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  1. Jonnybegood

    Plymouth speedway

    There is an explanation on their website plymouth-Speedway.com
  2. Jonnybegood

    Plymouth speedway

    You can still watch it on the speedway chat live stream ..it was a great meeting and great filming
  3. Jonnybegood

    Plymouth speedway

    Online ticket sales are open for the upcoming Gladiators v Gb young lions . Plymouth-Speedway.com /latest news Click on the link . Ordered mine already.
  4. Jonnybegood

    Plymouth speedway

    Plymouth just announced live stream for Tuesday nights meeting with “Speedway chat” . Go to their Facebook page for details
  5. Jonnybegood

    Plymouth speedway

    Did Mr pearson mention it on the GP commentary tonight . I thought I heard him mention something
  6. Jonnybegood

    Plymouth speedway

    Online tickets Sales have just gone live on their website Plymouth-speedway.com
  7. Check out the Plymouth Gladiators Facebook page for details , it’s fun it’s free. Prizes to be won
  8. Check out the Plymouth Gladiators Facebook page , free entry , prizes to be won .
  9. Jonnybegood

    Leicester NDL 2020

    Let’s hope this rider does not have mental health issues as the constant belittling is likely to play on a conscientious Rider . Keyboard warriors everywhere should try ENCOURAGEMENT..
  10. Jonnybegood

    Plymouth speedway

    Butcher or Spenser lol
  11. Jonnybegood

    Newcastle 2020

    I don’t think smetana is on your xmas present list guys lol
  12. Jonnybegood

    Newcastle 2020

    Like most others lol, he would do a great job at reserve, and be awesome away
  13. Jonnybegood

    Newcastle 2020

    Adam Roynon is always been overlooked , great gater and racer . Low average as he was injured last season . He would do a great job .
  14. I cannot see firstly that Hancock should have the headline as it is obviously between all the southern Track promoters , and secondly I cannot believe that this is not an option for all clubs to admit season ticket reduction on visitors to the tracks . It would encourage more season ticket sales and encourage supporters to travel more
  15. Jonnybegood

    KENT 2019


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