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  1. Gunner85

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    Absolutely agree. we have a good management that are striving to move Belle Vue Speedway forward. long may it continue
  2. Rob Godfrey has already said that Speedway can not afford to run behind closed doors. Even if they allow Speedway to run with it’s comparative low crowds compared to bigger sports there are impossible hurdles.. social distancing... getting in to stadium... what time would you need to open to get everyone in safely social distancing.. using toilets social distancing .. food and drink ...I would imagine not allowed apart from being impractical the sooner we announce that Speedway will hopefully start back in 2021 the better
  3. Gunner85

    Could the season be extended.

    The aces last match in 1987 at Hyde road was in fact their last ever match thee
  4. Gunner85

    SON 2020

    Just shows how long before we get back to some kind of normality !!
  5. Gunner85

    2020 Premiership odds

    Wimbledon tennis cancelled July edinburgh festival normally held for the whole of August.. cancelled schools might reopen in september odds are more likely that no Speedway league in 2020
  6. Gunner85

    Will British Speedway Survive ?

    With the latest announcement, then 1 home and one away looks likely if indeed we get back this year
  7. Gunner85

    Training track Lancashire ????

    Ainsdale sands had a long period of Speedway activity... training up a lot of riders
  8. Gunner85

    Corona virus

    I do not understand why schools are not being closed. many school are around 1000 and once someone gets the virus plenty of scope for a massive increase in positive cases apparently some schools have been told to arrange for one month of work for their pupils to complete via the internet....so perhaps closures are not too far off
  9. Gunner85


    BSPA meeting tomorrow to discuss statement probably due ... how long we wait is another matter
  10. Gunner85

    Corona virus

    Scotland have started the ball rolling.... no crowds over 500 so that is Edinburgh and Glasgow with no home meetings.... decisions should be across the Uk not unilaterally made. however there will be no surprise if we catch up shortly
  11. Gunner85

    Newcastle 2020

    Darren Hartley will make a good team manager.... vast experience in the sport... and definitely infinitely better than Jason Pipe.
  12. Gunner85

    Belle Vue Colts 2020

    There are two sides to each story.. I know which one I beleive
  13. Gunner85

    0-0 ?

    i remember a meeting where the two home riders were excluded leaving just the two away riders. Both riders came our and rode around... the referee excluded them both for not making a bona ride attempt to race... 0_0 score in the race
  14. Getting ready for the first meeting on the 21st. Both Aces and Colts look to be strong sides and will be great to watch at The NSS.
  15. As long as the line up contains racers rather than riders , there is no need for an abundance of top class riders. the track will allow the racers to shine and produce good racing. We are so lucky to have a superb track in a modern stadium

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