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  1. Diamond geezer

    Newcastle now closed !!!

    Well it’s tough. The club isn’t worth a penny really, and will take a lot of effort to match other teams in terms of promotions as it stands. I look at Redcar and they are volunteers and look what they have built. there are models that work, BUT people would have to put the time in… rob would also need to see his business isn’t worth a penny - and sure he will sell all saleable assets before it goes. but there is hope…
  2. Diamond geezer

    Newcastle now closed !!!

    Seems to me our club needs an injection of positivity. anyone want to chat to me about that drop me a message, there is hope.
  3. Diamond geezer

    Newcastle now closed !!!

    CLUB OWNER ROB GRANT CLOSES THE DIAMONDS DOWN - IMMEDIATE EFFECT The Newcastle Advance Fire and Security Diamonds (in association with SecuriCorp) season has come to an immediate end with 11 SGB Championship league matches outstanding as the sole owner of the Diamonds, Rob Grant made the unilateral decision late last night that enough is enough, and the club is now closed for business. "I've had no option but to close the Diamonds down now," Grant said this morning, "I have to point out this is my decision only, as my fellow co-promoters and anyone else who had a keen interest in keeping Newcastle Speedway going, wanted to help things run until the end of the season, but there really is no other option, and in the longer term, it is for the good of Newcastle Speedway. "The situation has taken a massive toll on the finances of the club, a massive hit on my own mental health and also a substantial toll on my other businesses and I cannot allow this to take me down. Crowds have, naturally, dwindled to an unworkable level, and with results like our matches at home against Redcar and Leicester, and trying to encourage folk back into the stadium was never going to work, but again that's all down to me making poor decisions. "The team needed changes, yes, but the fact was clear, as many other promoters will tell you, there simply are no top guys available to come in at the moment and that crippled our efforts to bring in top-end new blood despite massive efforts to do so. "The situation was critical, and it had to be shut down now before it became too late for prospective new people to look at taking the club into 2023. Had we continued like we were, I'd have ended up running Newcastle Speedway so deep into the ground that it would have been impossible to bring back to life or clear its financial commitments successfully, all of which will be in due course, but now at least there is an option for someone to get in touch and see if new blood can fully take over the club for the future. "Closing now, before that terminal point in time, means the company will continue until we get all the finances in order. A future release will detail how we will compensate and part-refund our season ticket holders, so they won't be paying for matches they won't be seeing. The tickets sold online for the Poole match scheduled for this weekend have already been set for refunding and people who bought them will receive their money back in full over the next few days. "I want to apologise to our fans for how things have ended up. I want to thank my staff and sponsors for striving on through a dark season and wish the club and everyone connected with it the very best moving forward. Sadly, the club has run out of steam, the finances have run out of steam and I'm running on fumes. It's a sad day, but it's a day which had to happen now. "If anyone wants to talk about taking the club forward, please contact via our website on the info@newcastle-speedway.co.uk so we can start talks."
  4. Diamond geezer


    I have a spare room, in fact I have two. Also a garage / workshop for bikes and can help with visas all rob needs to do is pay a salary. I’d put up any foreign rider for free. offer to the promotion at Newcastle if they want to explore it they won’t tho
  5. Diamond geezer


    There are two things that make a track. 1) Good track curator 2) Dirt and machinery to build a track. if 1 isn’t the problem, suspect it’s 2. Which aligns with the photos we seen the other week from Glasgow of a track wore down to concrete
  6. So that makes sense (I think). The cynical side of me thinks there wasn’t a cat in hells chance any of them riders were ever going to sign anyway, so any attempt to sign them may have been more about PR than anything. If it was a genuine attempt to sign them, then the ££ must have been there to tempt them, so one would assume that would still apply to team building this year. not sure just random foreign riders will improve us, would have to be the right one. Look at Basso for example, and even he isn’t yet a heat leader. Most top riders who fall into heat leader brackets will have already rode here, and so fall into that”protected” category you referred to above - so assume that we have either tried already and/or we don’t want them. here is hoping for good news - Because I dread to think what Leicester and Poole will do to us in next couple of matches. And as for crowds - think a big signing will help draw in the crowds needed for sustainability.
  7. You can….. but Newcastle would be foolish too
  8. Not sure they would sack someone they can get a guest for whilst the rider has a sick note. we are a weaker team with him in though, without Kyle howarth tonight Redcar would have hit 70 - I dread his comeback
  9. What I find puzzling with Rob Grants interview tonight (and for the record it was nice having a voice finally), was the comments about not being able to sign foreign riders - this linked to inability to apply for a sponsors licence (visa) following the liquidation of the original company he took over. I would love to find the quotes from him last season, think they could have been in the speedway star. But I am sure I have read that he tried to sign last season - Kenneth bjerre - Martin Smolinksi - Troy batchelor then again this season, I am sure I have seen a quote saying he tried to convince bjarne pedersen of riding. one question - was that all bollocks then?
  10. Any extra intel? What was the promoters rant?
  11. Yeah, probably BSPA realise he / we are are pulling a flanker and so are making sure they limit the advantage we get!
  12. Diamond geezer


    Fans want to see exciting speedway - fact. nothing exciting at Newcastle right now. Under strength, and a poor track. We have morphed into what was stoke, a poor team with no ambition, no excitement and no atmosphere. Costs me £50 a week & sadly it’s money down the drain. All we want is to be competitive - is that so much to ask???!
  13. Diamond geezer


    I feel for the lads who turn up every week and try their best for Newcastle, facts are though we are awful! This is due to the fact we are massively under strength again this season, majorly under the points limit and carrying two kiwi riders saddled with inflated aves. The only reason we aren’t being pasted at home every week is due solely to the fact we get a guest for BWD, with him I dread to think what the score lines would be. Have no complaints with other lads, but everyone is expected to be 1-2 places above where they should be in a teams 1-7 and are asked to punch above their weight. can’t see that team attracting crowds sadly. Where oh where did that £50k go? New burger van maybe?
  14. Diamond geezer


    At reserve? I thought James Wright was at reserve? Assume by reassessed that can only mean 5 or worse a 4. So we are either 2.5 or 1.5 off the points limit? That’s worse than last year!
  15. Diamond geezer


    What average is complin coming in on? Think Rob said we were going to be close to the points limit, so assuming it’s 6 - 6.50? How is it worked out?

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