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  1. Belle vue -V- Rye House 23.04.18

    I see that Dan scored 11 points out of 2 in Sweden riding for Vargarna in the Vetlanda Cup. augurs well for the future
  2. Good performance from Jack Smith with an excellent ride in heat 14 to hold on to the 5- 1 Keep up the good work
  3. See Batchelor got 14 at Poole tonight. there are obviously to Troy’s riding Speedway... which one will we see next ?
  4. Ivan Mauger

    One must also remember that Ivan had a tough time when he first came over and rode at Wimbledon. When he came back and started with Newcastle the long focused road to the top began His biographies are a great read.
  5. What was the crowd like ? i am hoping the bees fans back the move to Leicester as a temporary home
  6. Belle Vue 2018

    Gutted for Steve. three very good home performances and unbeaten last night.
  7. Rohan Tungate at no 1... scores 3 and 2 with bonus point. Hans Andersen named at no 8 Andersen replaces Tungate in his 3rd ride and gets a win How can Andersen be the no 8.... Can anyone explain this as riders at 6 and 7 we’re far inferior to Hans ?
  8. Colts v Bees - 30/3/18

    Joe Lawlor had no problem with gate 4 in heat 14. lots of riders go well out of gate 4
  9. Colts v Bees - 30/3/18

    Enjoyable match with a decent sized crowd for the Colts.
  10. Great meeting re entertainment and a credit to the name of Peter Craven. Last year’s meeting even though not as strong a field was a better quality meeting.
  11. Stronger field than last year. Even so it will have to go a long way to beat the quality of racing that we saw last year.
  12. Perhaps the charity is Keith Chapman ??
  13. Belle Vue Colts 2018

    Perry is a talented rider who has not risen up the ladder as fast as one would have hoped. Mark Lemon will be able to boost him during the season.
  14. Lydd Speedway

    Is John Smith still involved? I went to Lydd a good few years back
  15. Good line up...hope Jon gets a large crowd He deserves it