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  1. Anyone know if any of these events will be available on internet. ? We have very capable Aussies in each of the rounds.
  2. Drabik and Lambert are both in qualifiers, and Smektala is OK age wise.
  3. Anyone aware of why Smektala is missing from the qualifiers ?
  4. Getting female commentators out of a (man's) sport (trackside as well) that they have no competitive experience in would be a real good start. There are enough good ex riders about whose knowledge and experience give them an insight to track conditions and racing that could enable the bimbo like questions and opinions to be replaced with intelligent comment.
  5. And if they do so, how would that pan out for riders? given that the major prize is based on progressive points. Those added to the rider list would be unlikely to feature in the thick end of prize money.
  6. This heat arrangement would seem to be a good way to diminish interest in the sport. Hopefully future rounds can field 16 riders and a more sensible format.
  7. And I got out of bed at 3am in Aus for this, not one of my better decisions it seems. Yes, boring, formats a shocker. Zengota seems to be dialled in to the track better than most.
  8. Read them yes, understand them, no. Too complicated for me, if they drop 4 lowest scorers from each match, who replaces them to complete the field for the next round?, doesn't make sense.
  9. Big track - 380 metres. Supposedly 500,000 Pln prize money, however much that is.
  10. teijahn

    Denmark 2018

    Any update on this young man's condition?. Wishing him all the best for a full recovery
  11. Wonder if yesterday's soaking can create some drive and make this one more than a gating competition.
  12. For sure, I don't know who put the ROW side together or what the selection basis was but without the likes of Woffy, Lindgren, Hancock & Doyle it's hardly a genuine rep team.
  13. I expected this would be a walkover for the Poles but other than Janowski and Woryna they seem to be below their best.
  14. teijahn

    Denmark 2018

    Can anyone provide a link to sites that may show the lower Danish leagues results and teams, several young Aussies compete whose form I'd like to follow.
  15. Anyone know the facts as to why Troy Batchelor was not selected in the Aussie team. On form should have been second choice behind Doyley in the original team.
  16. Interesting to see how this goes, for mine there's 8-9 riders could win this if at their best but inconsistency is a big issue for many of them. Hopefully the track has more to offer than a gating competition and is prepared so as to allow genuine racing. I'll opt on this track for Milik, Smolinski, Kasprazak, but very hard to call. A shame in my view that Madsen and Jepsen Jepsen are missing.
  17. Anyone know why Aus has only 2 slots, I had expected to see Zaine Kennedy & Jordy Stewart in this as 3rd & 4th in Aus U21 C'Ship
  18. A thank you to those who have posted details re the GP Qual meetings. Any insight anyone on live meeting updates, or better still online television/video of these meets?
  19. teijahn

    Sgp Wildcards 2018

    Outrageous decision by WC selectors. So much for the concept of this being a competition for the worlds best riders, clearly factors other than riders form have prevailed here. Milik, in particular with a 3GP ave of 10 and Lebedevs have showed they are highly competitive against the worlds best both miss out while riders who proved this year that they aren't get the nod. Such a shame that this brilliant sport is so often undermined by a 'cowboy' mentality at administrative/management levels.
  20. teijahn

    Sgp Wildcards 2018

    Hoping the suggested picks is a rumour only, disgraceful if true. Why would parties who aren't in the selection process know what's going on prior to it happening? 1. Hancock 2. A Dane - MJJ for mine 3. SGP #9 Vaculik 4. Milik Reserves when announced, 1. Lebedevs 2. Thorsell 3. Fricke or a Dane
  21. teijahn

    Sgp Wildcards 2018

    My tips Assuming that Freddie won't require a pick, if he does he'll replace my #4 below Noting that Holder, Iverson, Kildeman, and Lindback have all averaged in 2017 less than it usually takes to qualify for the Semis - so too Hancock, but he's likely to get cut more slack than the others. Milik has from 3 GP's averaged 10.33 with a Finals appearance. Vaculik's GP win might give him an edge if its tight for last spot. 1. Hancock 2. A Dane - MJJ?, (or toss a coin - NKI/LM/PK/NP) 3. Milik 4. 2017 SGP #9

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