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  1. Gunner85

    2020 NL Season

    You can download the rules from the scb site if they have made it public...or when they do
  2. British champion Charles Wright added... no surprise there
  3. Gunner85

    Jason Crump

    He has agreed to ride in the Peter Craven Memorial meeting...can’t wait to see him ride again
  4. Gunner85

    Ipswich 2020

    Jason Crump is a person who will throw everything in to his racing there is no such thing as half hearted in his vocabulary... he may need a little time to settle back in. he was a delight to have in the team when he rode for the aces
  5. Gunner85

    Poole Pirates 2020

    It will be strange not seeing Poole in a league meeting now they are in the second tier. I have no doubt they will be there or thereabouts at the tail end of the season Steve Worrall has had the metal pin taken out of his leg where he was seriously injured... last season he had intermittent trouble with the metal pin... now that it is removed he feels that the leg is much stronger and not causing problems. Great asset for Poole and an absolute gentleman to deal with
  6. A time comes when it is the right time to retire. in this case. It is mainly a family based decision. He has been a great servant to the sport..... I would rather him retire now rather than continue with his form and results slide in to mediocrity. Happy retirement
  7. Gunner85

    Unattached British Talent ?

    Surprisingly Jack Smith has no place . Very disappointing for him.
  8. Gunner85

    Belle Vue Colts 2020

    In 2019 we had both Jordan and Connor who started on a 3 point average and achieved great progress between them. I hope Harry McGuirk can blossom this year as the young newcomer Paul Bowen should put his average up reasonably... in the latter part of his first season he was showing good signs of upping his game Both Bens should also progress.... it is a promising team which will be good to watch
  9. Gunner85

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    The problem is that the Colts lost money... I do not know how much We now have business men in charge of Belle Vue so I am sure that their decisions are financially sound.. we have been so lucky to get the Colts at a bargain price... now we need to live in the real world the management are moving Belle Vue forward and have signed a new long term lease. the price is still good compared to othe NL tracks as far as I am aware
  10. Gunner85

    Team GB

    This was a great opportunity for our young Brits to get experience riding in Australia. I agree that it was a friendly and not fully representative of a true test match... that does not matter Even more pleasing is that Tai is encouraging them to make this an annual event All adds to the development of out young guns
  11. Gunner85

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    No idea
  12. Gunner85

    Adam Roynon

    There is a time when a rider should retire gracefully.... Adam has well past that point... apart from perhaps the old hand in the NL trophy in order to pass on his experience to the young guns
  13. Gunner85

    Newcastle Gems NT 2020

    Really pleased for Newcastle i assume that it is a trial with a view to being in the league next year Best of luck
  14. Gunner85

    Newcastle Gems NT 2020

    Would be rather pathetic from the BSPA to say no.....
  15. Gunner85

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    Fairly sure that they will be using Ethiad car park again... just like the World Cup in our first year

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