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  1. Here's a video of Worrall's brilliant ride in Heat 13 (not my video) https://twitter.com/PirateCast/status/1007377685411237889/video/1
  2. Looks like we will do http://www.poolepirates.co/news/2018-06-11_tough-finals-night-for-richie.html
  3. I noticed that last year after they performed some work on it mid season. We started to lose more races.
  4. daz9100

    Poole 2018

    Now confirmed that Chris won't be back with Poole this season, direct from him.
  5. daz9100

    Poole 2018

    He's certainly doing well this evening so far (apart from the crash)
  6. daz9100

    Poole v Leicester Prem A. 30/5/18

    Really? Have you not seen him around Wimborne Road this year? His last 2 scores have been 12 & 9
  7. daz9100

    Poole v Leicester Prem A. 30/5/18

    It was raining hard at 6am but certainly nothing since 8am.
  8. daz9100

    Poole v Wolves Premiership A. 23/5/18

    Josh Auty drafted in for next week http://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/sport/16248126.Pirates_draft_in_Auty_after_Nielsen_suffers_leg_break/
  9. daz9100

    Poole 2018

    RE: Ross Bennett I'd like to clarify MFF is definitely not Ross. I'm a good friend of Ross's dad and hence know Ross well. For a start he does attend at Wimborne Road, when he can. I know what is real identity on here is. Yes, he's a enthusiastic young Pirates fan. If anyone wants to discuss it with me, come and see me tomorrow night, I'll be in the turn 1 end of the grandstand about 3 rows up and will be wearing a grey Pirates cap. I don't usually post on here due to a lot of the petty bickering that goes on but I do feel the need to defend Ross and his privacy.
  10. Nah, forecast for Poole still poor for the morning.

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