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  1. Madsen £50 more Dudek £50 more
  2. Yesterday went so bad I thought I'd be out of this. Can I use the spread stretcher to improve my chances. No idea whether it applies to all bets or just the first one? Zmarzlik £50 more Woffinden £50 more Madsen £50 more Dudek £50 less
  3. Thomsen £100 more Lindgren £50 less Vaculik £50 less
  4. Zmarzlik £50 more Janowski £50 more Woffinden £50 less Doyle £50 less
  5. Woffinden £50 less Doyle £50 less NKI £50 less Janowski £50 more
  6. gmarsbar2

    Edinburgh 2020

    That's going to be hard when the Devils will be racing on a Friday night. It will be rare that Glasgow are not at home if Monarchs ain't. A Saturday afternoon outwith the football season might attract fans from both. It would also be better for the visiting teams, who may well contain schoolboys. But no doubt planning restriction mean that's not an option anymore.
  7. gmarsbar2

    SGB Championship 2020 Confirmed Signings

    Craig Cook back at Glasgow
  8. 25 heats! Lots of tractor racing, god knows why as it's mostly gate & go. The tracks too narrow.
  9. gmarsbar2

    Lions v Glasgow 17th August

    Surely there would be no guest if he is missing the match for BT Sport?
  10. gmarsbar2

    Glasgow 2018

    You said in response to my original comment "I guess you are connected in some way " and asked if I was actual a Glasgow supporter. So I told you I follow the side home and away. I didn't say anything about being a bigger/better supporter than you. 2018 real averages including bonus points 8.17 (Glasgow Tigers website), 16 bonus points so far this season. Yes it's down from 8.91 starting average but I freely admit Richie has not been as good this season as last. But how can you consider an 8.17 average woeful? That and your times up comments are what I had issue with.
  11. gmarsbar2

    Glasgow 2018

    Sorry to disappoint you but I have no association with Richie other than he's a Glasgow rider, my team. I ain't no keyboard warrior, I have followed the Glasgow home and away for many years, hardly missing a meeting. You said Richie has been woeful and his time is up. Massively underperformed? Yes he's had some bad meetings, I've witnessed them first hand. Lot's of mechanical issues but he's still averaged over 8 points this season at No.1! I can judge that your option is wrong! How can you possibly consider an 8 point average woeful? He's by his own admission not done as well as he would like but Glasgow don't have a divine right to win. There's only been 4 away Championship league wins all season. Call yourself a Glasgow supporter, then support the team. Your attendance on Friday night would be much appreciated, I'm sure; cause Friday night crowds have been poor.
  12. gmarsbar2

    Glasgow 2018

    Call yourself a Glasgow Supporter? Well support the team! Just who's out there to replace Richie? Yes he's not done as well as in previous years but he's still an 8 point rider. It's a lot harder riding at 1 than 5. Just look at the scores from No1 when Richie wasn't riding at No1.! If changes are to be made he's not the one to be bombed out. Not that I'm advocating any rider changes.
  13. gmarsbar2

    Edinburgh 2017

    How long does it take for BSPA approval? What average does Mitchell get? Does he count as a Brit? Edinburgh & Mitchell obviously think he's going to be at No.7 based on their press release but SGB website has put Mitchell above Mark Riss in Championship line-ups.
  14. gmarsbar2

    Edinburgh 2017

    He also still has an Australian passport. He might have British citizenship but he's an Australian & therefore ineligible to be no.7. Good luck to him but Edinburgh surely don't think he's going to be a 2 point No.7

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