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  1. Bristol Speedway Memories

    Who remembers the events held during the break between first and second halves of racing? There was the 'longest wheelie' contest, and the 'fastest flying lap'. I also remember Neil Farnish going round on his grass track bike during the interval. If I remember correctly Steve the heave held the record for the leg trail wheelie contest. There was also the 'lucky ticket holder' who had the chance to go in the pits, meet the team and get all the 'bulldog merchandise' too. Star Wars theme before each race and 10,000 renditions of 'Baker Street' by Gerry Rafferty. The sun setting over 'Tote End' the smell of castol R' and hamburgers. The mandatory face full of shale, God those were the days. Who also remembers Steve Greshams antics at Eastville? Namely with John Davis and Michael Lee?
  2. Club Owned Speedway Sealed Engines...

    This would be exactly what happens! There would be chaos in the pits. Top riders will walk out if issued 'a bad engine'. A low points earner could end up with a good one. It would be a lucky dip and the top boys would not tolerate this. Top riders will not jeopardise their ability to win races. It would cause divisions and kill the sport IMHO.
  3. Club Owned Speedway Sealed Engines...

    One other issue is the fact that no two engines are the same. Two identical off the shelf engines could be as much as 4 or 5 horsepower difference, giving a rider an advantage over a team mate. In theory all engines would need dyno testing before each meeting and something done to bring all to the same standard. Different engines may wear at different rates and in different parts. Keeping a 'level playing field' would be a nightmare.
  4. Bristol Speedway Memories

    Tell me about it!
  5. Bristol Bulldogs

    My apologies, that's the bloke! I thought it was Thatcher in at the time,lol. The bloke was a Burke whichever party was in. As I remember he was presented with the council's banning request and he granted it immediately with out reading the counter petition from the fans and the letter Clark Osborne from BSG had sent him. Newport fell foul to money making. You're correct there Ken. Bristol had a rubbish track, rubbish stadium. But A WHOLE LOT of fans and as Brucie would say "what do fans make?.... MONEY"
  6. Bristol Bulldogs

    Back in 77 the Bulldogs promoters and Bristol Stadium Limited just put two ofingers up to the council and said 'We're having speedway, lump it or like it'. This went on for two years. The council couldn't legally stop it. The stadium company (as a sports venue) had within its operations contract a clause which basically stated 'it could hold within reason any sport which the facilities were able, safely and adequately cater for'. Or words to that effect. The council eventually got the conservative environment secretary Peter Shaw to shut it down on noise grounds. Bristol Council are anti sport.
  7. Bristol Bulldogs

    What happened to Andy Hewlett and his attempts? Did he step down?
  8. Bristol Speedway Memories

    Pop down to Oak tree and you'll see the Bulldog program boards, badges and the occasional scarf (partially hidden of course) lol
  9. Bristol Speedway Memories

    Bristol recorded huge numbers for league matches. Well over 10,000 for the open select match in April '77.Some sources quote 14,000. I can't remember a home match with an attendance less than 8,000.Speedway is/was bigger to Bristolians than it is to the Polish!
  10. Bristol Speedway Memories

    We need this project kicking off ASAP, while the poker is still hot. The Bristol faithful are getting older and 40yrs is too long a gap. Fingers AND toes crossed!
  11. Steve Gresham

    Scott was living in a house on the outskirts of Poole when riding for Exeter. Steve was living just off the M4 near Bristol in a cottage, apparently he had a visit from the police after complaints of black choking smoke after he set light to his worn bike tyres. If you want to find out more about Steve, see John, the machine examiner down at Oak tree arena, he knew Steve well. If you want to find out more about Steve, see John, the machine examiner down at Oak tree arena, he knew Steve well. If you want to find out more about Steve, see John, the machine examiner down at Oak tree arena, he knew Steve well. If you want to find out more about Steve, see John, the machine examiner down at Oak tree arena, he knew Steve well. If you want to find out more about Steve, see John, the machine examiner down at Oak tree arena, he knew Steve well.
  12. Steve Gresham

    Steve and Scott came to Britain together at the same time. You would think they were total opposites, Scott...the humble quiet polite guy, Steve...the arrogant, loud aggressive guy. But Steve off of the track was actually very quiet, polite and well mannered.Competition brought out the worst in him, I saw it first hand!
  13. Weslake

    Great engines, icons of speedway
  14. Hall Green Update

    Sad news indeed
  15. Bristol Speedway Memories

    I would presume a fair few. I would think Somerset would loose half its fan Base as many Bulldog fans adopted the Rebels as temporary replacements.
  16. Bristol Bulldogs

    I would hope a little higher than the SDL!
  17. Steve Gresham

    I was chatting to Malc at Oaktree Arena back in 1999/2000 about Steve Gresham. He told me some stories about him and I was in stitches! He said he was the scariest rider he ever met, he said SG had no regard for safety nor did he look after his fellow team rider on track. If you got in his way you were gonna get knocked off whether you were on his side or the opposition. Mad Wellie was still quite annoyed at the fact that he lent Gresham a spare back wheel and tyre and he never gave it back - well he couldn't not really... He went back to the US the following week and took it with him.
  18. Bristol Speedway Memories

    Very true, the track surface at Eastville was appealing. I remember the comeback meeting there. All the top names were there. Unfortunately the meeting was almost a cancelled that night when a handful of the riders refused to ride on it.
  19. Bristol Bulldogs

    This is great news for the city, sport and fans. I wish you the best of luck. Please keep us all updated!
  20. Prospective Bristol Speedway Promoter

    This has to be a step forward! Andy H and Steve C have been trying for years. I wish him all the best and it all happens ASAP. Well done to all and fingers crossed