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  1. ShrewsburyWolf

    Swedish Elitserien week 3 Tue/Thur 21st/23rd May

    Are Masarna using r/r again for Loktaev?
  2. ShrewsburyWolf

    Beat the bookie GP prize competition 2019

    Vaculik £200 More. With Spread Stetcher please.
  3. ShrewsburyWolf

    Swedish Elitserien week 3 Tue/Thur 21st/23rd May

    Cheers mate. Is it the same rules as over here?as in all with a lower average plus the one directly above? How often do the averages change over there? Looking forward to it getting underway.
  4. ShrewsburyWolf

    Swedish Elitserien week 3 Tue/Thur 21st/23rd May

    Who can take there Rides?
  5. ShrewsburyWolf

    Betting in 2019

    NBJ +2 looks like bet of the season so far
  6. ShrewsburyWolf

    Peterborough v Belle Vue PSC - Mon 1st April

    Decent reserve pairing for Peterborough could well be the difference here. What are the rules in this comp this year surrounding tactical subs? Is this in place ?
  7. ShrewsburyWolf

    Betting in 2018

    Ellis under 8, Morris +2 vs Ellis and Howarth -1 vs Jacobsen ( took this earlier at 1.83, value gone now it's down to 1.57)
  8. ShrewsburyWolf

    Betting in 2018

    Vaculik over 7, Emil under 7 and Huckenback over 5 are mine for tor this evening.
  9. ShrewsburyWolf

    Betting in 2018

    Ivacic under 2 tonight for me and Pedersen to beat Emil
  10. ShrewsburyWolf

    Betting in 2018

    drabik over hampel looks good to me. also like milik over pawlicki
  11. ShrewsburyWolf

    Betting in 2018

    Doyle taken most ht15s even when match been decided so I'm happy to risk that.
  12. ShrewsburyWolf

    Betting in 2018

    Doyle over 11 for me. Looks pretty safe given his home form. Tempted by Grazjonek over 7
  13. I thought it was a decent meeting and they got through it fairly speedily. Vaculik done his chances of a wildcard next year no harm at all. Doyle nailed on for one I'd say. If Vaculik continues in his recent form he would have a big claim to one. Would Pedersen or Hancock come close?well probably! Zagar i feel absolutely needs a top 8. Love to see Madsen get one.
  14. Bit late into the season,but what are the rules in Poland regarding tactical substitutions? Presume it's when a certain number of points behind but can be used more than once? Including heats 14/15?

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