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  1. Carlislecomet2

    Derwent Park..update on Town RL forum

    Exactly. Someone, somewhere must have given some (retrospectively false) assurances. No doubt they are now in hiding, and Joe Public will probably never find out what has, and has not been said.
  2. Carlislecomet2

    Derwent Park..update on Town RL forum

    Shambles indeed. You would not think that a council could alienate so many people in such a short space of time - football , rugby and speedway fans alike, however they seem to have managed it. Well done! I can't wait to see what their Plan B entails, when (and where) it is going to be delivered .........and how much smaller can a new stadium be?
  3. Carlislecomet2

    Derwent Park..update on Town RL forum

    Is that with 2 r's or 2 s's? .......I guess I have just joined the club containing manse, nagy1 et al who have been Taylorj'd! 2 quotes from completely unrelated forums which I could not better: 'This was a clever way of financing something which would act as a catalyst for regeneration, community and sport generally'. 'The councillors who voted against this should hang their heads in shame. It would've been something positive for the town and crowds would've risen for both sports once it was built as most clubs throughout the land have done.'
  4. Carlislecomet2

    Derwent Park..update on Town RL forum

    Agree with all the above, and from what I understand that is exactly what the proposed stadium was aiming to deliver. As for the rugby world cup, so what if they were aiming to stage matches there - what better way of showcasing a brand spanking new facility and at the same time showing that this part West Cumbria means business and is determined to move with the times. This will be a huge opportunity missed, and one that probably wont happen again. As for the speedway, the public had their opportunity last year to show what interest was still out there for the sport by turning up and supporting the best and most successful team in its history. Unfortunately only around 450 or so of us could be a**ed to do so. Who knows, if 1000+ had come through the gate maybe things could have been so different!
  5. Carlislecomet2

    Derwent Park..update on Town RL forum

    I thought that was the point......they are both broke, and both need fixing.............................
  6. Carlislecomet2

    Derwent Park..update on Town RL forum

    Yes lets give the 2 s***holes a lick of paint each, and Bobs your uncle this part of West Cumbria can remain steadfastly in the 19th Century. Why would Workington want or need a state of the art multi function community stadium making use of historically low interest rates and interested prospective partners, when they already have the delights of BP and DP............ Absolutely pathetic, backward thinking idiots, and that is not just aimed at the lily livered excuse for councillors who have voted this down.
  7. Carlislecomet2

    Derwent Park..update on Town RL forum

    And I would by lying if I said I understand why you keep appearing on this thread. I for instance have no interest in the Glasgow 2019 thread, and find it very easy to ignore.
  8. Carlislecomet2

    Derwent Park..update on Town RL forum

    So are you saying that you cant tell the difference between Workington and Whitehaven...............................................................?
  9. Carlislecomet2

    Derwent Park..update on Town RL forum

    Exactly, and with interest rates at a historical low now is the time for the council to get a developer/NHS/Sellafield et al on board, put politics to one side, and just get on with it. Regarding Northside, it is really a chicken and egg situation - we need both a promoter/ and we need some help from Allerdale (who you would like to think feel they owe speedway something). To my mind developing Northside solely for speedway, would mean we are in charge of our own destiny ie no dodgy lease/rental/gentleman's agreement type thing. It is a far better proposition than trying to squeeze a track around a full sized football/rugby pitch which never really works. Just ask Jenga which stadium has/had the best atmosphere for watching his mighty Hammers - The Boleyn or the London Stadium. Now, where is that elusive, speedway loving multi millionaire when you need them? THJ.....Get that ticket bought!
  10. Carlislecomet2

    Derwent Park..update on Town RL forum

    I presume your comments are very much tongue in cheek. The question is, do all concerned carry on pumping money into decaying facilities well past their sell by dates, or do they want a state of the art facility fit to help drag this part of West Cumbria into the 21st century. Maybe part of the reason for the dwindling attendances is the state of the present facilities. Imagine also the impression prospective signings get when they turn up at DP or BP for the first time!
  11. Carlislecomet2

    Derwent Park..update on Town RL forum

    I am not sure what you expect the rugby club to do, they are quite rightly looking after themselves and who can blame them. The ground is a s***hole (and yes it was until last year, partly our s***hole). But there is no speedway club, it is no more, ceased to be, expired gone to meet it's maker AN EX-SPEEDWAY CLUB....... As Derwent says the pair of surviving clubs have to do what is best for them, and that obviously involved widening and relaying the playing surface. Also you have to have a bit of sympathy with them, as no-one seems to know what is going to happen regarding the stadium development. Hopefully it will go ahead....but who knows.....there's politicians involved!!!!
  12. Carlislecomet2

    Derwent Park..update on Town RL forum

    I may be naïve but I don't believe anyone is out to shaft anyone. Allerdale need to be commended for their ambition and creativity in putting together a plan and a sensible looking funding package by utilising historically low interest rates, to replace 2 decrepit 'stadiums' which are not fit for purpose with a state of the art stadium which will raise the profile of the area and hopefully encourage further development. You never know (with SS's rose tinted glasses on) it maybe even encourage someone to come in to develop Northside at some stage, hopefully with some help from Allerdale who you would think would feel that they owe us a little something. As regards what is presently happening at DP, it is really for the rugby club to decide as it is their stadium so I don't see the point of bleating about the shale and fence boards being removed. Harsh I know, but what do you expect them to do? I just hope that the stadium plans go ahead and are not used as a political football and kicked into the long grass. The new facilities would give this part of West Cumbria a huge lift and benefit the community. It would then of course be up to the community to support it!
  13. Carlislecomet2

    Derwent Park..update on Town RL forum

    Aye, he was as mad as a box of frogs but we had some good times whilst he was in charge, and it was certainly never dull. The exact opposite of what we have at present, with the 3 stooges. Even the demise of the Comets will not get me back to Brunton Park for my live sporting fix.
  14. Carlislecomet2

    Derwent Park..update on Town RL forum

    Well, by SS and J poking away with a rather sharp stick in his general direction THJ has put together a coherent, honest, and fairly concise (for him) explanation as to why we no longer have speedway at DP. I don't really believe we needed it to be 'honest', but thank you THJ anyway. All that was needed was to do a head count (and you could do it between heats) of the number of patrons who frequented last year (our most successful season ever) to watch a sport that all those that were there love but one which everyone knows is dying on its a**e in this country. Sad, but inevitable unfortunately, with or without the new stadium plans. PS To any North Cumbrian, speedway loving multi -millionaire, there's plenty of room at the Enterprise Zone at Kingmoor Park, here in Carlisle. Cumbria's premier business park. Just saying like.
  15. Carlislecomet2

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Whether ESP was required or not EVERYONE (including Joe) knew Kyle would end up at Glasgow sooner rather than later. The alleged misdemeanour(s) from Joe have only accelerated that process. Anyway good luck to Glasgow and the Comet exiles for the season, and in fact to all speedway fans who still have a team to support. Enjoy it while you can. A jealous Comet fan.

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