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  1. Moranboys

    Workington 2018 .

    well done tai on a third world title.was nice to see the poles getting well and truly peed off.good luck comets on your quest for the title.
  2. Moranboys

    Workington 2018 .

    and sheffield fans.why can't we just all be nice to one another for a change.if we can't say something constructive then why bother.
  3. first kyle then kasper,why not put a bid in for charles as well while your at it.
  4. big well done to kyle on his win tonight
  5. Moranboys

    Sheffield 2019

    for the meeting
  6. Moranboys

    Sheffield 2019

    sorry i offended you wasn't too sure where to post it as there was no post set up on the forum
  7. Moranboys

    Sheffield 2019

    just to say that i found it disappointing that there was no mention at all of charles,kyle and casper riding in the teeside silver helmet meeting at redcar last night.was this meeting deemed not important enough to be worthy of some press.diabolical really.for the record,kyle scored 6 points,charles and casper scored 10 each but missed out in the semi.well done all the lads.
  8. i like todd but is only really riding to his average and i don't think he will push on from where he is at the moment.hope i am wrong but can't really see it.
  9. good meeting last night to finish off the season.good effort from the lads last all tried v.hard.well done kasper on another decent performance.special mention to charles who was dynamic.such a class rider when in full flow and was worth admission price alone.we must try and sign him up again for next season along with kyle and kasper and we've now signed zane so then build the team around that four if we can.all in all a v.good nights racing with plenty of passing.
  10. Moranboys

    Sheffield 2019

    e.w.r and rub.damn predictive text!
  11. Moranboys

    Sheffield 2019

    i see on the redcar website that the bears promoter has lodged a complaint over the use of r/r for james shanes who was representing g.b in the world cup long track event.how petty.i wonder if he would have done the same had we not gained a point out of the meeting.for goodness sake and for the sake of the sport either us or the bears are going to finish bottom or next to bottom so is it that important.it,s been a poor league season for both teams and if you are so desperate to not finish bottom then its sad.the meeting at the ear last friday was a cracker and would have probably been less so if a junior would have had to be drafted in.so i am going to be petty now and say that i hope that we now win and that james returns and scores well and we win to really run it in.
  12. have to agree.a super night of speedway racing on a v.well prepared track.charles and kyle not at their usual standard but all credit to kyle after that nasty looking crash.todd gave it his all in that final race and only just lost out.full credit to all the lads tonight especially todd,kasper and connor.well done scunthorpe on the comeback.thoroughly enjoyed the meeting after the recent home meetings.credit to our captain also for thanking the sheffield supporters for their support tonight.top man.
  13. Moranboys

    Sheffield v Edinburgh 23/08/18

    heart says tigers.head says monarchs
  14. well done kasper andersen and james shanes and todd on your performance last night.kyle a bit of an off night by his own high standards around armadale.not as bad a scoreline as i would have imagined.by all accounts some decent racing.
  15. only what I've read on the posts.apparently his lower leg was swollen and he showed it to jack lee who told him he needed to rest it.

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