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  1. Gunner85

    Belle Vue v Brummies Fri 22nd June

    Once Leon Flint is in the main body of the team Birmingham will be considerably weaker particularly at reserve Flint is obviously a great prospect and Birmingham deserved their win tonight.
  2. To paraphrase an old slogan.... Happiness is 46-44
  3. Can see both sides winning.... all on the night
  4. Gunner85

    Brummies v Belle Vue Wed 20th June NL

    Two good matches..wednesday and Friday will be there on Friday weather permitting
  5. Gunner85


    Another disaster on Saturday 10 heats ... 2 hours... drive home boys and girls Shambolic
  6. Congratulations to Tom Perry being crowned British 350 cc Grass Track Champion Well done Tom
  7. IF the Aces can’t defend a 24 point deficit they don’t deserve to go through. Fully expect Aces to be in the next round.
  8. Robert on 9from 3rides... joint top scorer so far
  9. Dan Bewley 2nd after 3 man run off on 13 points Chuganove won the runoff Well done Dan
  10. All 3 qualifiers for the World u21 finals take place today. Good luck to Dan Bewley ,Robert Lambert and Nathan Greaves.... it looks like top 5 with 1 wild card
  11. Gunner85

    Belle Vue 2018

    Good move to sign Jason on a 28 day contract. This will give Steve time to build up his muscle strength to where it was before the accident. good luck Jason and look forward to seeing Steve back stronger
  12. Gunner85


    The programme for Speedway is an important part of the meeting not just an informative piece of journalism. filling in the programme adds to the enjoyment of the meeting and provides a memory jerker for the owner. iT will be a sad day if there were no programmes
  13. Congrats to Robert and Dan in occupying the top two spots... both under 21 !!! with these two , GB can hopefully be assured of a strong GB team in years to come....long may that last Fantastic meeting with a lot of super races. i am sure that the meeting will have come over very well on theTV.
  14. Schlein is riding on an ACU licence and is entitled to ride in the British Final. i am not a fan of Schlein... but he has done quite a bit to help the British youngsters. Simon Wigg rode on a Dutch licence for a few years... the reason being he wanted the easier World Championship rounds via the Netherlands instead of the British rounds.
  15. As usual the BSPA are not only inconsistent but unpredictable.

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