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  1. What was the crack with George and Martin speaking with fans after? Anyone stay behind and hear what they had to say?
  2. Jedd List man = no brainer
  3. I very much look forward to that Dave!
  4. Two names for me: 1) regardless of desire to not have Aussies due to whatever visa/sponsorship/tracking - Jedd List looks the real deal. Second around Sheffield beating their own Aussie and a rider of a similar age drew kemp who is tipped for the top.... massive coup to get a rider who WILL get better, and given we aren’t getting points off Simon seems a total no brainier.... 2) The next big thing in the conference who nobody has touched - Dan Gilkes. Seen the kid ride he is out of this world, and albeit only his first season fully at conference level he will be a heat leader, if not top of Kent’s averages this year....... if you need to pick up anyone - pick up this kid now! 2 signings that would not only improve us this year, but both will become assets and both have huge futures in the sport, and will get better.. as an additional point on gilkes, if we elect to ride conference next year the promise of a championship spot and a national league spot to boot should be a huge draw!
  5. Diamond geezer

    Newcastle 2019

    I would have to agree Dave, really sorry that we have had to change the team too, and all the criticism of the promotion is unfair, had Nike not made the decision we would be kick starting our season with the original 1-7. looking around Stevie is a no brainer, out and out number 1, and makes our top 3 the envy of most in the league. We just simply need to make the right call with the last man, and if we do, we will be very hard to stop. My personal view is let’s try someone young/new who has potential and invest in them. Not seen anything about josh McDonald, but if comparisons are true, he is the obvious candidate. Mikel B also one to look at. After a year in the league you would have to expect him to put points on his average next year, and Newcastle could be a springboard for a rider who went to Redcar with real pedigree and is still young in comparison to other options. need to get the last one right however, as a weak number 2 leaves us really exposed and will undoubtably be the difference between a good year and a poor one. Here is hoping Nike returns to the league in future, too much potential and excitement and a big miss to the sport in this country if he doesn’t, shame however he wasn’t more open with the promoters before signing. Similarly, here is hoping Victor gets fixed up, was looking forward to seeing him this year, and he deserves a chance after committing the time and money to the season. Chuffed to see stevie back with us again, he was the first name on every team sheet I pulled together at the start of the year, and one of my favourite all time riders, great to have him back where he belongs!
  6. Diamond geezer

    Newcastle 2019

    I would ordinarily agree with you, however, Danny had a full season last year in a league with extremely strong reserves and wasn’t off the pace. This year the standard is an awful lot less, and seeing a lot of no7s and a few no6s that are NL standard, and most who are not out and out too dogs like Drew Kemp, I think Danny is definitely worth a shot, and if anything, a lot more experienced... i think it’s a big season for him this year, and one he needs to make inroads, but even putting a point on his average will be fantastic on the back of the injuries he suffered, but that would be the challenge I set him in this league. im more than happy with the team this year, a lot of opportunities if people click, but success is dependant on them clicking as it is with every team every year. hats off to the promotion team, what I would say is the new season fills me with excitement. New riders in the team, it will be fantastic to watch them all develop around brough,and defo far from the predictable “norm”.. bring on next season, well done Martin and george and thanks for giving us something a little different to wet the speedway appetite
  7. Diamond geezer

    Eastbourne 2019

    Totally agree. As a Newcastle fan Lewis would be one of the first names on my team sheet. That lad oozes quality, determination, and quite frankly came back even stronger after that life threatening crash. For me, he is a year away from proving a real top man in this league, and this could be his year. In a season where you need riders to put points on their average, Lewi will put more on than Lawson and kennett combined, and for me is a better shout that Ellis, especially on such a lower average. best of luck mr Kerr, not that you need it!
  8. Diamond geezer

    Sheffield 2019

    Is it really? Howarth is in a false average, and king will be consistent. A lot of question marks however, nicol, Anderson (as good as he looked briefly last year has a lot to prove) kemp is a good 2 pointer but there are others close who could do a job... kennedy - well there are exciting Aussies throughout the league, not many match their starting average in year one.... and procter...... well in simple terms no improvement, and anyone thinking he can be the same procter from years ago is mistaken...... no improvement.... i see 2 riders upping their average, Kemp and howarth (on a false average) think there are better opportunities than that to complete what could be a good team
  9. Diamond geezer

    Sheffield 2019

    If this is fact, I would struggle to see him not coming back to Newcastle, be a good place to Assist his recovery on a track he knows well. That said, I won’t be bitter, and if Sheffield do get him hats off to you, best rider in the league for me on reliability and delivering when the pressure is on (get it others have a higher average after last year). For me however I can only see Sheffield with one of three riders at number one 1) Rory schlein 2) Danny king 3) Richard lawson All suited to your track, all would do a cracking job, and for me the number one you need
  10. Diamond geezer

    Newcastle 2019

    I would have to ask what the benefit would be of having him. George regularly says he is such a team man which explains his inclusion, I just don’t see it however. This season other riders are the ones doing the promotional work at schools and shopping centres etc. He can be dominant at home (occasionally, and less frequently these days) - I would argue this is less important on a track that has such a home track advantage where points can’t be made up elsewhere. He dropped us in it last year, George didn’t seem happy, and the captaincy argument I just don’t get. I get he isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, certainly not mine, but I struggle to see any positives with his inclusion.... happy for others to debate this however, I really could be missing something.....
  11. Diamond geezer

    Sheffield 2019

    I would imagine that Steve worrall would be riding Poland again next year, which is why he left Newcastle after years of loyalty. If Steve was no longer riding Poland (I would hope) Newcastle’s promotion would bring him home.............
  12. Diamond geezer

    Newcastle 2019

    I just can’t see ludvig back, not after last season. Defo seen a big shift in tolerance of ludvigs behaviour - called out with last minute choices not to ride and relinquishing the captaincy. Let alone only a 3.00 away average which even the biggest ludvig critic would admit is even low by his standards.......
  13. Diamond geezer

    Newcastle 2019

    Replace Lewis Kerr with stevie worrall and I think that might just be a team
  14. Diamond geezer

    Newcastle 2018

    I think real speedway supporters see tonight for what it was. A match going one way, then a situation that changed the entire tide of the meeting. Normally in any sport these things are called turning points, sadly for the sport of speedway tonight, with the exception of a very few Redcar fans who appeared to cheer the event, that turning point was a blatant attempt to knock off a rider well in control of the race. As a team who have defied all sceptics this season and really stood tall it’s a shame to end the night without a point, but the thing that makes speedway great is it’s love for proper racing, true racing, and the diamonds stood tall tonight. The only thing left to say about Redcar speedway is, congratulations....... you had 6 riders riding tonight who rode fair, but sadly it took a B.B. intervention to kickstart the team, but kickstart they did. The fact they were rejuvenated isn’t the problem, it’s the 1 rider who continues to jeopardise riders safety daily that’s the issue. Well done Ben barker!
  15. Wow well done to the comets, fantastic team effort with plenty of effort. Four man team dominated the diamonds, and can see why they are winning meetings across the country. Now for Newcastle. Ludvig lindgren, number 1 (by not a number 1) at the start of the season. Who can’t ride anywhere away from home but regularly gets a position on strength of his home form and team spirit, only beats josh emblton and Kyle Bickley all night.. then watches Stuart fall heavily and turns back to the pits.... only for Rene Bach to walk out to meet him on way back... its not fair to single out ludvig in particular, but the excuses of him not being a number one and out of his depth are gone. I think the team are proving why each rider starts every season (with the exception of Ashley and maybe Stuart where age is playing it’s part) a unreliable middle order rider......

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