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  1. Jonnybegood

    Poole Pirates Vs Berwick Bandits 29/6/22

    Depends who the referees are in the playoffs imo, they could win the final if only 3 riders turn up
  2. Jonnybegood

    Poole Pirates Vs Berwick Bandits 29/6/22

    See Plymouth are above Poole in the league .>>…
  3. Brilliant around the coliseum tbh
  4. Just watched the stream again , well done Alfie on your heat 14 win . Top man !
  5. I think we will meet another 4 times this year …can’t wait .…
  6. Jonnybegood

    Plymouth Gladiators 2022

    Unfortunately led to believe paul starke has already been snapped up …
  7. Jonnybegood

    Leicester Lions 2022 Line up

    Not even related ….The THOMPSON TWINS has to have the correct title .……… bloodline heritage supersedes Poole propaganda
  8. Wonder how many guests will be included in this encounter
  9. Jonnybegood


    They probably got their Jack hammers out and ripped it all out to guarantee the problem will not reappear
  10. There is room for easty and worky in the 3rd div.
  11. Jonnybegood

    Newcastle vs Glasgow 8/5/22 4pm??

    I believe It means there is still the remnants of the old concrete kerb coming through the surface currently
  12. Lol , found someone who believes what barker says
  13. Barker just went into the corner too quick and overshot the apex . There was no hole just a berm of dirt ..Danny king was wondering what it was as he doesn’t get to see dirt much these days .
  14. Jonnybegood

    29.04.2022 League: Scunny v Plymouth

    Tried to have a look on the stream for a replay ..only shows up to heat 13 ….hiding 14 for some reason ?
  15. Jonnybegood

    Birmingham v Berwick

    Plymouth also has 2 ambulances.

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