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  1. All riders fit and raring to go ,Rebels still have 2 point advantage ,not over yet in my books
  2. Ford will wish he kept jack starting from tonite, how can any team beat these rebels with so many Ausies , and all firing at the pointy end of season, silverware looking good
  3. Doubt it will happen again ?? Sense Somerset has sorted track out Allen has been class in the silverware part of season for both rebels and scorpians ,would have been more points except for bad luck with bike trouble , would have been good to see him coat cook with Somerset dirt in ht 15 , but had to settle with fricke
  4. Aces need more than just 7 riders to turn up to Somerset, rebels looking good at the right end of season,May is not just a pretty face
  5. Somerset track only comming good now, tactic ? Yep as ALL thier riders like the fast outside to inside lines,expect a big score to come from reserves again which makes it easier on the top order. This will be a close match as certain Poole riders love this too,who ever limits the last places will win this ,Somerset in box seat ,as long as covatti has sorted his game,pressure is on Poole for sure✊
  6. Rebels love a sour lemon ,business end of season ,luck has finally turned for rebels,very sharp last nite ,made stars look average,45 -50 ish
  7. Spiderman1

    Somerset v Kings Lynn Tuesday September 4th

    lambert in for a lesson off the master ,doyle ,somerset to win by at least 10
  8. Spiderman1

    Somerset vs Wolves 29/08/18

    imagine if somerset had Lawson and thier reserves allen and S R , looking good for crown if doyley stays fit and on it like he has been !
  9. lions in for a hard night, rebels by 10 plus, silverware hunting
  10. Even with the start line is where I like to view ,great to spot the rollers,hope track has some grip after the rain☝
  11. Somerset by 8 plus ,not a flogging just a controlled victory ,Poole still awaiting holder to show up and Doyle will add salt to thier wounds✊
  12. Lambert was running in new spokes
  13. Pointless going to Edinburgh with half a team when homeadvantage is sky high,coming good after a broken leg takes time (worrell far from old form of last year )Gino poor and Phillips in wrong league,Allen Auty and Garrity need a pay rise
  14. Does proctor live with Mark lemon or just best mates?

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