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  1. gmarsbar2

    Glasgow v Poole 20/5/22

    Basso is riding in SGP2 on 27th. Probably also assumed Brennan would get a wildcard as GB u21 champ if he didn't qualify
  2. gmarsbar2

    Glasgow v Poole 20/5/22

    Kemp missing strengths Poole. 2 points in 2 meetings for Edinburgh last year.
  3. gmarsbar2

    Glasgow v Poole 20/5/22

    5mm forecasted between 1 & 7 then dry and breezy but how reliable are forecasts. Track should hold up fine based on forecast. But what the riders think of conditions when they get there ......
  4. £50 Vaculik more £50 Drabik more
  5. Madsen £25 more Doyle £25 more Fricke £25 less
  6. gmarsbar2

    Oxford v Poole 20/4/22

    In what universe is that a good team? Missing 4th in their averages and a CL rider guesting at reserve. Everyone knew given the circumstances Oxford were up against it
  7. gmarsbar2

    Poole 2022

    Other clubs spending a fortune to buy the title. Because three number one's come cheap. Because bringing two rider's over from Australia and putting them up in a guest house comes cheap. Signing one of top rated young British riders was done on the cheap?
  8. gmarsbar2

    Poole 2022

    Haven't you just stated Poole spent big on a rider to win the league? He's a Dane and Wednesday race nights don't suit.
  9. gmarsbar2

    Glasgow 2022

    Actually it was the No.4 that should have been replaced. After 3 rides he was on zero.
  10. gmarsbar2

    British Speedway statement

    Danyon Hume is 24. Other than JPB (who I wouldn't have on the list) the others are all under 21. Kyle Bickley would be a better alternate.
  11. It wasn't a bike failure, he pulled his cut-out out making a start. It shouldn't make any difference to the result tonight.
  12. SON is on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th, so nothing to stop Edinburgh or Glasgow running on Friday 15th, except the weather!
  13. Glasgow v Leicester on 20th August was called off at lunchtime but the forecast rain failed to materialize, brief shower around 5pm but going on last week some riders might have said track was unfit
  14. This season there was only one blank week in Glasgow's fixture list, on what would have been the Cardiff weekend. The season started late behind closed doors because of Covid, then three consecutive rain offs in August caused our fixture backlog.
  15. You were obviously only watching the front of the races, even Bartosz Zmarzlik almost ended up in the fence on the home straight. Rubbish meeting on a terrible track, only good thing was it was finished in time to watch Redcar's stream - great meeting on a proper race track. Today can only get better with more teams in with a chance of qualifying

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