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  1. LaurenceRogers


    Still looking for race sponsors for the NLRC next Sunday .. £100 per race, NLRC RIDER SPONSORSHIP £50 PER RIDER ..... riders still available .... Nathan Stoneman; Connor Mountain; Ryan Kinsley; Jack Thomas; Benjamin Morley; Henry Atkins; Mark Charles Baseby; Georgie Gwr Wood; Jon Armstrong ...... e-mail : laurencerogers@blueyonder.co.uk or TEXT 07801429304 ... Also fuel sponsors £10 each
  2. LaurenceRogers


    Still looking for race sponsors for the NLRC next Sunday .. £100 per race, Also rider sponsors at £50 a rider and fuel sponsors at £10 a rider . E-mail: laurencerogers@blueyonder.co.uk or TEXT 07801429304
  3. LaurenceRogers


    Race (£100), rider (£50), fuel (£10) sponsorship still available .....e-mail @laurencerogers@blueyonder.co.uk orTEXT 07801429304
  4. LaurenceRogers

    Birmingham 2018

  5. LaurenceRogers

    Birmingham 2018

    did you get my reply ? Thanks for the apology
  6. LaurenceRogers

    Birmingham 2018

    hope you enjoy it eM_Pe !! come and say hello in the pits before the meeting as they are open till 7
  7. LaurenceRogers


    A BIG thank you to Colin North at TENG TOOLS for his sponsorship of the NLRC at Leicester on Sunday 30th Sept. Line-up should be announced this week ...still sponsorship available as main meeting backer, race, rider, tyre, fuel sponsors .... e-mail: laurencerogers@blueyonder.co.uk or TEXT 07801429304
  8. LaurenceRogers

    2018 NLRC

    good idea ... yes but you can reserve one as already had several enquiries. Will see what price to pitch the mascot idea at ....perhaps arranging a replica team body colour within the price
  9. LaurenceRogers

    2018 NLRC

    The 2018 NLRC is on Sunday 30th September at Leicester (2.30pm start). Each club will be represented and the organisers are looking for a range of sponsors for the event. The title sponsorship for the event is available along with heat sponsorship at £100 per race, Rider sponsors at £50 , Tyre sponsors and a set of body colours will hopefully be sponsored and will be signed and auctioned off after the meeting. Sponsors interested can e-mail : laurencerogers@blueyonder.co.uk to arrange their backing
  10. LaurenceRogers

    Brummies v Bees - 28/03/2018

    Fans have the chance to sponsor any of the Brummies for fuel, oil, tyres, kevlars ..or whatever ....all help gratefully received by all the riders
  11. LaurenceRogers


    individual in 2nd half involving the 8 riders
  12. LaurenceRogers

    Brummies v Bees - 28/03/2018

    weather forecasts are historically inaccurate..... hopefully the sun will be shining and the place packed ..... so don't make hasty decisions 24 hours before a meeting
  13. all at Iwade 12 noon start Sun 29 April IOW Sun 17 June Reading Sun 12 Aug Exeter Sun 30 Sept Weymouth
  14. LaurenceRogers


    yes he has ...badly broke his leg at Mildenhall year before and now back living in Cornwall
  15. LaurenceRogers

    Birmingham 2018

    Unfortunately Peter has not been well either. To correct one thing there is that I am the TM but will also be the co-promoter ...and I do know what is going on behind the scenes . There is daily contact between the key people involved with Birmingham Speedway .....and Lee Kilby gave more updates than just about sponsorship . The meeting went well and those fans there went away happy at what had been discussed and what they heard.

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