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  1. Came down from Berwick and seen a cracking meeting from a neutral perspective, plenty of racing lines on a well prepared track. Polar opposite to what we are used to at Berwick. A couple of shocking refereeing decisions, but that is becoming the norm, where do they get these clowns from. Redcar are definitely playoff contenders, impressed with Wright & Stewart in particular.
  2. JT94

    berwick bandits 2019

    I agree close racing is good racing, and you don’t have to make as pass for it to be exciting, however for majority of races last season it was well strung out. That does not constitute good racing.
  3. I normally text them, but in sunny Mexico this weekend.
  4. No. Can’t recall a single pass all night.
  5. JT94

    Berwick v Glasgow 14/4

    Credit to who was texting the updates this evening. Never have I read a more balanced account of a meeting. Full marks.
  6. JT94


    I would agree that it is a poor team, can only really see Howe, Etheridge and potentially NBJ putting anything on their averages, if he can manage more than 1 meeting this time. The Swede that Edinburgh have signed looks a much better prospect than ours but time will tell. Hopefully we can be competitive against the likes of Newcastle and Workington.
  7. JT94


    Season will be over by May again in that case.
  8. JT94


    Out of the 6 that finished the season I would retain Morris (I guess unlikely), Howe & Etheridge. I would also look at trying to sign JPB, he impressed each time I watched him guest for us at reserve.
  9. JT94

    Berwick 2017 50th Year

    Swindon claim he was unwell.
  10. JT94

    Berwick 2017 50th Year

    I'm not sure Howe this is going to turn out for the Bandits 😜
  11. JT94

    Edinburgh V Berwick 14/4/17 Sgbc

    Agreed, it looked a strange decision from where I was stood on the 3rd turn, the Edinburgh fan next to me also couldn't see how it could have been Berge's fault. Couldn't really see because of how dark the track was, might have missed something.
  12. JT94

    Sheffield V Berwick 6/4/17 Sgbc

    Simply not good enough again from Berwick, we need to start looking to strengthen up sooner rather than later, with Berge and Carr the first to go for me.
  13. JT94

    Witches Vs Bandits Thurs 30th March Ckoc 1st Leg

    Even at this early stage the Bandits look a poor outfit.

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