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  1. Gunner85

    Belle Vue Colts 2020

    Connor... have a good season in 2021. Welcome to the Colts and the NSS track
  2. Gunner85

    Belle Vue Colts 2020

    Strange change of plans tonight.... only conclusion is that there has been second thoughts either by the promotion or the rider.
  3. Gunner85

    Belle Vue Colts 2020

    Well Jack Parkinson Blackburn it is then... plenty of speculation pre announcement to suggest it probably was correct. Welcome Jack to the most famous club in Speedway
  4. Gunner85

    Premiership junior league

    Anything that increases the number of rides juniors will get has to be a bonus. More track time equates to faster progress.
  5. Any extra rides for the young ones has to be a big bonus and a step forward. The more track time , the faster they will progress
  6. Gunner85

    Belle Vue Colts 2020

    Two more brothers riding for Belle Vue. Harry and Sam should now reach for the stars and enjoy their journey through the ranks. best of luck to them both
  7. Gunner85

    Belle Vue Colts 2020

    Good call to split the BYC and put them as pre entertainment with two Friday school holidays Colts matches.
  8. Gunner85

    Belle Vue Colts 2020

    Both have plenty of potential for improvement.in 2021. so step up lads and do Belle Vue proud
  9. Gunner85

    Belle Vue Colts 2020

    Fixtures are now out for NDL. releasing names shortly
  10. Gunner85

    Belle Vue Colts 2020

    Jack Smith riding for Glasgow which is a Friday track..... shame he cannot ride for Colts now
  11. Speedway is still away from the limelight re Sport in Britain. I would be amazed if we received anything from the govt.
  12. Gunner85

    Belle Vue Colts 2020

    Whenever a club changes nights there will be winners and losers.....I believe that supporters have been asking for Fridays as it means the kids are not in school the next day and therefore more likely families will attend on Friday . Hope this works.... I think Friday is a better night.
  13. Gunner85

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    This looks a strong home team...lots of racers rather than riders. Good potential for 2021.. looking forward to the season
  14. Gunner85

    Belle Vue Colts 2020

    Great to the Colts riding on Fridays. I am sure the bosses will have a competitive team out
  15. Gunner85


    Hopefully Speedway in 2022

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