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  1. He's gone back in his hole for the winter
  2. All teams know the champions are decided over 2 matches, get over it, Poole are champions
  3. Everyone is jealous, get over it. Poole pirates the 2018 premier league champions
  4. They certainly will be out then Steve
  5. You obviously haven't seen him ride at Poole lately
  6. If it was another team rather than Poole nothing would have been said, so let's move on
  7. There not using an illegal rider, all been cleared by the powers that be
  8. Don't think neils would have got anymore last night
  9. Gavan if you're team put as much effort as you do on the Poole threads, they might of been in the playoffs
  10. Plus don't forget Gavan, Morris is better than Kurtz hahahahaha
  11. Ok then, gp in Poland, between Ward, Hancock, Gollob and Harris
  12. It's not a ridiculous comment at all, it would take to many pages up to name all the races, the list is endless

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