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  1. Has a date been set for restaging of Panthers V Stars?
  2. Potman

    King's Lynn v Ipswich 05/07/21

    From most viewpoints around the stadium you hardly notice the catch fence is there, it does not impede the view. Plus you have the comfort of knowing it should stop any errant machinery from descending onto the terraces. If you haven't been there to see it you cannot say it will degrade the viewing experience.
  3. We thought the same about TS why was this not utilised, we could have won this meeting with more creative use of team members. We had the same at times last season. To win you need to put the right riders in the races, not dither about. Also why wasn’t the track work done sooner, seemed to spend ages circling the infield with the brushes when blading the track should have been done, not waiting until after the riders track walk. I’m sure we will have better nights, hopefully riders will get dialled in quicker, we lost track in the first 8 heats.
  4. I started going in 1971 and Tiddler was riding then.
  5. How could you forget Ian Turner?
  6. Potman

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    I realise TJ's away form was not so good, but watching some of the passing moves he made at the AFA was often worth it and as you know we have had a lot of gate and go for the last few seasons, so a bit of passing makes the visit all the more enjoyable.
  7. Potman

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Those of you that actually went to the AFA this year will have seen that TJ was involved in many of the more exciting races this season.
  8. Potman

    King's Lynn v Belle Vue 22/8/19

    Some great races tonight, particularly when TJ and Dan Bewley were involved. Tractor racing down to minimum. Stars only pulled away in the second half, very close first 8 heats. Good night and all over by half nine ish.
  9. Surprised it was an issue with Cookie then.
  10. Looking at the picture posted of Hans all of the advertising seems to be white lettering, or do I see it wrong?
  11. Potman

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Panthers let Cookie go, could not agree contract. Who next for the Panthers? Niels?
  12. Potman

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Good shout statto.
  13. Potman

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Both PUK and Tungate were inconsistent last year, agree Tungate seems to have found good form in Aussie, so maybe would be the better of the two at AFA this year. Hopefully would make us stronger away from home. Although seems more likely that he will be a Pussy Cat.

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