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  1. Call me wolfie

    Wolves 2018

    Plus Jacob was in the UK yesterday with Joel Kling and PK
  2. Call me wolfie

    Wolves 2018

    Rescheduled for next Monday 22/10
  3. To make up for it not being the guests home track
  4. Totally agree, MPT did absolutely nothing wrong and I was staggered when he was excluded. Also Ellis and Bomber appeared to touch the tapes at the same time but Bomber gets away with a warning.
  5. It looks like injuries will decide the winners for the second successive year. Everything is going Pooles way I'm afraid to say
  6. Call me wolfie

    Wolves 2019

    Looking at the current GSA's there is the potential to have a much more balanced side next year assuming the current league structure and points limit remains the same Sam Masters 8.11 Jacob Thorssell 7.25 Nick Morris 6.91 Ricky Wells 5.43 Kyle Howarth 5.16 Nathan Greaves 3.25 Leaving 6.39 for one more rider. We have to have more strength in depth if we don't go with Freddie at No 1 and this would give us 3 decent heat leaders, 2 decent second strings and Kyle and Nathan at reserve
  7. Call me wolfie

    Wolves 2019

    It must be a real worry for the likes of Rory Schlein who rely on UK speedway for their income
  8. Call me wolfie

    Poole v Wolves. Prem B. 5/9/18

    All teams want to win in front of their own fans whether it's important or not
  9. Call me wolfie

    Somerset vs Wolves 29/08/18

    It will though, the riders won't take a massive pay cut without a fight. Just look at Scott Nicholls when he was told he couldn't ride in the championship this season
  10. Call me wolfie

    Somerset vs Wolves 29/08/18

    Only Swindon not riding so I very much doubt it
  11. Call me wolfie

    Swindon v Belle Vue // Premiership // 6.9.18

    Yes my mistake, forgot Swindon rode thursdays
  12. Call me wolfie

    Swindon v Belle Vue // Premiership // 6.9.18

    Not if Wolves win tonight, I know it's a big if but it's possible. Even if we don't win tonight but beat KL at home, Aces and Robins fans will have one eye on the Poole v Wolves meeting the same night
  13. It's a shame BT didn't reserve some nights for the key end of season meetings and this is certainly one that should be on. Will ensure a bumper crowd though
  14. Call me wolfie

    Somerset vs Wolves 29/08/18

    My heart says we can do it but my head says a comfortable home win for the rebels. Really hope my heart is right as it would put us right back in the playoff picture. Every one of our riders will need to be on form to pull it off though.
  15. Call me wolfie

    Somerset 2018

    Todd Kurtz and NBJ are the reserve pairing and Aaron Summers is listed for tomorrow according to Wolves website, r/r for Rory and Kyle Howarth will be fit to ride, with James Sergeant at reserve for us.

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