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  1. Moranboys

    Sheffield 2020

    Good signing in my opinion and I don't think we've seen the best from Josh as yet,if he can stay injury free.nice to see you back lad.
  2. Moranboys

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    Great signings for Plymouth but beware,things don't always pan out as expected..
  3. Moranboys

    Wolverhampton 2020

    I've been a few times,has certainly improved over the years and they now put on a good show down there,the racing is pretty good too.its a small technical track yes but I think that they make for better racing.nss being the exception.if the track is ridden in an attacking manner then the riders reap the rewards.
  4. Moranboys

    Sheffield 2020

    Got to be worth a punt,class rider on his day,could do a job for us exciting to watch too.
  5. Moranboys

    Sheffield 2020

    Ben Barker looking for a premier League place....come on sheff!!
  6. Moranboys

    Provisional fixture list

    Short season?,a six team league?,uncertainty of available riders?,uncertainty of when the season will actually start?,how many people will actually be allowed to attend?,social distancing still in place?mask wearing at meetings?.team strengthes drastically reduced? The list is endless.
  7. Moranboys

    Eastbourne 2020

    But they won't line up if they can,t line up......so to speak.
  8. Moranboys

    Eastbourne 2020

    I really hope you are right but can't see it happening
  9. Moranboys

    Eastbourne 2020

    I don't think anyone will line up as expected because I can't see any league racing happening.
  10. Moranboys

    Sheffield 2020

    Try telling that to the families that have lost loved ones......!!!
  11. Moranboys

    Sheffield 2020

    Anyway,back to team matters,if racing does resume,who is going to replace Nikki Pedersen and Todd Kurtz?
  12. Moranboys

    Sheffield 2020

    Although I try to understand your perception of this virus I do understand where Steve55 is coming from although not in total agreement of his response.regardless of your political take on the situation,it would not matter which government was in charge,the outcome would be no different.these are unprecedented times in which we currently live.this virus is a serious killer,let's not move away from that fact and as Steve 55 pointed out,is worldwide.i work for the NHS and have witnessed first had the distress of staff and the anxiety of not just NHS staff but other public sector workers too,including myself.im not going carry on this debate and my original question was just about asking people's opinion on whether or not racing will resume this season given cancellations of festivals etc already.in all honesty,what more can the government possibly do?they are inbetween a rock and a hard place and I think that they are doing their utmost.
  13. Moranboys

    Sheffield 2020

    Yes,I understand that,but there are still a lot to go with everyone still to have a second and vaccines starting to hit short supplies,I really hope that you being hopefull works....
  14. Moranboys

    Sheffield 2020

    Just off topic,does anybody think that we have a realistic chance of seeing racing again this year,I hate looking on the gloomy side but this pandemic is relentless and it's going to be a while before most of the population is vaccinated,certainly well beyond may,and are we going to have to have proof that we have had the vaccine to be able to enter stadia,events etc.glastonbury already cancelled and more festivals will be I guess and that wasn't while June!......just a thought.
  15. Moranboys

    Positive post

    Where did you get that info from?

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