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    Leicester v Poole. Prem. 9/7/18. BT sports.

    Out of interest, how did the crowd figure look on Monday. Looking at the POL video posted by Nightshift it looked pretty poor on the parts the camera covered, but couldnt see what it was like in I assume the main stand where the camera was posted.

    Poole 2018

    Well we all agree on one thing. Speedway needs some major surgery and replanning on how it goes forward or it really will die. Hopefully something can still be salvaged even if not at the top level of Poland. Let's hope Matt doesn't walk away as we need visionaries like him. If he goes then we really will see problems.

    Poole 2018

    Don't disagree that we have to much non speedway posts incl too much of the above. However even if you strip all that out (incl similar on other teams posts), think you will find Poole still way out in front on posts read/replied.

    Poole 2018

    You sure ?? Maybe look again. Since 21st July 2017. - 647,179 views and 9,727 replies. No other Prem post is within half of that and many not even a third.

    Poole 2018

    Thanks Keith & Starman. Yes maybe I do get too involved and the posts are sometimes long, but sometimes a post needs explaining hence why some do go on a bit. Will keep short in future in the hope that some engage in sensible response like you guys.


    Let's hope that someone sitting on their backsides at the BSPA at least reads some of these Forum Topics and especially this one as its relevant to the sport in general. I cant believe in a sport of falling attendances they can be overworked in head Office. You would hope that someone looks in regular to at least see that our Sport is in a dire state. Whoops - Just made the mistake of associating the BSPA to understanding what supporters feel may be better for the sport......

    Poole 2018

    Should have expected that from you DC . But nothing wrong with friendly banter as none of us want it to be too serious on here. Some of the comments are partly true though. There seem plenty who only use the forum for the sake of having a go or being rude with snide comments. To be honest since I joined nearly 2 years ago I am becoming disillusioned with the Forum in general. I made the mistake of still thinking there was sensible debate to be had and an exchange of views on the team where we can take the sport forward to help it survive. It seems the majority don't see to give a toss and certainly don't want to engage in sensible discussion. Yet they are only to willing to indulge and keep indulging in petty snipes and insults as if they have nothing better to fill their day. Many of whom obviously retired with nothing to contribute. Apologies in advance to the minority who do engage in sensible discussion, especially Poole which is my main Speedway interest. An example last week where I did an in depth post on Poole 2018 about MY views on a way forward. From memory - Not one like or anything as a dislike. In fact I can't remember one view as to a constructive alternative to a way forward other than I think one poster rolled out the old chestnut of not enough riders. Believe me with 5 main riders and say 2 N/L riders per team there probably would be or even if we went with 6 man teams incl using N/L riders. Anyway think I will keep my views on the future of the sport to myself in future and let's just see which direction (if any) the sport takes.

    Poole 2018

    I think the Speedway Forum itself shows the state of our sport. Wolves v Somerset - Only 14 replies and 735 views since it was put up Belle Vue v Swindon - Only 20 replies from 1366 views since it was started Sunday Then we have: Leicester v Poole - 201 replies from 8867 views since started Friday. In a way I think the Forum kind of mirror images that lack of real interest. Poole has its fair share of haters and wind up merchants but even so, whether it be Poole 2018 or individual matches the contributions and views are way ahead of the others. That's not a gloat at others but to show the general lack on people interested in contributing to the sport in general.

    Poole 2018

    Well if I were Poole I would go for that. See Pooles scores over the 2 matches. Poole: Stefan Nielsen 8+2 (5 rides), Kacper Woryna 8 (5), Richie Worrall 7+3 (5), Linus Sundstrom 6+2 (4), Brady Kurtz 6 (4), Mateusz Szczepaniek 6 (4), Josh Grajczonek 1 (3). Poole:Stefan Nielsen 11+2, Linus Sundstrom 9+2, Josh Grajczonek 8+2, Brady Kurtz 7, Mateusz Szczepaniak 6+3, Kacper Woryna 6+1, Richie Worrall R/R. Considering BP don't count and Nielsen out injured they could work to Pooles advantage in lowering some riders GSA's or if the team were looking at a team redeclaration ?? Must admit still not convinced on the team. We got lucky last night that Klindt did well on a track that used to be his home and he has always ridden it well (even if a bit of reshaping). Others it was the same old same old and again Sundstrom didnt impress me. Maybe Woryna still carrying n injury from Sunday. Still think we need one more change and be interesting to see depending on if SCB remove the above points and depending upon what Harris & Nicholls get redeclared at if the SCB are looking at their av. Can't see either getting a team if they don't. If they go back to their starting av for the season then imo they definitely wont get a team on 7.48 & 7.63 SN/CH.

    Poole 2018

    just calculated and according to current GSA av Poole have a team total of 41.75 and Josh G has a GSA of 6.12 thanks to a continually falling 20 match rolling av due to his poor form overall this season which has dragged his total 20 match GSA down. Nicholls based on his current GSA for Rye is on 7.35. Too high, as if Ford redeclared his team JG 6.12 plus 0.75 to play with to keep within the 42.5 limit only gives 6.87 to play with for another rider. However interestingly Harris current GSA is 6.86 which JUST fits. Only way Nicholls would get in is if they cancelled the riders GSA's as results void and they converted their current Champ GSA's at 1.3 meaning they switch as Harris would be on 6.25 but Nicholls would be 6.07 so could be a straight replacement. Harris would then need to go in on a team redeclaration. Of course the $64,000 question which none of us know the answer to is WHAT GSA would each rider now be given in the circumstances. I think on their current Rye GSA's I cannot see them getting into any team (other than Harris into maybe Poole) as most teams are well above 42.5 and others either the riders they could replace through injury or out of form either have av below or the team total wont allow redeclaration within the 42.5 point limit. Wonder if the SCB will do anything to give both at least a chance to get signed as innocent victims of the situation. We will no doubt find out this month as 23rd July is cut off date for riders GSA's for August plus no doubt team's last last signings have to be made I assume by end July ??

    Poole 2018

    Poor Josh G has found his POL experience a baptism of fire. Having become a POL citizen he rode the weekend in POL Champ semi final where he was in effect totally outclassed by the Poles and scraped a couple of points from 5 rides. In his Pol Nice 1 matches he sits a lowly 42nd out of 55 in points av. Bearing in mind he isn't even riding in POL EXL it looks to me like a real struggle. With all his constant commuting costs etc I hope he isnt losing out big time compared to what he would have been earning with regular rides in Champ plus no doubt he used to get plenty of guest bkgs. If he doesnt pick up I doubt in any POL Nice side will be interested next season let alone POL EXL.

    Wolves 2018

    Well its a start

    Wolves 2018

    Aha. Someone coming around to partly my way of thinking if you read my post on the Poole Forum

    Wolves 2018

    just aired my thoughts on a way forward on the Poole 2018 Forum.

    Rye House 2018

    Yes can never criticise Len for his enthusiasm for the club. I started seeing Hackney Hawks as a young 16 year old in 1970 and then Rye a little later (when i had more money to afford the travel oorm Hackney and the entrance fee). We use to goad and take the Mickey out of Len as we were always promised big riders like Michaneck who didnt arrive 2 weeks on the bounce (and never did) and our replacement was.... Finn Thomsen. We used to laugh/joke and have banter from the terrace on to the centre green/track with good old Len. But we turned up every week, took it in good heart and was all part of the sport. If it wasnt for Len then there wouldnt have been Hackney/Rye. So much as we got frustrated (in a fun way) we always got our speedway fix with riders trying their best and within a budget Len could afford to keep the club going.

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