if it keeps performing like this. On paper this team should walk into the play offs. BUT its the same old inconsistencies that keep cropping up week in and out. You can pick out at least 2/3 riders each meeting that just don't perform to their so called potential. It happens meeting after meeting. Even when we get into winning positions away we tend to blow it. I think we will still get points away from draws or 6 point or less losses but that could all be undone if they don't sort out the home form and possibly the track.
  4. Complete and utter embarrassment. The 2 Poole H/L scoring 11 from 10 rides is an utter joke and yet again Holder & Kurtz underperforming on the Poole track. I wonder what positive spin the Ford's will put on this woeful discplay. In fact even RR replacement scored 6 for Worrall which is probably higher than he would have achieved anyway. Excuses are being made for the track and perhaps rightly so. Its been a joke for too long but hey what do you expect from a guy who is more interested in selling up than investing in putting the track right. Swindon came to Poole and yet again put them to the sword. If they can do it then why can't these underperforming Pirates. It has all the hallmarks of last season and the season before. As to look what happened last season. A ridiculous amount of luck and good fortune is unlikely to strike again imo. Early doors but would never surprise me if the likes of Kurtz & Holder Jr will not make the cut for the POL EXL teams after this season and at this rate I can see at least one of them being emptied when the Ford's wield the knife again as in previous seasons. I get fed up hearing the excuses. Neither Kurtz or Holder look like number one's and at this rate are unlikely to be one. Swindon have showed that H/L are important and they can carry the bottom order. I see Lampart out soon but for sure I see a decent replacement coming in. As for Poole ??? - To much inconsistency for me and I honestly don't see it changing.

    Poole 2019

    I get where you are coming from Gav, because as a 16 year old I introduced myself to the sport at Hackney in early 1971 and they were all different. I think the difference was we were in a different era as all the riders were in different leathers in those day and for many years after. We didn't know any different. I also remember the days at Rye in the late seventies & eightees at Rye when it was as you say. Maybe i have been swept along with how the sport has developed over the years with riders decked out in team kevlars which I personally like, whee its mainly all other teams doing similar. From a personal perspective, I just think it looks odd when a team who I started supporting later in life after so many of mine sunk into demise/closure, who had always been in team kevlars, suddenly look more like the odd team out compared to so many others incl in Champ let alone Elite League. If it was like back in the day then we wouldn't know any different as most/all would look different anyway. I suppose ultimately it comes down to personal preference and also what you get used to in today's Speedway World. Especially when you see how the sport is run in Poland. But the important thing is survival of the sport and at least having teams racing most weeks even if some teams do revert back to just race bibs.

    Poole 2019

    As a final note from me on this. Can't help but check back on some old SGB stats. Rider volume at Poole started to really go up from 2015 continuing through 2016/17/18. Prior to that the rider turnover doesn't seem so big. Looking at the rider turnover you would probably have needed 10/11 sets of kevlars per season (at least) to keep up with keeping the team kitted out with all the rider changes either through loss of form or injury. So as a budget I think Ford would need to factor in at least 10 sets from a cost perspective, less what individuals/companies would chip in. Ultimately the most important thing is that Poole put out a team that can compete even if it does mean changes (if affordable) as the season progresses. Just a shame that not having the kevlars the same throughout the team. I wonder if Matt really didp ut it out there to see if there could be a decent level of interest to kit the team out and allow for some additional suits for the no doubt inevitable changes. Can't recall seeing anything on the Poole website asking about possible interest. Having said that can't recall seeing anything about bibs either except on this Forum.

    Poole 2019

    I just don't get it with Matt Ford. He even said in an Echo interview prior to getting the new team sponsor that he would consider outside sponsorship for the kevlars even at individual level. Yet he gets a sponsor and is only to pleased to be quick off the mark to say he will now be able to afford mid season changes if required. Of course ultimately we all want to win the league, but to me in the teams sponsored kevlars looks so much more professional. When you look at say Woryna last season he looked so out of place against the rest of the team in his red kevlars. I can only give my honest opinion which I think is like the majority, that it does not convey the right message and for the life of me I can't see why it can't be done in conjunction with both individuals or companies to contribute towards it. Unless of course this is all about making sure that he does not have to invest a single dime more on outgoings as part of showing no negative costs on the books as part of the sale. I am not saying it is but why when the majority of clubs also in Champ have Kevlar deals for the team. Heck this is supposed to be the affluent South Coast area of Dorset where plenty of money is washing around yet a Club with the profile of Poole can't afford to deck out its riders even if a number of different supporters/sponsors step up. Won't even need new bibs will he if he recycles last seasons ????????????

    Poole 2019

    Indeed and a poor reflection of the arguably so called leading club in the Sport in UK. But what do you expect when you have the owner of the club who was only to willing to inform the Echo that getting the new team sponsor will allow Poole to now enter the transfer market should he need to come mid season. One tends to think that he is already putting his marker down that team changes will be coming now he has the money to do so. But we shouldn't be surprised as similar the last few seasons. Ultimately though it is yet again just a poor reflection of the sport that teams even in Champ will have team kevlars yet the League Champions will be wearing bibs which for me reflects how we are now light years away from the Leagues in places like POL & Swe.

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Arguably not. He didn't ride so well last season although still recovering from his injury maybe not helped and with a hectic schedule. They guy has qualified now for a full 2019 Speedway GP and has commited to DK (has to anyway to allow him to continue to qualify for DK Champs which he needs to get into the SGP qulaifiers etc) also commited to SWE and POL. Yes he lives in UK mainly I assume due to family here i.e partner/child ??. However look at things from his perspective. If you are riding 3 Leagues plus a full GP season is there really the need at his age to be tearing around Europe/UK for an additional min 24 meeting plus poss play offs and any Ind meetings in UK. Geograpically it works well with Pol Sun - Swe Tue - DK Wed (Think most riders probably drive/ferry POL to Swe and then use the bridges to now drive Swe to DK. He can then recoup for a couple of days at home in UK before taking on the SGP meetings on Sat - No doubt will ride in DK Individ Champs as well to get to SGP Qualifiers where he will also ride them as backup if not making top 8 in SGP. Don't think he was so happy with tracks at KL or places like Poole in 2018, so does he need the risk of possible injury which could prejudice his Continental and SGP commitments. I would say NKI doesn't need that pressure any more and if you factor out costs for Bikes/Engines/Mechanics and all associated costs (even if Sponsors part involved) with the much lower money now available in UK does he need it ?? If it was say Hans Anderson he loves i,t but then he doesnt ride SGP for a long time plus is the twilight of his career so wants to max earnings around Europe.

    Poole 2019

    Really pleased for the Pirates. However being a bit of a cynical old sod I thought I would look up their accounts(well what you can see without paying a fee). Their assets less liabilities looks interesting. One Director - Company establlshed 4 years ago. My initial reaction to the below is Hmmmmm !!! but I am no expert on these things. Owe more than the assets with little cash and net worth showing a loss ?? They could be a very good company but couldn't help looking purely out of intrigue. Available to anyone for nothing on companycheck.co.uk Find Out More Key Financials Cash £31.9k 40.24% Net Worth £-24.4k 1.2k% Total Current Assets £380.6k 893.96% Total Current Liabilities £461.4k 475.37%

    Poole 2019

    Also nearly forgot a young Mr Lambert who has also burst onto the scene big time last season. One more rider that the 2 Aussies have to possibly overcome in the quest for Wildcards :-)

    Poole 2019

    Thanks for that. Sometimes you don't even realise that the BSF is a mine of information when you go looking for it :-) Not good news for the Aussies then being reduced from 5 to 3. You would have thought though that commonsense would have prevailed in splitting the now reduced 3 places over the 4 meetings at one per meeting rather than having 2 going in one meeting thus possibly reducing the qualification chances a bit. It indeed means that Jack Holder and Brady Kurtz will not be qualifying for the 2020 SGP unless they have incredible seasons and qualify via Wildcards. With the quality of young POL riders that won't be easy. Both will have to try even harder in the Aussie Champ in 2020 and hope that maybe Fricke can qualify for SGP in his own right and maybe Holder Sr can squeeze in. That may lower the Aussie Champ quality fields next season but suppose you should qualify by right and not just because you crept into the top 5. Having said that both Holder Jr & Kurtz still only 22 and plenty of time on their side as neither at this stage of their careers are SGP quality riders. Hopefully one day though ;-)

    Poole 2019

    Press release a bit confusing. Last season (2018) the 4th & 5th qualified for the qualifiers and the set up for 2019 seems to be the same looking on the FIM calendar for SGP qualifiers for 2019. It mentions 4 qualifying meetings and then the SGP Challenge same as 2018. Don't quite get what SGB website means by SGP Semi Finals ??? If it is 5 riders get some form of qualification like last season then Holder Jr & Kurtz CURRENTLY fill those places with Masters & Lidsey a few points back. Have the FIM reduced it from 5 to 3 and why do SGB say SGP Qualification semi finals which would normally be 2 meetings ??? Anyone know for sure what applies ??

    Poole 2019

    Reading the SGB meeting report could explain it. According to that the 3 top riders over the 5 meetings automatically qualify for the SGP qualifying Semi Finals. Jack was already 12/14 points plus back so knew no chance of overtaking Chris for that last qualifying place. Maybe Jack did big brother a small favor in cementing that spot.

    Poole 2019

    Good feedback Skidder and thanks for your imput. Our exchange is what the Forum is all about. Sensible and intelligent debate on the various aspects of our club currently. I know you are both a loyal and enthusiastic supporter as well as a sponsor. Long may people like you be involved in our sport. You are correct in your last paragraph. Matt was faced with a 2 fold issue for 2019. One being having to lose I think it was 2.64 points and secondly having to look at cost as we know that while in a perfect World we want the best up and coming Worlds riders we also have to look at the costs associated with flying them in each week and all the associated expenses at the clubs cost. Something I assume we do not have to do with riders based here such as Holder Jr & Kurtz. You can never please everyone on the team selection with the situation we have on points limit and costs. However yes Matt has done well to put together a side which I personally think will be competitive and thankfully for once we do not have people saying we will win the league/wipe the floor with the opposition. Think I would prefer we go in without too much expectation other than holding our own and then let's see how the season develops. On a slightly negative I see yet again Brady blew an A final by coming last. For some reason both last season and this he seems incapable of putting it together when it matters and also as far as Aussie is concerned in the last 2 seasons he seems incapable of beating Tungate on Aussie tracks unless Tungate falls or gets excluded. He really needs to sort out this big race choking he seems to have. Okay I will grant the fact that on this track it was suited to the inside gaters but both Fricke (almost 99% now Aussie Champ) and Tungate made sure they won most of the qualifiers to bag those gates. I won't read too much into Aussie form but it does seem a repetitive problem with Brady. Hopefully though both him and Jack Holder will qualify for the SGP qualifiers although have no idea how many qualify from the final scorers over the 5 meetings. Maybe someone knows ??

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