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  1. Glasgow 2018

    R Worrall 8.52 N Lunna 5.90 C Harris 8.44 L Kerr 6.78 J Sarjeant 3.33 P Starke 6.63 and a reserve.. now that aint a bad team
  2. Glasgow 2018

    I was re-thinking things last night and I know to many of you this might sound like a horrendous idea, but as he is an asset and is on a 7.98 average would we not be good keeping Summers? It would leave you a bit more room elsewhere for building in the team, and maybe in the off season he could make some big changes. Was also hearing that the British number 7 rule is going to be removed. Personally I see this as a good thing, because in 2016 it was good because there were enough riders who had developed and were ready to step up, but as each year goes on the quality of a number 7 which you are going to get is going to become worse and worse as the riders aren't getting the time to develop.
  3. Glasgow 2018

    Looks like Harris and Sarjeant are done deals,don't know bout the rest though
  4. Berwickbandits2018

    Such a shame, the boy has talent, but unfortunatley when clubs mess you about things aren't going to work out.
  5. Glasgow 2018

    justere2cgoodspeedway ye ragin mate? So... Lewis Kerr has announced he has signed for 2 clubs in 2018, who are they, hope one is glasgow!
  6. Glasgow 2018

    Was that Lawson and Summers final time in Tigers colours?
  7. Berwickbandits2018

    Berwick Bandits 2018 1. Aaron Summers 7.98 2. Danny Gappmaier 5.11 3. David Howe 6.18 4. Kevin Doolan 6.36 5. ? 6. Jye Ethridge 5.06 7. Jack Parkison Blackburn 2.00
  8. Edinburgh 2018

    Ricky Wells 8.85 Mason Campton 5.73 Broc Nicol 5.00 Mark Riss 5.68 Erik Riss 8.05 Josh Pickering 4.62 2 Pointer 2.00 = 39.93 Obviously I'm not an Edinburgh fan but does this seem likely?
  9. Glasgow 2018

    Does the rider in your eyes have to have an average above 8 to be value for money? What I am saying is that these riders are who I think will be at Glasgow, not neceserally who I want.
  10. Glasgow 2018

    Jack Smith has never lived up to expectations. I think people expected him to do alot better than he did, which is a shame because he has been one of the better 2 pointers in the league, it just seems to be that his style lets him down a bit at certain tracks.
  11. Aaron Summers and Richard Lawson hopefully on the way out! FINALLY! Tigers Top 3 Averages from start to end of season: Aaron Summers: Start 8.57 End 8.00 (-0.57) Richie Worrall: Start 8.49 End 8.58 (+0.09) Richard Lawson: Start 8.22 End 8.60 (+0.38) Lawson never got close to the 9.00 average we thought he would. Worrall's away average = 8.15 Summers = 7.22 Lawson's = 7.44 Hope with the away averages included we can see why Summers and Lawson's time is up.
  12. Glasgow 2018

    From what I am hearing the team will be built around Harris, Worrall and Sarjeant, it depends what the points limit is, anyone got any ideas of what the points limit could be?
  13. Glasgow 2018

    Summers is on his way to Berwick I've heard, it would make sense to be honest
  14. Peterborough V Glasgow 15/10/17

    Hard one to predict, wonder if Sarjeant will be able to pull off another big score tonight.
  15. Glasgow 2018

    Team Predictions? I know the season isn't over for some people but with Sheffield winning the championship it is pretty much done and time to be looking at the future. My predicted 1-7 next year isn't complete yet but this is what I think so far: 1. Richie Worrall 8.58 2. Dan Bewley 6.04 3. Jake Allen 6.08 4. Nike Lunna 5.90 5. ?? 6. James Sarjeant 3.19 7. Kyle Bickley 2.00 Other suggestions that could be on there way to Glasgow that I have heard through various rumours: Erk Riss, Josh Pickering, Rene Bach, Stuart Robson, Jye Ethridge and Steve Worrall.