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  1. Birmingham 2018

    Seems only Birmingham fans want Poles to be fiddled into the NDL.
  2. Birmingham 2018

    Well as I don't have a MY team, I think I can look at it from an unbiased point of view, and from the point of view as to what is best for BRITISH speedway. You meanwhile are presumably a Brummies fan who can't look at it from an unbiased standpoint. To say that Eryk Borczuch should be as eligible to ride in NDL as Jack Smith is laughable. The NDL is there to develop British riders. How can a Polish rider, born in Poland, to Polish parents and polish grandparents, deserve a place as much as a British rider, born in Britain, to Britsh parents and British grandparents? Madness
  3. Kings Lynn 2018..

    Think this mascot would be nearly as good as the song.
  4. Kings Lynn 2018..

    Well worth reading the replies to King's Lynn on their twitter feed.
  5. Kings Lynn 2018..

    The new King's Lynn promoters' anthem...
  6. Birmingham 2018

    Yes, he rode illegally in the MDL and his points were deducted.
  7. Birmingham 2018

    Rumour has it that Birmingham were trying to fiddle the Pole Eryk Borczuch into the NL, even though he's 100% Polish, 100% Polish parentage, and has experience of riding at a higher level in Poland and abroad Whether it's true they're trying this or not I don't know, but if it is true the authorities must continue to block it. What a kick in the teeth for Kyle Roberts and any other young British kids who may be being asked to stand in as Birmingha No.7 for just a short time until a Polish ringer can be fiddled into his place.
  8. Kim Nilsson owed a few bob

    So if he's owed £5k by Lakeside, can we assume he's owed an average of nearly £11k each from 2 Swedish clubs?
  9. For or against team suits

    1998 was the year of the lycra oversuits. They were terrible and riders hated them. I was up in Manchester at the Belle Vue press day with a rider that year. Riders hated them, and they'd barely finished the team photos before Andy Smith had taken a pair of scissors to his, cut the arms off, and was threatening to cut the legs off to leave just a bib. John Perrin was not best pleased. Within a few months most riders had had their own team suits made to the same design and dispensed with the lyrca monstrosities.
  10. Charity Shield ?

    Any news yet on which charity the gate money from these meetings is going to?
  11. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    Where does the previous poster accuse Sandhu of money laundering? He says Sandhu was involved with a money launderer. That is quite true. The Jatinder Singh Batth quoted in the article was a convicted money launderer.
  12. Birmingham 2018

    Didn't the new businessmen beind Belle Vue say that they didn't expect to make a profit in the first 2-3 years, and that they were in it for the long run? They're investing money now to see benefits in the future? Isn't this how proper business works? Didn't they also say crowds were up 30%? So clearly sensible pricing and trying to attract the kids does work.
  13. Birmingham 2018

    The point he's trying to make is that anyone up to 18 can go to Belle Vue NL matches for free, and that the discounted "one off" prices for one Birmingham meeting are still considerably more expensive than any Belle Vue match of your choice all year.
  14. Belle Vue 2018

    Here's my theory then.... Some time ago, a young boy riding bikes set up a facebook account. To have a facebook account you have to be 13 (or is it 16 in some places). So the kid used a fake date of birth to make his account appear legal. Years later, and now aged somewhere between 18 and 21 , he's eligible to ride in U-21 events and sign for a British Club. Someone at the BSPA offices (instead of checking his passport for DOB as required) just logs on to facebook and picks up the fake DOB used all those years ago.