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  1. Cerro

    Betting in 2018

    Berge +1 vs Franc looks decent?
  2. To be fair its probably all that he knows.
  3. I notice we’ve just received an update on Twitter stating the meeting is still on as of 10.40am.
  4. Monsoon Esque rain right now, I’ll be shocked if this is on.
  5. Cerro

    Glasgow 2018

    Vissing 6.80 conformed.
  6. Cerro

    Glasgow 2018

    8.80 left for the last 2 then, Vissing 6.80 & a 2.00 rider?
  7. Cerro

    Official Teams 2018

    Paul Starke to Glasgow (6.63)
  8. Cerro

    Glasgow 2018

    Stewart Dickson did say on a podcast that two riders contacted the club directly, these riders being "further down south than what Glasgow normally go for".
  9. Cerro

    Glasgow 2018

    Probably wont fit if the rumoured 5 are already signed but what average would Rene Bach come in on?
  10. Cerro

    Glasgow 2018

    Lewis Kerr confirmed.
  11. I see he fell in his last ride, easy excuse to get Sarj back in then.
  12. Cerro

    Glasgow 2018

    I'd be shocked if Sarjeant isn't back at Glasgow next year.
  13. Just arrived and its literally empty. Without doubt the lowest attendance I've seen since the stadium got renovated
  14. Cerro

    Workington V Glasgow 23/9/17

    Harsh? A decent enough point? You've just agreed that the replacements are considerably weaker yet Mr Jenga has said we aren't really weakened at all but you claim he's made a decent point, baffling. It's just a typical bait post from him, have a look through what he comes away with and you'll see many examples. Best ignored like I said.

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