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  1. 7 hours ago, WestGorton1884 said:

    I'll be honest , I'd never heard of Lidsey before last week .... 

    I've read somewhere , he'll come in on 4.00 ?  

    I'd love to see Holder at the NSS 

    He rode NSS briefly last year as Australian U21 reserve in SON Semi Final.

    Riding in Poland & Sweden

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  2. Having visited a number of Swedish and Danish tracks this summer...

    1. Both countries are struggling to get people through the gate, apart from GP and key matches

    2. Speedway structured in a different way with Community teams and real investment from local people (volunteers), and companies, sponsorship. Eg Vetlanda programme was 86 reading pages, mainly of adverts, but also good quality features. This makes finding stuff hard as it is assumed you know the team names for each club. (eg fixtures would be Lions v Pirates)

    3. Entrance fees were cheaper than uk in both countries.

    4. Fans of both countries have similar concerns, speaking to a promotion (in Sweden's equivalent of our championship), they believed their costs were about a quarter of the higher league in Sweden. (previously relegated, talking from experience)

    5. Meetings well ran, lots of track work, started on time, in the main good racing. Range of track shapes, surfaces, etc

    6. Significantly less meetings than uk, amateur and practice leagues below pro/semi pro structures. Lots of doubling up!

    So where may this all go?

    Speedway dies?

    Just GP Speedway? Poland? if so where do the GP riders of the future get unto speed?

    I could envisage a European super league, with major city teams to suppliment the Gp, Semi pro domestic league/s.

    Cost reduction...Sealed engines? standard equipment? Limit of bikes per meeting per team? (rather like the tyres rules of old).

    Impact of Brexit? removal of EU permits/standardisation of rules?

    I'd suggest we need some sort of commission with an overarching review. If we don't cap vested interests we are likely to end with the first option.



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  3. Bumped into Leon in Vetlanda, he was guesting in mid August, with my son with autism.

    He was really professional. Polite, patient and understanding. Really impressed.

    He also rode really well and scored paid 14 from 5 against good quality riders.

    Be great to see him in the UK.


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  4. Why would you go there as a spectator?....that's with 25 years regular attendance as a Potters fan. It used too be abuse from the promotion, now it's not even excuses.

    I think Dave Tatum does the track still? The 10 heat match appears a regular at Loomer Road....There have been chances to sell but to no avail...I'm just really sad that what was my club ends up like this.

  5. 1 minute ago, Haza said:

    15 heats of speedway isn’t enough now the clubs need to get this out of there heads it’s 2018 not 1970 - things have moved on but speedway hasn’t as others have said it’s all about VFM £18 doesn’t represent VFM there has to be more to the evening racing  or the racing has to be top draw which sadly it isn’t -I want to attend a meeting and walk to my car and think I can’t wait till the next meeting rather than feel why did I bother coming . 

    1970 had 13 races and a full second half, normally 18 - 20 races total...interval after the match so if the kids needed to fog home main event was done.....

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  6. 45 minutes ago, Steve Shovlar said:

    I bet you would have been well happy if he had been named as Swindons number 7!

    He was a one trick pony and dreadful away from BV.  Just not good enough in the top flight. N L rider.

    He could also ride Swindon really well when I was there...so probably a two trick pony......


  7. And that would shut the place!!


    With serious injuries that could have been prevented HSE would be looking at a broad and detailed investigation. I think shutting would be a lesser worry for those involved.

  8. Should the worst happen (and we hope it doesn't) liability is clear.

    They have known about the issue for several years, it's happened on a number of occasions and it's not been sorted out.


    I am not the greatest fan of health and safety but surely there is now a case for the Health and Safety Executive to step in in relation to the lighting and generator issue before someone is seriously injured or worse. There must be change.


    I'd suggest the Promotion who created the problem and the BSPA as governing body who are clearly aware (referees reports) would both have liability.

  9. Loomer Road is one of only a few purpose built speedway stadia in the UK. The architects plans were the blueprint for Vojens, which opened in Sept 1975. (After Ole Olsen borrowed the plans).

    The original design incorporated long track bends outside the speedway ones to allow long track speedway in the UK.

    The current track was remodelled in 1979 by Pete Jarman with multiple changes since.

    When run well can generate a great business.


    The only way forward for a successful meaningful team is by new owners.

    Sadly it's a microcosm of how UK speedway is run.

    Lots of vested interests, infighting and too little business acumen.

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  10. We could write a book on this one......

    It seems this happens every year with Stoke trying to cram October fixtures and not completing the fixtures.

    Why anyone would think of a season ticket at Stoke (as an ex season ticket holder at Stoke) is beyond me.


    Seems to me that one of the essential criteria for a promoter to have is the trust of the local supporters.

    This is hard won and easily lost.

  11. Bickley would seem a sensible move to 7 and has the potential to grow quickly.

    I'd be tempted with Dudek at 1, even for a season.

    You may get some interest as regular access to smaller uk tracks will help him with the GP temporary tracks, the main block in my opinion to his progress to World Champion.

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  12. I went last year to Plymouth for the first time, after getting over the shock of the size, I really enjoyed the night.

    We saw Redcar perform, lots of passing, really friendly and welcoming locals and an obvious attempt to move the club forwards.


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