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  1. Firstly can i say a huge congratulations to Leicester on their win, better team over the 2 legs and deserved their victory. Far too many last places over the 2 legs for us and ultimately it cost us. With all the early exclusions tonight I never felt like we ever built up any momentum, barely gated in a heat advantage position all night. Might of got a bit of luck in ht 6 with the Douglas exclusion, I felt that could of went either way. Heat 13 masterclass from Cook, not that we would expect any less but still simply sublime. Onto the final blow in heat 14 and what a ride from young Ellis Perks. To clinch the league in that manner, as much as it hurts us Tigers fans you can't help but doff your cap to the young man for a ride like that, absolutely fair play. Also would like to say what a show of sportsmanship from Lawlor to get the bike off the track when the Tigers were on a 5-1, really wouldn't of blamed him at all if he had stayed down to force a re run, that was a touch of class. I dunno what happened at the weekend between him and the fans down at Leicester but again I have to hold my hands up and say fair play to him for that. Looking back and noted that we gained +12 points in heat 13 & 15 over the two legs but still it wasn't enough. So if that doesn't tell you that the best 'team' won then I don't know what will. Once again congratulations Leicester and enjoy your night!
  2. Won’t be long until the usual suspects come along suggesting we called it off on purpose so the 2nd leg would be at Ashfield
  3. They are absolutely fair not disputing that.
  4. Its not like speedway to make anything easy is it
  5. Great win for the boys tonight, not often you get an away win when your reserves don't beat a single opponent.. On another note, whats the script regarding the best 2nd place team advancing to the semi finals in the CS.. Obviously the teams in the Southern group are at a disadvantage since they have 2 less meetings compared to the other groups.. So how is it calcuated?
  6. Cerro

    Betting in 2018

    Berge +1 vs Franc looks decent?
  7. To be fair its probably all that he knows.
  8. I notice we’ve just received an update on Twitter stating the meeting is still on as of 10.40am.
  9. Monsoon Esque rain right now, I’ll be shocked if this is on.
  10. Cerro

    Glasgow 2018

    Vissing 6.80 conformed.
  11. Cerro

    Glasgow 2018

    8.80 left for the last 2 then, Vissing 6.80 & a 2.00 rider?

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