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  1. In form witches with quickest reserverves in league,go the witches
  2. Meaning of ‘in form’ (team riders kicking ass early in season) solid through out 1 to 7 , just missing Harris to give Doyley a hard time,Kurtz is top replacement though,In good form
  3. This will test the robins and thier new track,in form witches are in town
  4. Spiderman1

    Scunthorpe v Sheffield 19/4/19 CS

    Scorpians ready to give a team a good hiding at home and Sheffield team happen to be the victims I’m afraid,go the scorpians
  5. I agree will be a ball tester,witches by 8 plus if fricke has a go
  6. Schlien in number1 or Ipswich reserve pair ,these 2 ausies on on it,do not run Harris if injured as found the hard way at kings lynn,witches need this win do not carry passengers
  7. how much more professional did kings lynn look, to us looked like a pro team v's amature
  8. was he running in his spokes , lost his pills ,testing engines or set up, head swollen in off season and pressuring on helmet, every one else has stepped up ,running off shelf parts and engines ? robert is avoiding the press and only time will tell
  9. Spiderman1

    Ipswich 2019

    More like he hit another pot hole and gripped then bailed out
  10. Ausie young gun with balls of steel
  11. All good but auty over Nicholls at home as shown tonite
  12. Spiderman1

    2019 Predictions

    How many people would have egg on faces after tonites flogging,can only see Ipswich team leap frogging the more popular teams into playoffs as long as they stay fit, solid from 1 to 7 go the witches!
  13. Scorpians will be hard to beat at home all season ,by 10 plus
  14. Scorpians will have too much sting ,go the scorpians✊

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