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  1. Newcastle 2018

    Would Ashley, Ellis and Alfie not qualify for a reduction in that team? Can’t recall how many years the British lads get them these days
  2. Newcastle 2017

    So is nobody questioning Ludvig in this scenario? We already have a competative heat leader trio home and away, Lewis rose has surpassed Ludvig this season.................. why wreck a dominant top two or a heat leader (who has never rode anywhere but reserve) who is outscoring home and away....
  3. Belle Vue 2017

    Are there any other updates from the forum?
  4. Newcastle 2017

    I think if we can put the same amount of effort into the team as we did last year we have to have a good chance of a successful season. Here's hoping we are on the front foot with signings as riders being snapped up quickly
  5. Newcastle 2017

    It was this time last year we were hearing the same things about Robert and he has been nothing short of a sensation, and a model professional at that! Would still prefer Robert and Steve as our top two above anyone else though and the only replacement for Robert I would ever be happy with would be cookie if we could get him. Even on a huge average I'd take a strong top two any day, with riders who can improve in the middle order.