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  1. Moranboys

    Season Ticket Holders

    hope you get your refund sorted
  2. Moranboys

    Season Ticket Holders

    bloody hell, what a daft statement.he bought one to go and watch the sport he loves, does it really matter, in these times, how it was funded.goob on ya bro
  3. Moranboys

    Sheffield 2020

    And I say it,s about as realistic as man utd winning this year's premiership
  4. Moranboys

    Sheffield 2020

    if you,have no interest in speedway then clear Off. i think that people pretty much know that our great sports season is all but written off.
  5. Moranboys

    Sheffield 2020

    a very huge well done for putting together, what potentially is,a cracking team who will be very exciting to watch.will win most at home i think and surprise a few away as well.can,t wait for the season to start!
  6. Moranboys

    Sheffield 2020

    how come?
  7. Moranboys

    Sheffield 2020

    if its true about kildermand,what a great first four signings we will have.with the right further 3 signings we could potentially be unbeatable at home and maybe nick a few points away too.
  8. Moranboys

    Sheffield 2020

    what an absolute belter of a signing,caan see kyle winning a few more at two as well as he will want to stay out of the way.no,joking aside, big big welcome to n.p.pure box office.now for my season ticket!
  9. Moranboys

    Sheffield 2020

    prob not be on the threads on here so much now because of the move up but it has been a pprivelidge to read, and on occasions, partake in various topics.the best of luck to all champ clubs taking part next season.i will miss the banter and the championship.
  10. Moranboys

    Sheffield 2020

    just a thought.will the greyhounds still be running on a thursday afternoon? if this is still the case won't this be a problem again as it affected the speedway this year with queues of people waiting to gain admission only to be held up or will the start time have to be changed?
  11. Moranboys

    Sheffield 2020

    glass only i believe
  12. Moranboys

    Redcar 2020

    broc eastbourne bound i reckon
  13. Moranboys

    Good Year / Bad Year

    I echo your reasonings one hundred percent.i didn't go to mu first home meeting this year until the season was nigh on over.sundays were a total no no for me.what I did see at home didn't exactly set me alight either.track wise,i think the loss of g.trollope as track curator was a massive blowthe ins and outs of this I do know a little about but won,t go into detail.we all know that the sport will never return to the heady days but for goodness sake,where has the excitement factor gone?i enjoyed the meeting at Eastbourne which was thrown away but this year I didn,t particularly enjoy Cardiff either.the pairs meeting the night before was far far better.sheffield NEED THURSDAY,S BACK.A.S.A.P otherwise the people lost this season may never return.
  14. Moranboys

    Bears v Diamond's KOCF

    tip of the iceberg.sports been dying on its arse for ages

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