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  1. Cook missing... Riss has previous engagement prior to signing. doubt if there will be many Aces fans there
  2. Any newcomer watching on Bt sport would be put off for life after that meeting. A small number of passes during the meeting.. entertainment value 2 out of 10
  3. Well done Kyle.... 4 paid 5 defeating Kurtz, Shanes and Lawlor. keep up the good work
  4. Gunner85

    Ben Fund

    Hope they get a good crowd and an acceptable field considering the date.
  5. My concern is the state of the track. Long delay on Wednesday as riders complained about the track plus the debacle of the tv match
  6. Heat 15 ... perm 2 out of 3 Fricke ... Bewley... Tungate you could justify any 2 of these at the end of the day we weren’t good enough and Lynn deserved their points Rerun the match next week and it could be the Aces winning
  7. Gunner85

    Completing Fixtures

    I feel sure that Stoke have not completed their fixtures in the last three seasons. There are fines for not completing fixtures
  8. In the last match both Craig and Max were missing with Jason G withdrawn from the meeting. Expect an Aces win and hopefully Mark Riss will have a good debut
  9. Expect a good match and an Aces win.. hopefully deny Lynn any points
  10. Gunner85

    Colts v Mildenhall

    Toughest test of the year without a doubt. Shame Jack is missing
  11. When youngsters start they will improve at their own pace. Yesterday was a fine advert for developing young British riders and Neil doe as an excellent job re rider improvement/ encouragement and also the speed and efficiency of getting through these meetings. I remember Chris Pusey starting in the second halves at Belle Vue.... he progressed from falling off regularly ( sometimes twice in a race) to staying on for four laps. Always a 100% effort from him and he developed into an international rider who was a credit to Belle Vue. Very interesting to find that it was Jordan Palin’s first competitive ride on a 500 cc bike and he beat riders with NL experience Well done Jordan
  12. Gunner85

    2019 One big league will it happen.?

    No... the finances to have one league are not there
  13. Gunner85

    Unsatisfactory starts

    As far asI am concerned jump starts are far less frequent than last year. i think the rules are not tough enough they should be touch tapes... excluded no replacement jump start... 15 m I am sure team managers would then ram it home to not move at the tapes until they go up
  14. If you deduct points from Swindon...then Stoke would end up on Minus 40 at least. They should however be fined
  15. Hopefully we will have a competent referee at Landshut as opposed to the idiot that was at Cardiff

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