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  1. Not sure about the 1 minute warning, just put the 2 minutes on as soon as the last rider has left the track and no celebration laps after heats should do the trick
  2. Depends which forecast you look at I think, met office gives only10% chance of rain after 7pm but BBC forecasts 46% chance of rain until 9pm. Let's hope the met office are right on this occasion
  3. Call me wolfie

    Swindon v Belle Vue 16 August

    I remember it well, I still haven't forgiven Bomber for his dreadful performance
  4. Call me wolfie

    Swindon v Belle Vue 16 August

    Highly unlikely, we won the a fixture by 14. See no reason why that one will be any different
  5. Call me wolfie

    Belle Vue 2018

    But you need to pick up some away points to stand any chance of making the playoffs, as do we, so I can understand that change
  6. Call me wolfie

    Somerset v Wolves 08/08/18

    Unbeaten at home and 12 away points already, you're already certainties for the playoffs unless something goes horribly wrong. If Wolves don't get there will be keeping my fingers crossed for you guys
  7. Call me wolfie

    Poole should be docked points and fined

    They've probably been doing it a while and got a bit carried away forgetting there were still people there.and that it's actually illegal
  8. Call me wolfie

    Wolves 2018

    I was under the impression you could make up to 2 changes without redeclaring and what you do with their averages is up to you. Similar to what we did last year dropping Clegg and Skornicki and bringing in Riss and Schlein
  9. Call me wolfie

    Wolves 2018

    We really should have got rid of him a month ago. Trouble is he dropped to reserve and I guess they thought he may score decent points there. It really hasn't worked for him but the trouble is his average is so low now that our only hope is he suddenly finds his form again.
  10. Call me wolfie

    more investment for NSS

    Well hopefully the Speedway Star will investigate and print the truth behind it
  11. Call me wolfie

    more investment for NSS

    Just to be clear, I am not a BV supporter nor do I live in Manchester so have no knowledge or interest in your owners combined income. Just to be even clearer, someone else (not me) posted a link to the MEN (who by the way should be aware of this info and should check their facts before printing a potentially libelous story) which seemed to indicate it was some sort of bailout. I hope this clears things up for you, I can't put it any simpler than that.
  12. Call me wolfie

    more investment for NSS

    Don't be ridiculous, I read a good news thread with a link to a news article saying the investment is basically another bailout.if that's not true then good luck to them, No jealousy here.
  13. Call me wolfie

    more investment for NSS

    It was expected to be honest, we are rubbish there. British speedway in general is in trouble but to see this as good news is a step too far imo
  14. Call me wolfie

    more investment for NSS

    I'm failing to see how the news that BVSL is currently not financially sustainable is good news
  15. Call me wolfie

    more investment for NSS

    So what's the answer, cut the standards further and risk losing more support or improve the standard and hope some of the lost support comes back. Either way it's a massive gamble

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