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  1. Good to note that funds from pay per view were enough to not make a loss.
  2. Shame the weather did it’s best to spoil things. Once the rain stopped there was some good racing under the difficult conditions. Great to see no messing about at the tapes once under the green light... Nice touch to show some of the BYC from Scunthorpe in the interval. The youngsters did themselves proud.. especially Drew Kemp plaudits to Belle Vue and All of the riders for their efforts
  3. With Covid it was obvious that a number of riders would not be available for whatever reason. We have the best available line up for tonight and hopefully supporters will still tune in and pay for their pass. Best of British luck to all riders including all of the Aussies who are on an ACU licence.
  4. Gunner85

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    Second match at Belle Vue on Monday...the British final... booked my ticket
  5. Glad to see it at Belle Vue.... personally speaking Ipswich is very low down on my list of favoured tracks. The last time I went was two years ago as I had to attend a funeral in the area... prior to that a 27 year gap in going to Ipswich. I would have liked to have seen a meeting on the old track... the stock car track
  6. All polish league participants have signed a contract to say they will give Polish meetings preference. therefore Dan had no choice
  7. Gunner85

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    Great to see a live meeting. some good racing..... inevitable that some riders starved of racing or practice did not show their true form... Very impressed with Jordan Palin’s racing ability at this level ...augurs well for the future. Great to see Dan riding so well. Ultimately we had a meeting and still have had continuous racing since 1928... Well done Belle Vue
  8. Gunner85

    Plymouth speedway

    I hope you can get you next two meetings on.
  9. Gunner85

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    Looking forward to tonight’s livestream. A good line up and hopefully the expected rain is not harmful to the quality of the racing. will be interesting to see who is doing the commentary
  10. Great result for Jordan after a fx in his first race... augurs well for the future
  11. Gunner85

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    Teams now confirmed... great to see Jason Crump back as an Ace for this meeting. He was superb in his time with the Aces. I do hope it is well supported... I will be on line
  12. Gunner85

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    magnificent effort by Belle Vue to put on a top level match in September ...even if it is behind closed doors. I will be getting my online ticket and look forward to this match A massive thank you to Adrian and Mark plus all others that are involved.
  13. Gunner85


    To be precise , it was nitromethane that was added. I was asked if I could get some for a rider. I could not help but when he got it , he said it added a lot of power. To my knowledge it was never legal but it was made illegal
  14. If you would have travelled a fair distance then your fuel bill is saved ... whole family can watch it
  15. happy with new format. track last night was poorly prepared and not conducive to top quality racing..... definitely racing out of the bottom drawer to paraphrase Kelvin

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