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  1. Gunner85

    Belle Vue 2019

    We’re there any other developments apart from naming the teams on Thursday night ?
  2. Gunner85

    Belle Vue Colts 2019

    Pleased with the team.... Leon Flint is an absolute bonus... Does this mean that Andy Mellish has retired now ??
  3. Gunner85

    REDCAR 2019

    Jack was improving at Sheffield last year until they decided to put Broc Nicol in and Jack was the collateral damage to fit the American in. He just needs time and encouragement at a decent track.
  4. Gunner85

    NL AGM 2018

    Tom did a good job for the Colts last year. with his job working in a bank, a Saturday home club will suit logistically Best of luck Tom... you are a gentleman
  5. Good racing depends upon a good track which is well prepared with sufficient racers between the two teams. it has absolutely nothing to do with which league it is. I get tired of supporters who say I only watch the top league where the best riders are. Having watched Speedway for over 50 years, I now firstly select the track and then the opposition....admittedly it means I no longer go to some tracks as they have shown themselves to be poor quality on the entertainment stakes.
  6. Gunner85

    Leicester NL 2019

    Pleased to see Leicester in the NL.
  7. Gunner85

    NL AGM 2018

    Sad to see Buxton not riding. Jayne and family have done a marvellous job keeping Buxton going in difficult circumstances. Thanks for all your efforts
  8. Gunner85

    Belle Vue 2019

    He only rode 3 home matches and therefore remains on his assessed ave. 4 home and 4 away before you get an official ave.
  9. Gunner85

    Newcastle 2019

    Return of Steve Worrall ?...
  10. Gunner85

    Belle Vue 2019

    Pleased to see we now have the Speedway of Nations and wu21 at the NSS
  11. Gunner85

    Belle Vue 2019

    The 2.5 reduction is for all British riders
  12. Gunner85

    Workington 2019

    Really pleased that Worky are running in 2019. Keep up the good work
  13. Gunner85

    Newcastle 2019

    Pleased to hear that Newcastle are likely to be in 2019 structure.... horrible rumours at the end of the season appear to be false.
  14. Gunner85

    Workington 2019

    Not all of them... some have tight budgets The vast majority of entertainment venues have reductions for pensioners and so they should
  15. Gunner85

    AGM November 2018

    Compare that with BT sport getting Speedway for supposedly peanuts

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