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  1. Carlislecomet2

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Whether ESP was required or not EVERYONE (including Joe) knew Kyle would end up at Glasgow sooner rather than later. The alleged misdemeanour(s) from Joe have only accelerated that process. Anyway good luck to Glasgow and the Comet exiles for the season, and in fact to all speedway fans who still have a team to support. Enjoy it while you can. A jealous Comet fan.
  2. Carlislecomet2

    Workington 2019

    Yes it is sad but what was Laura meant to do? Think positively and put a competitive team together for 2019 in the hope additional sponsors came forward as she was presumably led to believe they would or think negatively, wait for all the top riders to be signed up and if the additional sponsorship came through then try to put a complete team of NL riders together? If the latter had happened the sponsors would not be happy, the crowds would have dropped off even more and we may have had to pull the plug mid season. THJ has already stated that last years debts were manageable and will be sorted. I believe that Laura has gone about things in the right way, and after the sacrifices she has made over the past 6 years to keep speedway alive in Workington does not warrant any criticism whatsoever. No doubt there will be some supporters up and down the country complaining that they have paid for their season tickets and been misled out of a couple of meetings, however those people should just feel grateful that they are going to see some speedway this year, unlike those at Rye, Lakeside and Workington. As for the riders, yes it is unfortunate for them however hopefully they will get fixed up elsewhere even if some may have to wait a month or so. I cant for instance see Steve Worrall, Kyle Bickey or BWD being out of work for long, though granted they will be taking someone else's place! To speedway fans elsewhere, please make the most of what you still have.
  3. Carlislecomet2

    Workington 2019

    Absolutely devastated with this news though I guess not totally surprised, it was obvious that more people were required through the gate to make it viable. There are so many reasons why we have ended up where are now, some which are endemic throughout the sport in this country (the main one being costs/riders wages outweighing income), and some which are specific to the Comets (uncertainty regarding the future of the stadium). It is a shame that last years success did not lead to a significant improvement in attendances and a stampede of sponsors beating down Laura's door, but we are where we are and it is a sad fact that the younger generations seem more interested in watching Sky/BT sport from the comfort of their armchairs/favourite bar than watching it live. It is somewhat ironic that the costs of the proposed new stadium have increased due to it now accommodating a lot of Sellafield staff, the biggest employer in the region, making the largest profits and who could probably find £50k/£100k under the cushions of their swanky leather settees. Unfortunately due to our particular circumstances relating to the stadium I fear this could be the end for speedway in Workington, though I hope I am wrong. As well as all the remaining loyal supporters my thoughts obviously also go out to the riders who hopefully can get fixed up elsewhere, however that will obviously result in others losing out. A sad day indeed.
  4. Carlislecomet2

    Play off contenders

    I think Somerset Blue has summed things up pretty well. I'll go for: Leicester, Sheffield, Redcar, Edinburgh. There are a lot of even looking teams and it will be interesting to see how the likes of Glasgow perform with a big hitter at No1 as opposed to those that have gone for a more even top 5. Should make for an exciting season and I for one cant wait.
  5. Carlislecomet2

    Workington 2019

    Merry Christmas to Comets fans everywhere. A Happy speedway New Year too - it will be difficult to top last year, but I am sure our new septet will give it their best shot.
  6. Carlislecomet2

    REDCAR 2019

    That certainly looks like one of (if not the) team to beat next year. Well done to your management and good luck.
  7. Carlislecomet2

    Glasgow 2020

    Oh dear, another weegie numpty - quadruplets!
  8. Carlislecomet2

    Workington 2019

    A good, well balanced team again in my opinion. Steve was on top of his game before his injury and will hopefully get back there as his confidence improves, Tero is a real trier who could easily continue to improve again this year, BWD performed really well for us at the start of last season when standing in for Mason scoring good points home and away, Mason had a terrific season last year and had to be back after showing his commitment to the cause, Simon can score big points particularly on the bigger tracks, Kyle will continue to improve and should be one of the better 2 pointers this year, and Josh who I admit I don't know anything about, but that is in itself is exciting and I look forward to see how he goes around DP - the fact he is good pals with Mason should help him settle. As last season, we wont be one of the more fancied teams, but hey, bring it on, and see where it takes us.
  9. Carlislecomet2

    Workington 2019

    I understood that Jake Allen was a Somerset asset. Are you saying he was offered a deal by a third party by any chance. I presume his parent club would have the first option to secure his services, presumably they didn't want him or couldn't fit him in. Pardon my ignorance on such matters but could someone be so kind as to explain how the asset system works in speedway as it has never made any sense to me. I would have thought that it be better that speedway riders be classed as self employed (presumably most are and negotiate new contracts each year), or had central contracts with say the BSPA. Congratulations for securing his services for 2019 by the way, as he was one of the best riders I saw last season. Hopefully you will have an injury free year this time round.
  10. Carlislecomet2

    Workington 2019

    If it makes you feel better, so am I. There are ways and means of doing business - but I guess it takes 2 to tango and Rasmus could have said no. Anyway, good luck next season.
  11. Carlislecomet2

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    No hatred from me and I don't believe there are many, if any, who want to see any club go out of business. You are in the enviable position of having people with lots of money behind your team, and your owners and sponsors can spend their cash as they see fit. Particularly as it is unlikely that speedway have the equivalent of football's Financial Fair Play rules, which are currently being used to scrutinise the accounts of the Glasgow Tigers of football. Unfortunately this and our thread has taken on some of the traits of the Brexit debates, reams and reams of utter tosh interspersed with the odd comment which may be factually correct. Good luck to you I say, you probably have the best facilities in the Championship and will probably also be watching the best rider in the Championship again this year. Best team? We will just have to wait and see.
  12. Carlislecomet2

    Workington 2019

    I agree Marksman, I know we haven't completed our team yet, but I think we, along with Sheffield look as if we may have a slight advantage at reserve. Assuming Cookie goes back to Glasgow I am confident we are going to have a better balanced team than both them and Somerset. Sheffield look the side to beat so far but there is still a lot of team building to take place yet.
  13. Carlislecomet2

    Workington 2019

    Another good signing who is usually very quick from the tapes and will hopefully do what Nicolai did for us last season. Understandably he looked a little tentative into turns 1 and 2 and wasn't attacking the track as much last year after his nasty injury, however I am sure he will get back to where he was. Congratulations to the promotion for acquiring his signature and it looks like we are going to have a competitive team to watch again this year. Hopefully we will also acquire a few more through the turnstiles too. Tero next?
  14. Carlislecomet2

    Workington 2019

    I'm pretty chilled at the moment. Of the teams that have already been put together Sheffield look solid especially if Kemp progresses as everyone expects him to, but they looked strong on paper last year. Scunthorpe also look ok but there will be a bit of pressure on their new Aussies to hit the ground running - I just hope they steer clear of injuries this year, as they would have done very well last year without them - I half expected their last signing to be Joanna Lumley what with their obsession with the letter J, now that would have been absolutely fabulous . With Somerset a lot will depend upon whether Chris Harris can be a**ed or not and I was surprised Jake Allen is not in their line up considering he is their asset. The rest of us I guess will have to be a little patient to wait to see who Glasgow don't want or cant fit in.
  15. Carlislecomet2

    Workington 2019

    Steve Worrall 8.17 (less 2.5%) 7.97 Campton 6.32 Bewley 6.79 (less 2.5%) 6.62 BWD 6.0 Aarnio 6.83 (personally would prefer Jensen on 6.59) Thomas 2.24 Bickley 2.0 37.98 Please excuse maffs (sic) and potential reductions which may be wrong. Could also consider Simon Lambert @4.19 with reduction and Tom Bacon @4.55 with reduction in place of Thomas and one of Bewley/Aarnio/Jensen, though that would give us rather a long tail. There, I think I have covered most options and most riders. I'll get my coat.

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