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  1. Kings Lynn 2018..

    First bit of good news all Winter for KL. The Poles have lifted the max 3 league rule meaning hopefully for you guys NKI will be announced shortly. Visit the Poole 2018 Forum to see the full announcement in English and when the news broke in the last hour :-)
  2. Poole 2018

    Fantastic news . Just saw full article on the main POL Speedway site. The good news is that to my knowledge none of our riders are constrained by having commitments in DK on Wed. Maybe also a factor had we signed HA as I am sure he does his compliment of DK fixtures. A decent side for sure to watch in 2018.
  3. Poole 2018

    Can you blame him wanting to wait as long as possible for Poole ?? He lives 18 miles up the road and a max 30 min drive on a normal day. He has a chance to mix it up with some of the best young riders around and can learn plenty from the likes of Kurtz/Woryna as well more experienced riders in the team like Holder (hopefully Sundstrom) and Josh G. With his commitment to Sheffield in Champ /Grass Track and Long track, even if Matt was forced to reluctantly release him due to the Poles pig headedness, I am sure he would have no trouble getting fixed up in Prem not long after the season starts when some of the already signed riders/reserves in other teams start performing badly and Promoters/managers start looking at other options. I think James would prefer that to give himself every chance to get into the Poole team rather than have the trek to the likes of BV every week on top of the commuting to Sheffield.
  4. Kings Lynn 2018..

    As said before, Initial target for any team is to TRY and get into top 4 and also offer entertaining speedway. If KL get NKI back that in itself is a bonus on 2017. Assuming he maintains form as he is returning from injury but his class in this watered down Prem should shine through. If things are not going so great with 1/2 of the riders come the first GSA's at the end of May/early June then I am sure Chapman and the joint promotion would look to make possible changes. Remember that plenty were writing off Swindon this time last year about being too weak - looking more like wooden spoonists etc. I think it is important that KL do get NKI and hopefully the Poles will lift the max 3 League rule (hope so as my team Poole also banking on a rider - Linus Sundstrom who is also getting bored with the delay on his twitter). I am also not over impressed at first sighting on maybe 1/2 of the KL riders . However nothing is won in Jan. Let's see how things look come say middle of May. By which time I am sure KL will have already started to put moves in place should any riders not be performing.
  5. Kings Lynn 2018..

    Don't disagree with you on that one. The only thing I can even think he brings is years of experience. Maybe Buster has been looking at his videos or something and is dreaming that maybe he will be another Aussie late developer like Doyle. Well even 50% of Doyle's improvement would be a better rider than he is now one would think. Cant get my head around why Proctor other than cost. He has his Champ side sorted so would think from a cost perspective he comes fairly cheap in comparison to a foreign rider with all the equip/travelling/accomodation/mechanics etc. Wont have all those costs with Proctor as no doubt he will use same pool of equip to cover both leagues same with mechanic etc. Must admit though after last season KL fans deserve better in my opinion. But I am not a promoter and don't know what little money is available. You never know though. If they do get NJI and Lambert turns up and doesn't sulk its all about trying to get into the first 4 as your first target. Not always about top of the league as its won in the play offs not in Jan/Feb.
  6. Poole 2018

    Always wondered what it cost to sponsor a meeting Skidder. Are you able to give a guestimate even if it is a rough range idea ?? Not after what you paid Skidder just a rough idea of what one can pay if interested. Assuming I read your message correctly ;-)
  7. Kings Lynn 2018..

    Heavily banking on getting NKI to keep the fans coming through the turnstiles. Lets just hope for all KL Supporters and the team the Poles do lift the 3 league rule as doesn't bear thinking about where it would leave KL. I hope for the sake of KL and the PREM they do lift it as I like many want to see a decent KL side even though I don't support them. Also seems to me that what it will cost to pay NKI is maybe affecting the budget lower down, especially with the TV situ still not resolved and even if it is it will be a lot lower than the old SKY money which finally ran out end of last season under the guarantee. Maybe KL living within their means but to me further evidence we are perhaps heading ultimately toward one big affordable league. Of course anything possible as this time last season Swindon were being mentioned by some as bottom of the league finishers and we all know what happened there. Lets also not forget that non performers can be emptied just prior to the first GSA's coming out end May/early June, so never say never.
  8. Poole 2018

    Yep - This Poole Forum really needs some fresh news to debate. Carries on like this for the next few weeks and I may consider just not looking in. Even the diehards are struggling. Mind you if I was a KL supporter I would be rushing for the depression tablets. Their side is close to being finalised looking at their forum in the last hour of exchanges. Their team looks less than exciting outside of NKI & Lambert. If the Poles don't lift their 3 league rule then they really could be up brown smelly creek in my opinion. I will consider myself fortunate with the side Poole have named in comparison even though we have 2 to name which hopefully will be a young and improving Shanes plus Sundstrom who in this now weakened league compared to what he rode in before in 2014 will make the team very watchable in 2018. I wont go over the top on how good the Poole team might be in 2018 as I know who will come swinging in with comments . Play offs has to be first target and then its down to how well the team & individual riders are performing come September when its play offs. Nobody knows the answer to that irrespective of how good or bad a team may look early season.
  9. Poole 2018

    Hope Matt announces the 2 last riders soon. I think the Morris/Kurtz point has been debated near enough to death now. We need something new to talk about
  10. Poole 2018

    I think further evidence that Morris was the better rider last season in UK. Certainly more consistent but then you would expect that with having ridden 5 seasons more than Kurtz in the Prem (or equiv). Interesting that both had a big jump in av last season which may be a combination of both improving and also because the Prem has been getting progressively weaker in respect of top stars returning. Last season for sure was and this season arguably even more. Morris improvement has been steadier with Kurtz probably more spectacular in GSA after only 2 seasons and Kurtz was only 21 in September. Personally I think it will be at least another 2 seasons before one can make real comparisons between the 2. Kurtz due to getting more experience and also riding against the Worlds top now in UK and also for the first time (in real terms) in both SWE Elite and POL EXL. Morris from the perspective of can he hold his big improvement last season compared to prev seasons (also now riding at number 1)and can he eventually push on in POL/SWE if signed. By POL I mean POL EXL. As far as UK there is no doubt that Morris was the better rider but we need those addl 2/3 seasons before we can really say as far as UK is concerned who is the better rider as that would have allowed Kurtz the catch up in experience in the Prem. Will be interesting to see how they both push on.
  11. Poole 2018

    I think both you and Gavan have provided interesting and fair comments in this forum discussion on Kurtz v Morris which at least has kept some interest in the Poole 2018 forum in these dark and dreary close season nights. I support Poole but have to agree Morris was the better rider in 2017 in the Prem, especially when you also factor in Morris's bonus points. But I think that although Morris is only 2.5 years older than Kurtz we need to look closer at the stats which tells its own story. Morris came to UK in 2010 as a young wild rider who gained a bit of a reputation being compared to often to Darcy Ward which was unfair. He has ridden Prem (or equiv) for a long time with his first season in the top flight 2011 where he rode 17 times with a GSA of 5.30. Since then his GSA's have been 5.78 - 5.90 - 6.31 - 6.70 - 6.41 - 8.87. So over 7 seasons we have seen the emergence of Morris into a heat leader and being 24 in June his riding has matured. Remember that is 7 seasons not one or two. He has toned down some of his wild behaviour which got him into hot water a few times and pressed on in UK as a top rider, although not quite broken into POL EXL, but still plenty of time. That youthful over exuberance has gone and now you have the young man who is a top UK rider. Brady Kurtz has ridden 2 seasons in the Prem and at 21 has achieved GSA's of 6.36 then last seasons 8.08. Not bad for 2 seasons in the top flight and last season also had an injury that dragged his GSA down a bit as he had to find fitness again after the injury later in the season in a team that also struggled. Who ultimately is the better long term prospect ?? - Based on what the short term shows maybe Kurtz, but after what Doyle achieved I think he reset the bar on what riders can achieve even into their thirties. As a Poole supporter I hate the pressure that is piled on him with the comparisons to a top riding Darcy Ward or Chris Holder (when he was top). As a young guy finding his way he needs to find his level at his own pace and not just because he rode so well last year he will improve on that this year. Morris had 6 seasons in the top flight prior to his 8.87 season so perhaps we need to put things into perspective. Similar with Fricke and Jack Holder. I think we are fortunate to see these young Aussies with obvious class, same as I hope to be saying the same with young Woryna in the coming years. I appreciate that these things keep the forum going in these quiet days but you have to sometimes dig below the surface when comparing say Morris to Kurtz. Hopefully they will both win their share of races and will indeed be interesting how they shape up when riding against each other this coming season.
  12. Poole 2018

    Much as it would have been good for Brady to have won the championship, and frustrating as it is that he did blow it in 4 finals, ultimately it doesn't mean too much as hopefully he is now qualified for the Speedway GP Qualifiers for the coming season as runner up. I think better to assess Brady's improvement (or lack of) come the end of 2018 after he has ridden the season for Poole/Leszno/Sweden and whatever individual qualifiers he participates in. Only then we can say if his development is still going forward (which hopefully it will be). Similar can be said for Jack Holder who did well to win 2 rounds and if he moves forward in UK & POL in 2018 then I am sure Matt Ford will have him back if possible for 2019. Tungate has done very well since he appeared unbeaten in the rides he took in the Aussie GP, and has been in great form since in individual tournaments and also overall in the Aussie Champ. Can he bring that form back to UK and POL/SWE ?? - Will be interesting to see if he could be another Aussie late developer or if he reverts back to his form of the last few seasons. Cant take anything away from Tungate in the Aussie series and yes, Brady needs to overcome this final blow out that crept in this series. BUT lets all remember he was only 21 in September and plenty of time to build up the mental strength to handle these situations. He is developing well for a rider so young so lets concentrate on the positives as he irons out those minor negatives. I think most know who will probably be the better rider of the two long term ;-) Lets not keep making the comparison to say Darcy Ward, and let the guy develop at a rate comfortable to him without having that great weight hung around his neck.
  13. Rye House 2018

    Wouldn't worry too much. KK has also been quite bearing how bullish he was about visiting UK to talk to a few clubs. Just to keep people interested I think and put some off the scent of his intended club. That w as a while back. Cant see it being BV with Cook/Fricke signed etc. Can only be either RH or KL. We all know KL are heavily banking on NKI if the Poles lift the 3 league rule which does NOT affect KK as he isn't signed outside POL so wont be in SWE. Having said all this I cant see him signing for KL over RH as that would show he is just a mercenary. Maybe RH just dragging it out to keep something for the fans as the season start is still over 2 months away and he would be viewed as their star signing. Maybe RH just awaiting the right time to announce ??
  14. Poole 2018

    May be a real shortage of 7/7.95 riders out there at present willing to come to UK. No wonder when you see what the likes of Madsen can earn - they don't need UK. Certainly not helped by the POL max 3 league rule still not being sorted. Matt Ford must have closed out a deal with Sundstrom months ago subject to the POLES lifting the rule as he has said in public he had his side sorted in respect of who he wanted to ride for 2018 as soon as last season had finished. I can only assume that's why he didn't resign Andersen. Also maybe because getting Hans out if he is on a slow downward path mid season might not be as easy as dropping Sundstrom if he didn't perform. Only guessing here. Also fyi some stats that may have also entered Matt Fords mind in choosing Sundstrom. Sund was 9th best rider in SWE Elite in 2017 where Ander dropped alarmingly to 40th. And Ander rode nNice 1 where Sud rode POL EXL (ok not the greatest of results but still against better quality riders). Sunds I don't think is committed to DK where Hans is so one would assume not so many poss fixture clashes. Hans is 38 and maybe just wants as many meeting as poss as in twilight of his career (although still a decent rider as his GSA shows). Sund is 27 and may still have improvement in him. He MAY also be a cheaper option than Hans ?? Maybe some of the factors Matt Ford took into account, but again I am just guessing what may have been the reasons.
  15. Poole 2018

    Assuming it is Sundstrom (if as reported Pawlicki is on 8) then if each rider performs to reasonable form and Woryna improves, I thing Mats Stepz may struggle to get out the reserve berth. If he does will we see the likes of either Chris/Linus/Josh or Woryna drop into reserve. Doesn't bear thinking about that such riders could each qualify for up to 6 or 7 rides with numerous opportunities to race against other reserves ?? That's if Mats was to bang in some decent scores from reserve thus giving him a possibly inflated average come end of May/early June when the first GSA's tend to come out. Of course at this stage all theory (before Gav jumps into the discussion), because ultimately it all has to be proved on the track but doesn't hurt to at least dream a little what may happen if the guys were to perform ;-) Also need if possible injury free.