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  1. Poole 2018

    you should be
  2. Poole 2018

    at least they won't have to water it
  3. Poole 2018

    Chris will be more settled now he is back at his spiritual home, there are a couple of Aussies in the team who are all fun guys, I'm sure there will be some good team spirit
  4. Poole 2018

    really hope he comes back and proves the doubters wrong, he deserves a break
  5. Poole 2018

    I think Chris will do just fine, I'm sure Matt wouldn't even entertain him if he thought he was going to let the team down
  6. Poole 2018

    so who does people think will be captain, my guess is Josh
  7. Rye House 2018

    ah but is Kurtz better than Morris
  8. Rye House 2018

    with the team we've got this season, I think will be ramming in his face
  9. Rye House 2018

    that should guarantee him a warm welcome when he returns to Wimborne road this season
  10. SGB Premiership Confirmed signings 2018.

    James Shanes confirmed for Poole
  11. Poole 2018

    James Shanes confirmed
  12. Poole 2018

    welcome back starman, hopefully see you back selling the speedway star sometime this season
  13. Poole 2018

    A joke before a wheel is turned
  14. Poole 2018

    Iversen back for Kings Lynn