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  1. Hello All. Please can I qualify this posting by stating this isn't for a speedway bike, but for my new 1/4 mile sprinter/LSR bike. (I'm a drag / Land Speed racer) I have a Jawa 889-6-317 engine on the bench that I'm ready to strip and rebuild. (The 317 in "my" engine number) I bought last September from a rider in Wolverhampton. (Sorry, forgot his name) This is as I understand the 889 is a short stroke 90mm engine, laydown type and oil recirculation rather than total loss? I'm after a manual / parts list for this particular engine with torque settings etc. I can find these for other 889s but not mine. Mine has the cylinder bolted to the cases separate from the head. All others seem to have the heads bolted straight to the cases through the cylinder. It's been suggested this engine was only made for one year? Basically, I want to strip this for a bearing rebuild and can photograph everything and write my own manual, but would like torque settings for the head, barrel, cam caps etc. I'm well aware that engine tuners are "the gurus" for engines and like to keep everything lose to them. But help on non tuning facts and figures would be a great help. The engine is to be linked to a 6 speed HD gearbox and housed in a custom sprint chassis. And if it helps, I was a Crayford Kestrels / Hackney Hawks fan in the day. :-) And now visit Lakeside and Sittingbourne... Thanks in advance. Mark.
  2. Mark Hales

    Change From Methanol To Unleaded

    Hello Steve. From my drag racing background, an alcohol (methanol) engine runs cooler, so you may have a heat problem with petrol? I "think" the Jawa Metisse uses older 2 valve speedway engines with a pre unit gearbox and they run on petrol. Other than that, all of the above you seem to have a handle on. Mark.

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