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  1. WalterPlinge

    Current league riders who started in the 80s?

    Tony Atkin Started at Stoke in the 80s. (around 86?) And was riding for Stoke in the NL this year.
  2. WalterPlinge

    Somerset v Kings Lynn Tuesday September 4th

    That's not how it works. It's 9 days for a rider over 20 years of age. It's 12 days for a teenager, and 23 days for a 15-year-old. But whether a concussion picked up abroad causes a concussion suspension in Britain isn't so clear.
  3. WalterPlinge

    Colts vs Kings

    Incredible racing all night Heats 13, 14 and 15 were as good as anything you get in the Premiership. The Smith, Perry, Morley, Clegg battle in heat 13 was fantastic, and Smith, Perry and Morley repeated it for another 4 laps in heat 15.... but it was Paul Bowen's incredible win from the back in heat 14 that brought the house down. It's lucky that Paul Hurry doesn't travel north, because Morley was so much better. An excellent choice of guest. Also Max Clegg deserved far more than the points he got. The other Kent riders were a touch disappointing, but they still battled. Is Stoneman always that erratic? Scary! With the cheapest admission in the country at £10, and such a superb modern stadium with a fantastic racetrack, the Belle Vue fans are really spoilt. So it's onwards to Stoke v Brum tonight... Not sure it's going to measure up the same, as Stoke seem to have given up and have already handed 4 points to the Brummies before the start.
  4. WalterPlinge

    Buxton Vs Kent (NL) 26/08/2018

    Belle Vue called off early last week, but the weather turned out not as bad as forecast, and the match probably could have gone ahead. But it was the right decision as it stopped Kent having a potentially wasted trip. Kent did the same early call off on Monday - again perhaps the match could ave gone ahead - but it also saved BV a possible wasted journey. Early call offs are a pain if the forecast later proves wrong, but when money is tight and long distances are involved, they do make sense.
  5. WalterPlinge

    Birmingham 2018

    It's not the format this season. If we want to be able to make a comparison between the NL attendances and what a hypothetical CL attendance would be, then surely we've got to use the same conditions as far as is possible.
  6. WalterPlinge

    Birmingham 2018

    Yes, but we did already know, didn't we?
  7. WalterPlinge

    Birmingham 2018

    Does seem a strange choice of format if you're seriously going to use it as a guide to see if crowds would support a higher league racing. You're not comparing like with like as you've already lost those who say "It's a mickey mouse 6-man format. I'm not going to that!"
  8. WalterPlinge

    Sheffield 2019

    Zaine Kennedy
  9. WalterPlinge

    Birmingham 2018

    That's my guess too. Although there aren't really any Midlands Championship teams to have a local 2nd division level challenge with. Maybe Peterborough or Sheffield?
  10. WalterPlinge

    Stoke v Kent

    It's not too difficult. Paul Hurry has been signed as the new Kent No.1, but hasn't yet taken his place in a meeting. He was missing today because he was riding in a grasstrack. As he has not yet turned a wheel for Kent, they are not allowed any facility. They had to use an unsigned 3.00 rider who isn't in any NL team. (If Hurry had ridden a match previously, they'd have been allowed a guest). Jack Thomas was missing due to a serious illness in the family. He has ridden for Kent all season, so they are allowed a facility for him. As he is in the 2-5 of the team, the available facility is Rider Replacement.
  11. WalterPlinge

    Betting in 2018

    No offence but I'd have just bet on Somerset with a 10 point start. Winning £220 for a £200 stake seems a hell of a lot better than winning £10 for staking £200. I guess it's not me that isn't very bright.
  12. WalterPlinge

    Betting in 2018

    Risking £200 to win a tenner doesn't seem very bright to me.
  13. WalterPlinge

    Betting in 2018

    I'm not well up on betting, but does that mean that Poole would have had to win by between 5 and 9 points to avoid losing your money? And anyone daft enough to risk that kind of money has just poured £90 down the drain?
  14. WalterPlinge

    Eastbourne 2018

    Going to make the Mexicans pay for it.
  15. WalterPlinge

    Tomasz Jedrzejak RIP

    Daily Mirror.... Never cover speedway, but when there's a tragedy..... ghouls https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/other-sports/tomasz-jedrzejak-dead-former-belle-13080538

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