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  1. WalterPlinge

    Photographers in British Speedway

    Agreed. I think the BSPA are sloppy with their handling of media rights. They should be protecting the rights of the official photographers from each track. I fear a Pearson cartel having free licence to roam anywhere can only be bad for the sport. We've only just escaped the Russell monopoly on creaming money out of the sport's media rights. No doubt "GreenLightGo" will see it differently. I probably would if it was my son.
  2. He did indeed. Spent time inside when he was caught smuggling drugs inside his engine
  3. WalterPlinge

    Craig Cook: what next?

    I don't want to ignore him. I think his inane, bitter rambling, and ability to get everything completely wrong, is hilarious. And that's a FACT (probably). Anyway, I'm off to hand in my resignation at work. Once I have no money coming in, and the mortgage, council tax, gas, electric, etc start to build up into thousands, that will mean I have money to burn. FACT. (I assume). p.s. Isn't this thread supposed to be about "Craig Cook ; What next?" The poor sod's been left out of every Premiership team in the country and forgotten, now he's being left out and forgotten from his own thread!
  4. WalterPlinge

    SoN Belle Vue

    When more than 2 teams are tied on the same number of points, you go back and count bonus points. So in the tie for 4th, 5th and 6th, France had scored 3 bonus points (and therefore finished 4th). USA had 2 bonus points (finishing 5th) and Latvia had just 1 bonus point (so 6th). Correct. In the event of a 3-3 in the Knockout heats, the team ranking highest progress. It finished 3-3. So the 4th placed team (France) progress over the 5th placed USA. I guess the Americans did a lap of honour because their night was over. France needed to get back to the pits for heat 23. Where two teams tie, you look at the heat where they met. If it was a 3-3, then the team in 2nd and 3rd are ranked highest. Aus v Den was indeed a 3-3, but with Aus finishing 2nd and 3rd, they were placed higher.
  5. WalterPlinge

    Leicester v BV Colts May 18th

    Isn't it Sunday tomorrow?
  6. WalterPlinge

    Leicester v BV Colts May 18th

    With Leicester racing Saturdays, and Leon Flint doubling up for Berwick, he was pretty much always going to miss the trip to Leicester whatever the date. Kyle Bickley would have been available when Belle Vue took the fixture. But since the fixture was agreed, Workington closed, Joe Lawlor set fire to a hotel, and Bickley switched to Glasgow to replace Lawlor, meaning he now misses going to Leicester too. Belle Vue can ask to change the fixture (and no doubt they will have done) but they can't demand a change. All the power is with the staging club, and Leicester presumably prefer to meet one of the top sides at their weakest to take the easy 3 points.
  7. Correct. Tracks are not supposed to run any kind of racing after heat 15 because, as soon as the TV broadcast is over, they want to take up all the cables and equipment in the pits. It would be a Health & Safety issue to have bikes coming in and out of the pits while cables are being lifted. And the TV people won't have their contractors waiting 30 minutes on overtime while a MDL/SDL meeting is run.
  8. WalterPlinge

    2019 SoN Draw

    No. You suggested 4-3-2-0 (not me). I said that 4-3-2-0 would be unfair, as a team suffering an engine failure would be automatically eliminated (The same problem that we saw last year). I said this year's new rules are far more fairer. (You don't even grasp that there are new rules this year). You're not the girl from the pits are you?
  9. WalterPlinge

    2019 SoN Draw

    erm, yes it is.
  10. WalterPlinge

    2019 SoN Draw

    And even long after we've watched Germany v Czecho in the 3rd and 4th place race-off, the graphics are still showing Slovenia 4th. The bimbo in the pits was just awful. Not a clue what was going on. Even though Shouty and Kelv knew the new rules, they were still doubting themselves. "As far as we understand it". If you know the rules you need to gow a pair and be definite, not be hedging your bets with self-doubt.
  11. WalterPlinge

    2019 SoN Draw

    4-3-2-0 would mean that anyone having an engine failure would see their team automatically knocked out. This was the problem we had last year. The new system is clearly better and fairer.
  12. WalterPlinge

    2019 SoN Draw

    4-3-2-0 is a bigger nonsense. We saw that last year. The new system is far better. Just need to get Shouty and Kelv to understand it, and bin the clueless pits-side bimbo.
  13. WalterPlinge

    Dogs Allowed?

    I've taken a few dogs to the pictures over the years.
  14. WalterPlinge

    Stoke 2019

    Stoke's meeting this Saturday is off already, Restaging 25 May.

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