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  1. That was Kemp that came back to have a go at start Marshall
  2. Perhaps if Danny can't ride, Chris Harris could guest for us, as well as ride for Berwick
  3. Most definitely Plymouth would have won if Palm Toft hadn't been ruled out of the meeting
  4. There working on using Howarth as we speak
  5. Just saying if Poole and done it, we would have been accused of cheating
  6. I wondered when that one would come out
  7. After his guest appearances last season, Cook was only riding for one club this season
  8. Not to mention Plymouth using Howarth as a guest for Barker instead of Kennet, who they have been using a guest for all season, so Howarth could take the r/r ride, if Poole had pulled that stunt this thread would have been all about poole cheating
  9. 100% Plymouth would have one that if Palm Toft hadn't withdrawn, that draw feels like a win for us pirates
  10. Arthur54

    Championship Riders Final

    I would think being the 24th August, the kids will still be on holiday
  11. Arthur54

    Championship Riders Final

    It's what is called sharing the big events around, why should it go to belle vue, Sheffield, Peterborough all the time, on the other hand did use to look forward to going to Hyde Road for the league riders championship, a brilliant day out with the fun fair and the speedway at night
  12. Arthur54

    Championship Riders Final

    Know he's guesting for someone
  13. Arthur54

    Poole 2022

    With know greyhounds there now, the speedway track could be moved outwards quite a bit, there would be know need to have to put the corners down on pallets like they use to years ago
  14. Arthur54

    Poole 2022

    Would have made a lot of sense though, that way stadium is used all year round, can't see how it can servive with just speedway
  15. Arthur54

    Poole 2022

    Article in the Bournemouth Echo says Poole Town football not moving back to the stadium

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