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  1. Moranboys

    Chanpionship Pairs Somerset Friday 20th

    there might not be anyone winning yet, have you seen the weather forecast for that part of the country on friday!
  2. well done the lads on what is usually a bit of a tricky track.could have been more if charles didn't have a very rare off night.nice to see kyle back and the injury looks as though its holding up well.another great score for broc on a track he has never seen, what a find he is turning out to be.well done todd,another solid contribution also the same for james and a much improved away performance from georgie.well done the tigers.congrats to lakeside and the 2 top guns and looks like they are in with a shout for the title.
  3. Moranboys

    Sheffield 2018

    i do understand you to a point but surely putting on junior individual meetings is pretty much financial disaster.i am a season ticket holder but don't think that i can be bothered to drum up enough enthusiasm to attend.yes,well done to the promotion for getting a meeting on but not enough interest in it for me.shall save the petrol, programme and parking costs and put it towards the cardiff weekend.
  4. gino manzares?
  5. Moranboys

    Rye House 2018

    spoken like a true heartfelt supporter.IDIOT.so you are pleased then that we have lost another club for this season and maybe, who knows, for good.by the way, which team do you show allegiance to then.
  6. Moranboys

    Rye House 2018

    to all connected with rye house.my heartfelt sympathy goes out to you.another track falls by the wayside and one that has seen a lot of success.i just hope that you will be coming to tapes next season.i now am starting to fear for the sport, what with rumblings at workington and a few other tracks reported to be struggling.
  7. shame that as i think the standard of racing was far better than when held at th showground
  8. Moranboys

    Glasgow 2018

    apologies then if it was not a glasgow supporter but my post still applies if it is a redcar supporter.
  9. Moranboys

    Glasgow 2018

    i understand that but if you really think that hurling insults and calling a rider useless is going to help then it is a sorry state of affairs.i have down the years seen some underperforming riders that have ridden for sheffield but i would never shout abuse at them.i realise that the riders are out there to entertain but do you honestly think that richie worrall enjoys the form that he is currently in?yes supporters have a right to an opinion but does that give them carte blanche to berate riders who can actually hear the comments.not a lot of points equals not a lot of pay and confidence equals points, equals pay so why not just try for once and get behind the rider who wears your colours for your benefit.
  10. Moranboys

    Glasgow 2018

    to the person in the stand at yesterdays fours meeting and was hurling abuse at richie worrall,for goodness sake, get off his case.he knows that this season hasn't ,to his standards, been one of his best but he was trying his heart out yesterday and berating him like you did, which he obviously heard due to his response,does absolutely nothing for a riders confidence so just cut him some slack and if you are a true supporter then do what the name suggests.SUPPORT your team.
  11. Moranboys

    Peterborough Panthers 2018

    congratulations on your fours success yesterday.was well deserved.
  12. what a cracking day out at the fours yesterday.redcar put on a fabulous meeting on only their first staging.my team gave it a really good go and although didn't quite make the final it didn't distract from a great final with all in all some superb very close racing.a huge well done to the redcar promotion and i hope that it will be staged by them again next season.well done.
  13. Moranboys

    Sheffield 2018

  14. Moranboys

    Sheffield 2018

    got to say,dissapointed with the result at scunthorpe last night but not at all surprised given the circumstances.bit surprised at ty who although chipped in with 7 points, is more than capable of a few more.biggest disappointment was richie corral who ,for whatever reasons having a nightmare of a season, in light of this and the fact that ty proctor rode for us anyway, would he have not been the better guest for us initially?massive massive praise to broc nicol who i am confident is going to be very special indeed.to top score on a track he has never seen before deserves immense praise and hope this continues at the fours tomorrow.well done broc.does anyone know if charles wright is fit to ride in the fours?if not will it be james as replacement with georgic reserve?
  15. Moranboys

    Sheffield 2018

    knee jerk reaction!

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