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  1. If Lakeside have not got a suitable date available as stated on their web site then the BSPA have no choice but to award the tie to Peterborough
  2. Good result tonight. looks like first trophy being collected tomorrow
  3. Gunner85

    Speedway Star and WH Smith

    I noticed Speedway Star in Asda a couple of weeks ago.
  4. Congrats to Workington. Three finals to squeeze in and hopefully three trophies
  5. Last heat decider.... nerves are jangling
  6. Good to see Scunthorpe in their first Ko cup final in this league
  7. On the BSPA site under events you will find BYC with results for each meeting.
  8. Gunner85

    Panthers up for sale.

    Losing Peterborough would be devastating... such a good track... Hope someone comes in
  9. Is it true that Matt Ford has given Craig Ackroyd the freedom Of Poole ? as much as I generally admire Craig.... some strange decisions tonight
  10. Gunner85

    Torun 2018

    Great to have a 3 times World Champion who is British. Well done Tai and pleasing to see your next target is back to back wins!!!!!!
  11. Go Lynn Go. You deserve the title
  12. Peterborough got through the meeting despite most difficult circumstances. Well done GED and Peterborough in general... other promoters may have given up or gone for abandonment with result standing.
  13. How embarrassing to have a Stoke fan criticise another track... pot kettle etc I would go to IOW whereas Stoke is banned from any visit from me until the present promoters sell up.
  14. A massive congratulations to Robert re season 2018. An average of 9.93 in his 2018 meetings with third place in the WU21 and the European Championship plus being crowned British Champion Sincerely hope he gets in to the SGP for 2020. British Speedway is at last on the way up..... Robert Lambert , Dan Bewley, Drew Kemp ,Kyle Bickley plus others..... all looking like British success is on it’s way. A big thank you to Neil Vatcher for doing a tremendous job with the BYC which is bringing a steady conveyor belt of British talent
  15. In recent separate conversations with a referee and someone working for Bt Sport... one said Belle Vue is the best track in the UK by a long way and the other described it as the best track in the world. Yes we are so lucky to have the NSS track. one point aside , when Ivan Mauger attended the Gorton Monastery meeting re the possibility of a new track, he spoke eloquently as expected but the one thing that stuck out was that he said” Whatever happens make sure you use good quality shale on the track” some British promoters could do with heeding that advice

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