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  1. AndyO

    Derwent Park Workington

    Hi Singy, there was definitely a grass track at Iwade prior to the speedway training track being opened by Barry Thomas and his brother, not sure if it was on the same sight or nearby? Doubt it would have been a grass track meeting on a Saturday afternoon though so maybe it was the training track when you visited? Not sure of the year that it was opened ...
  2. AndyO

    Taffy Owen

    Ye he did, against Canterbury... he was one of the first 'star' opposition riders I related to as a very young Canterbury fan in 68. R.I.P.
  3. BV Hyde Road West Ham Norwich Cradley Trelawny
  4. AndyO

    Name your 5 favourite tracks

    Canterbury (in the 70s) Mildenhall (in the 80s) Peterborough Hackney Wimbledon
  5. AndyO

    Name your favourite five riders.

    Martyn Piddock, Graeme Smith, Ross Gilbertson, Alan Mogridge and Simon Wigg..
  6. AndyO

    Why speedway is failing

    Spot on Bob... let's face it regular league speedway is an outdated attraction that does not work in the 21st century except for long term enthusiasts.. The only model that might attract reasonable and potentially some news fans would be six or seven tracks spaced out around the country which held 5 or 6 meetings a year, a mix of individual and 'team' meetings.. However for all of the reasons mentioned by others this can't happen unless the stadium is fully owned and the owner can afford to run in this way...
  7. AndyO

    Start Marshall's

    Sorry just noticed my typo.. should be Marshal and not Marshall... make them even less relevant I guess!
  8. AndyO

    Kent Kings 2020?

    Cam Heeps scored 7+3 for Lynn on Thursday, signs of improvement hopefully?
  9. AndyO

    Start Marshall's

    Good point
  10. AndyO

    Start Marshall's

    My memories of Canterbury in the late 60's were a team of start line crew who used to line up behind all 4 riders, plus the start Marshal and assistant (to hand him the flags obviously) plus numerous track rakers on the bends and pit staff to push the riders out... all volunteers presumably.. I think if you had that now they would outnumber the crowd!
  11. AndyO

    Start Marshall's

    Seriously I think they should be an extension of the referee on the track... what they say at the start goes and if ignored they have the power to exclude, no point otherwise..
  12. AndyO

    Start Marshall's

    They always remind me of a sad dad who is trying to make the kids do what he wants and they are completely ignoring him!
  13. OK so in true investigative journalist style and cutting to the chase with the important questions of the day... Start Marshall's - what's the point!
  14. Couldn't go as I was working however looking at the scores it shows what can be achieved when everyone rides to their potential and we have a decent 3rd heat leader..
  15. AndyO

    Kent Kings 2020?

    Thanks didn't know the background but that makes sense, shame though as a fully functioning 747 would have made a good replacement!

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