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  1. Arthur54

    Poole 2019

    Apparently road grader arriving Tuesday, new shale to follow
  2. Should have gone to specsavers
  3. It's only May Gavan, stop getting so excited
  4. He's your mate Lisa
  5. So know Danes or Brady, so much for fixed race nights, just aswell run on a Wednesday, what a shambles
  6. That may be the case, but not once did the ref come down to look at the track, and I was there
  7. Ah but will this be the team that gets into the playoffs, anyway Gavan a nice 5pts today, happy days
  8. Steve you haven't taken the one up from Poole
  9. Can't see anything there suggesting that
  10. Let's see were they are come October
  11. I'm getting jealous again
  12. Lisa hope you're not being unfaithful to me
  13. Let's see what's happening come October, remember last season
  14. Arthur54

    Belle Vue vs Poole 6/5/19

    What a come back, right the pirates off at your peril ☠️
  15. Perhaps the national league riders don't dictate track preperation

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