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  1. Nathan Mole

    King's Lynn Young Stars 2017

    It does look like a good team, will be strong at home again. Question is if they can perform well away.
  2. Nathan Mole

    Plymouth 2017 N/l?

    I am thinking the Kyle may well be back at Kings Lynn this season.
  3. Nathan Mole

    Belle Vue / Coventry Nl

    Well its been confirmed anyway that Belle Vue will be running and the full explanation will be posted on the BSPA website in the next few days
  4. Nathan Mole

    Confirmed Signings For 2017

    I don't know how they are fully doing it, BSPA may be allowing Anders to be confirmed from the start of the season
  5. Nathan Mole

    Kent Kings 2017

    yeah just found that out about rules, it apparently has to be a unnataced 3pt rider to guest for a attached 3pt rider
  6. Nathan Mole

    Confirmed Signings For 2017

    Well the rules from last season was that only riders in NL teams could guest, so if Anders is confirmed in the team officially from the start of the season but can just not ride.
  7. Nathan Mole

    Eastbourne 2017

    Many Eastbourne fans know how lazy Kelsey is and is the reason why Connor would only bring Kelsey back aslong as he agreed stepped up his game.
  8. Nathan Mole

    Kent Kings 2017

    As I put on the confirmed signings thread, I expect Kent to be crafty with this signing by getting in the top 3pt reserves from other teams to guest for them.
  9. Nathan Mole

    Confirmed Signings For 2017

    I imagine they will use guests or a no8 intill he can ride. In truth, quite sneaky by Kent for the start of the season as could get some really strong reserve guests from other teams before Anders can ride.
  10. Nathan Mole

    Kent Kings 2017

    Anders is one of the best youngsters coming through, and yes it could well be a year to early. However he will still definitely improve on his average, even if only by a little bit.
  11. Nathan Mole

    Eastbourne 2017

    Don't forgot Georgie, who has improved every season and was putting in No1 performances at the end of the season. Which is why the club said the team was being built around him as I expect Georgie to be at No1 this season
  12. Nathan Mole

    Birmingham Brummies 2017 Hat Trick

    But Zach wasn't an unknown, he proved he had potential as many are in the BYC(British Youth Championships)
  13. Nathan Mole

    Lakeside 2017

    I don't know what you have been watching the past two seasons AJ, as once the season gets going mostly all the riders can get round 4laps quite easily. You see just as many falls or crashes in CL or Pl ads you do Nl racing
  14. Nathan Mole

    Isle Of Wight 2017

    In regards to Glasgow, I meant the suit sponsoring
  15. Nathan Mole

    Eastbourne 2017

    I was thinking exactly the same thing, and considering most teams either didn't finish or just finished their meetings last season, you would have thought it would have been started earlier

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