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  1. WalterPlinge

    Stoke V Kent (NLKOC) 14/07/18

    Just three riders withdrawn injured this week. One broken thumb, one collarbone and one with a mandatory 9-day concussion suspension. A record 19 heats run, and the meeting only abandoned 2 races short this time. Things are looking up!
  2. WalterPlinge

    Buxton v Brummies NT Sun 8th July

    Spot on. They should have been looking to give track time to an upcoming teenager who needs it, not trying to fiddle an ineligible experienced journeyman back in from a bygone era, in the hope of adding even more points to an already easy win.
  3. WalterPlinge

    Buxton v Brummies NT Sun 8th July

    I'm confused. Surely there's only Birmingham who have been up to dirty tricks, by trying to field an ineligible rider? It's all well and good saying Gary Flint had obtained the relevant paperwork, as confirmed by the BSPA, but Buxton could point out that Craig Cook has all the relevant licences and paperwork, and the BSPA would confirm that too.... It still wouldn't make him eligible to come back and ride as a 3.00 guest in the NL.
  4. WalterPlinge

    Swedish GP 2018 Hallstavik

    Well done Zmarzlik. He was nearly robbed of his place in the final then. Zmarzlik and Janowski were well clear in the original race when the two Russians managed to crash into each other and get one of them a re-run. There's a clear case when a race should be awarded. Thought Sayfutdinov was going to steal a place in the final by default, but well done Zmarzlik getting past him.
  5. WalterPlinge

    Coventry Bees Nl ?

    Plants? I'd have found a different word for them. (Unless you mean cactus plants, judging by these pricks)
  6. WalterPlinge

    Rye House 2018

    As you seem to be in the know, can you tell us what the BMR proposal was?
  7. WalterPlinge

    Rye House 2018

    You seem to be correct. Carter & Bailey Ltd last filed accounts to April 2015. They were signed off by Len Silver. Since then the company has been sold. Len Silver and Hazal Naylor are no longer officers of the company. Warren George Scott is the sole director and also a shareholder with greater than 75% control (presumably 100% shareholder). However no accounts have ever been filed and Companies House have been threatening to strike the company off for failure to file. (latest company strkeoff action was discontinued in Dec 2017).
  8. WalterPlinge

    Rye House 2018

    On the subject of Rye House, a dormant limited company, Restart Drinks (UK) Ltd, filed to change its name to BMR Speedway Ltd on 20/12/2015 presumably this is the company promoting Rye House -- However, it has never filed any accounts since. A sister company BMR Racing Ltd, Hasn't filed any accounts since December 2015, and has since been given notice by Companies House that it is to be struck off. (This notice has since been stayed in June 2018). The last (2015) accounts filed by BMR Racing Ltd showed it had debts of £3m. In football there are tests to ascertain if new club owners are "fit and proper" owners. Does Speedway make such checks?
  9. Pedersen nearly did the same thing again on Laguta there. Ran wide, lost speed, let Laguta through on the inside...but then thought twice about turning back in on him to cause a collision. Nicki probably thought the same dirty move twice in one race was too much even for him.
  10. WalterPlinge


    Of course. Simple maths. Volume of a cylinder is (pi) d^2 x h / 4 it's obvious a 1mm increase in "d" is going to make a lot more difference than a 1mm increase in "h"
  11. WalterPlinge


    You have that the wrong way round. A mm extra on the bore would give far more extra capacity than a mm on the stroke.
  12. WalterPlinge

    no team

    Bit harsh to blame the Stoke reserve for Somerset's signings.
  13. WalterPlinge


    Surely now the time has come for the SCB to take action over the ongoing safety problems at Stoke. In the last 3 meetings, 3 riders have ended up in hospital. Last week James Chattin ended up in critical care with broken ribs, a collapsed lung and a damaged spleen (Thankfully now on the way to recovery). Tonight heat 1 took 4 attempts to run, and ended with just 1 finisher and one faller pushing over the line for 2nd place. The match was abandoned when 3 riders all fell on the second bend of heat 11. In between there were 13 fallers in 10 heats, and 3 riders withdrawn from the meeting with various injuries. Spectators were again covered in ridiculous clouds of dust from the first bend. It was also the fourth meeting of the season to have a second half MDL meeting planned....and the MDL riders are yet to race a meeting. Every single one postponed/abandoned by some sort of Stoke induced calamity. All this on a dry, fine night. Things have now gone beyond a joke. Riders and fans have long been inconvenienced by the dust, poor track, generator failures, air-fence deflations, electric failures, etc etc... but when rider safety is being so badly compromised with riders ending up in hospital on a regular basis, and multiple riders withdrawing injured every meeting, surely it's time for action.
  14. WalterPlinge

    Scorpions vs Panthers 15.6.18 7.30pm

    Belle Vue don't ride their home matches in Scunthorpe do they? They ride at the NSS, where Auty is pretty crap and Garrity is pretty good (British No.4).
  15. Trying to twist it now eh? As you well know, the Race-Offs we were talking about are a last chance to get to the final for teams who don't qualify direct for the final from their opening round. They happened in the old SWC, but not in the new SON.

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