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  1. Jonnybegood

    Plymouth 2019

    Doners123 , I think your sums are wrong, so far it adds up to15.38 or 16.38, leaving 20.62 or 19.62
  2. Jonnybegood

    Plymouth v Brummies NL Fri 7th Sep

    A critical meeting this for the Devils as realistically if they get 0 points then they finish below Birmingham, let alone the others
  3. 1 point for Plymouth would be great
  4. Drainage problems at the racetrack has unfortunately scuppered this fixture this week . Contractors will be rectifying the problem middle of next week according to the Plymouth Devils forum
  5. Jonnybegood

    Eastbourne v Plymouth (NL)

    Ben morley for ellis
  6. Jonnybegood

    Plymouth 2018

    Only complained the track was wet and did not want any more water to make it slippery. Have a look on Plymouth’s Facebook page , there is a video on there for your appraisal....dusty
  7. Jonnybegood

    Plymouth 2018

    Must be fundamentally wrong for the last 3 seasons lol . IT IS THE SUNSHINE , most tracks are experiencing dust this season
  8. Jonnybegood

    Kent 2018

    Plymouth price is now £12 plus £2.50 for a programme, last year was unsustainable at £10 plus £2.50 for a programme. Crowd levels this year is similar to last year
  9. Jonnybegood

    Nl Agm 14th December.

    The great TR I presume
  10. Jonnybegood

    Drew Kemp/jamie Halder

    I can’t see the problem either, please explain it to Jamie halder
  11. Jonnybegood

    Drew Kemp/jamie Halder

    I wonder if Drew Kemps average will be assessed the same as Jamie halders was for the benefit of British Speedway....
  12. Jonnybegood

    Lakeside 2017

    Surely kev , it would be more appropriate to contact the owners of Lakeside , or members of the forum to get someone else to look after it, positive attitude is what is needed throughout the country.
  13. Jonnybegood

    General Running Costs ..

    Do you still follow the devils ?
  14. Jonnybegood

    Plymouth 2017 N/l?

    Thank you Gunner 85
  15. Jonnybegood

    Plymouth V Birmingham Fri 11th Aug

    A few showers mid day,and rain from 7pm

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