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  1. Nothing is won on paper! but I’m looking forward to seeing Broc Nicol
  2. Gating tart

    Newcastle 2018

    Best thing for him and the team
  3. Well you shot me down big time but your eating your words now ! But I do hope Workington can sort there problems out
  4. I see it’s in the speedway star about Workington owing riders money Well I did tell you but you were having none of it !
  5. Lindgren can do no wrong on here people always making excuses for him it makes me laugh ! 3 points is a joke your on about lindgren average kus has a lower average but he was still beating the Scunthorpe riders with a higher average so stop talking rubbish
  6. Who said I wasn’t there ?
  7. You don’t think his performance was a let down? Are you for real
  8. But he’s not in Scunthorpe’s team ! Lindgren has cost us again just like the meeting at Peterborough
  9. Well yet again lindgren a massive let down away from home Only beating Phillips twice and Robson once what a joke !! I wonder what excuses a certain someone on here has for him this time? Ha
  10. Rene continues his good form in Poland with paid 9 in a much better league
  11. I’m glad I’m not the only one thinking this
  12. What do you expect if they aren’t getting paid ? But they are definitely protesting by not trying and all the so call bike problems
  13. Paying Rene all the money he is owed by Workington from this season should help his form

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