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  1. Weather looks good, think we will head off down to the OTA, hopefully for a good meeting.
  2. Fred5

    Somerset v Redcar 15th May

    You forgot to mention the massive hike in food prices.
  3. Will be travelling to the OTA for this match, hope the weather is ok
  4. Had a few showers here in Swindon this lunch time, but will get down to this match to get my first fix of the season. Would very much like to see the Rebels put one over on Poole.
  5. Fred5

    Somerset 2019

    Oh dear, seems I have upset you, not deliberate of course. Just as well this forum is, first and foremost, for speedway and not a political one.
  6. Fred5

    Somerset 2019

    What rubbish.
  7. Fred5

    Somerset 2019

    There is absolutely no political reason why Grobauer should not take his place in the Rebels team this season. Maybe you should separate the facts from the hearsay and opinions, such as those of scaremongering and treasonous people like Spelmam, Dromey and others.
  8. Fred5

    Somerset 2019

    , I think you should take note of isis123.
  9. Fred5

    Somerset 2019

    Well listen more carefully
  10. Fred5

    Somerset 2019

    Really, do you not listen to the news ?
  11. Fred5

    Somerset 2019

    Well said that man.
  12. No, not at all, Rebelwonderkid got it spot on. How about this for a recipe. New averages in place on Fri 1st June, your team managers remarks after the meeting on Mon and his tough reputation, a team with possibly a few points to play with and some under performing riders, equates to, I think I need to get my finger out or I could be replaced.
  13. I think its you that needs to wake up, as to make such a rubbish statement, you obviously were not there. This Rebels performance was pathetic, the worst team I have seen at The Abbey this season. Allen and Lawson just appeared to be not trying, Wright a mere shadow of the rider when he was with us and Jeppeson clueless. Losing is not a sin, but its how you lose that matters and apart from Doyle, Holder and Wilson Dean this team was really poor. So unless you were there, you have no idea how bad the Rebels were. You have a wonderful following of supporters, who are a credit to Somerset and speedway and definitely deserve better from their team. I think I may even have spied the Confederate flag, good on you guys, you deserve a decent team.
  14. Don`t agree. You have obviously never been to Monmore Green, its a really difficult track to ride, with a massive home advantage. Jonas would no doubt have struggled, but at least James Shanes has ridden the track before.
  15. JD has to start scoring at least double figures, or the Rebels will have no chance away from home. I note another failure by JD in Poland yesterday.

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