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  1. Arthur54

    Poole 2019

    I thought he did quite well for us in the playoffs when he rode for us about the time Darcy was here, 8 + 2 in Sweden tonight
  2. Arthur54

    Poole 2019

    I see Thomas H Johnasson looking to ride over here for the rest of the season
  3. Arthur54

    Poole 2019

    He also said Poole would be ideal, let's face it we know the three tracks he definitely won't be signing for
  4. Arthur54

    Poole 2019

    Chris holder hinting at a Poole return in 2020, that would be brilliant news
  5. Arthur54

    Ipswich - Swindon 15 08 19

    50 - 40 quite happy with that
  6. Arthur54

    Ipswich - Swindon 15 08 19

    I would take that in the playoffs
  7. Arthur54

    Ipswich - Swindon 15 08 19

    I hope you stayed behind to applaud the Poole team when they won there
  8. Arthur54

    Ipswich - Swindon 15 08 19

    Harris is probably missing Poole, were they look after them
  9. Arthur54

    Ipswich - Swindon 15 08 19

    One conciliation, at least Gavan dissapears again
  10. So if he losses the appeal, could miss the GP challenge
  11. Arthur54

    Cook, Vissing and Kennett banned.

    Lisa use to go on a regular basis, would hardly miss a meeting, it's only family commitments as to why she don't go so much
  12. Arthur54

    Cook, Vissing and Kennett banned.

    Remember Bob having a few set tos at Poole
  13. Arthur54

    Poole v Swindon. Prem. 19/8/19

    And we all know what happened when Somerset had r/r for Vissing last season

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