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  1. yes must say it was an excellent meeting, barring the centre green presenter and the lukewarm chips, pie was good though.
  2. you should have been at sunny last night if it was entertainment you wanted.just go on speedway forum,scunny v sheff,select last page, scroll down and take a look at ht 13.in fact just about all of the heats were as exciting.
  3. i can see that you are a staunch supporter of your team then.why even bother.just stop home and follow the updates, and if you thought that the racing wasn't very good then visit and specsavers spring to mind!
  4. 3 points from r/r.lasse not really at the party.otherwise we would have won that meeting.some fantastic racing though and a decent crowd to boot.
  5. was a damn good meeting but can't see us getting very close to you tonight
  6. spot on with your prediction.utt

    nice post

    but can you blame riders not wanting to ride in wet conditions, you only have to take last night at swindon as an example.is it going to stop you from attending.

    speedway has been a lot of peoples lives for a long time and it is like a drug.less meetings doesn't necessarily mean fewer people, especially people who live and breath the sport as i do.i have lost track on how much money it has cost to follow this brilliant sport, yes i get just as frustrated as the next person when meetings are called off and have also lost count of the number of times i have gotten to a track, usually after a lengthy journey only to be bitterly disappointed with the bloody weather, but unfortunately this is part and parcel of our wonderfull sport and will never change.the amount of water that has fallen over the last few weeks has been phenomenal.everywhere you look it is sodden, especially the gardens.christ,i still have water teeming off my garden down the drive.we are all totally p....d off with the weather but just think how the promoters must feel.for rob godfrey to call off a meeting then it must be bad.i,for one, hate to see a meeting on a wet track where our fab sport is reduced to a farce.i would rather wait until conditions are fine so that these very brave men can put on a show for their public.as far as i am concerned,there is no finer sport on this planet when everything falls into place so please supporters, get off the promoters backs because, without them, our sport wouldn't, exist and just lets be grateful that although yes we do have a diminished league program, we do still have a sport to follow.apologies to anyone whose may not agree with this post.
  10. or did you get the c and p the wrong way around.
  11. also going to be hard to accept it as well.
  12. lol.then you woke up.
  13. Redcar Vs Scunthorpe 12/4/18

    lewis kerr a fine rider.more than capable of big points.
  14. doesn't, matter who you get, you are going to get beat.
  15. Peterborough Panthers 2018

    the only ass being bit on thursday might be the tigers on track but then again you have to be close enough to bite them!