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  1. Tactical Joker

    Torun 2019..

    Thanks for mentioning this, wouldn’t have known otherwise. So along we went and enjoyed some close racing with lots of passing. A couple of withdrawals during the meeting meant some races were run with three riders as there were no reserves, but overall well worth the visit. Jaimon Lidsey won the meeting with 14 points from 5 rides, beaten only by Andreas Lyger who eventually finished third following a run off with Dimitri Bergé after they finished tied on 13. Meanwhile back at Toruń the racing again was excellent. Leon Madsen’s performance was top drawer and beyond, but of course overshadowed by Bartoz Zmarzlik winning the whole shooting match. Madsen next year will take some stopping if he returns fit and remains injury free. Congratulations to Zmarzlik though who Is a worthy champion. Would like to see Sayfutdinov or Madsen win next year, and see Woffinden back to his best. As for the Greg Hancock debate, to deny him a wild card after all he has put into the sport would have been a travesty in my humble opinion. I get the young blood argument, but I’m just a sentimentalist that enjoys watching experience.
  2. Just don’t get it. 10 points up why would two riders be so poor both in riding and it would appear attitude. Josh is a true gentleman. Nikolai, never heard speak him before but an excellent interview and Nico gives 100%, those three kept Poole from bigger embarrassment and are three riders I’d watch anywhere. As for Ipswich, what a roller coaster. Typical to produce that on night I couldn’t be there but congratulations to everyone involved and to the supporters who deserve some enjoyment, whatever the result in the final turns out to be.
  3. Tactical Joker

    Poole v Ipswich Play Off Semi 1st leg. 23/9/19

    Worse than shocking. Not much more to add. Good job it rained at the start. Will need all 7 riders on top form to turn this around for Ipswich now.
  4. Tactical Joker

    Cardiff 2019 Saturday September 21st

    With regard to expensive accommodation, a big hats off to the organisers for the 17.00 (ish) start which allows train travellers to get back as far as London and Manchester (and Norwich, although didnt see Jason Doyle on the train!). Yes of course Cardiff must continue and £50 for any event of that duration for the pinnacle of the sport is the going rate.
  5. Tactical Joker

    Cardiff 2019 Saturday September 21st

    Snag is that THE occasion of the season is now Warsaw. Of course money talks, no use pushing the cause for Manchester if the sums don’t add up. What would be the maximum capacity with temporary stands? And then the catering, that would have to up its game considerably too.
  6. Tactical Joker

    Cardiff 2019 Saturday September 21st

    Sadly there was indeed little to get excited about. Some close racing but overtaking at a premium. The light show before the racing seemed to go on and on and the riders were invisible during the introductions. Have to agree the hype surrounding this event has overtaken reality. Warsaw is by far the best event on the calendar now for atmosphere, but speedway should be on proper tracks in the fresh air.
  7. Off to Krakow tomorrow but Rybnik v Tarnow just looks doable if the train is on time. Haven't worked out how to get a ticket off the website yet or whether I can just pay on the day. This was never intended as a speedway trip but other things got cancelled so salvaging something from being in Poland with time to kill!
  8. Watching it live from the second bend (Gorzow is a long way from Ipswich) Madsen had to do something desperate as Gorzow looked likely for a 5-1. Seemed a fair exclusion to me. Made no odds in the end as the re-run was 5-1 too. Despite the booing at the time, Madsen did well to hold his hand up, apologise, and therefore presumably got out alive. Move of the night was in heat 8 where Przedpelski (gate 1) took Zmarzlik (gate 2) wide from the start to allow Madsen to cut back from gate 3. Classic team riding to inflict the only defeat on Zmarzlik all night, who ended with a deserved 17 points.
  9. Thoroughly deserved victory for Lindgren in front of his home fans. Another very enjoyable GP, stoping Madsen will take some doing though.
  10. Tactical Joker

    Wroclaw GP 2019

    What was also amazing was how quickly the tickets sold out in the first place. We’d have been there too if we had realised how quick you had to be off the mark. So watching it on TV was second best but what a meeting. Can only guess at the atmosphere with a Polish winner. Luckily the Polish anthem is quite a good tune.
  11. Tactical Joker

    Ipswich Vs Kings Lynn Thursday 20th June

    Quite agree. Not a rider I knew a lot about previously, but he spoke very well after the last ever meeting at Lakeside last season. Keep it going
  12. Tactical Joker

    Ipswich Vs Kings Lynn Thursday 20th June

    Was thinking a 5-1 in heat 14 would be helpful but didn’t really expect it with Kerr going so well. Lawson getting the better of Lambert R in heat 13 though was my highlight otherwise it would have been 39 - 39 at that stage. Only three last places out of 15 emphasises the team ethic the Witches have at the moment. Another great contribution from Heeps, despite his arm aching from carrying a heavy collection bucket for the benefit fund. Hope the collection went well.
  13. Now back in Blighty after an excellent weekend. Yes it is all about being there seeing and hearing it live, you can be close to the action if you chose the right seats, although one of our party won't wear a white shirt next time . Will watch a recording later this week to see how TV compares but Warsaw and Prague are a must for the total package they offer. As for a Manchester and Cardiff GP, providing they are at opposite ends of the season it could be worth a go if the costs are not prohibitive. Easier to get to than the middle of a Swedish forest.
  14. Well done to Phil Morris and everyone else involved in getting the meeting done in two hours or so with the weather threat, that fortunately never really materialised (and for allowing us more drinking time afterwards). Madsen has to be taken seriously as a potential champion although there's a long way to go, but congratulations to Kolodziej for grabbing the win.
  15. Or just get the tube back. No queues there. A few decent heats watching it live but not a classic. A few drops of rain now felt but nothing really.......yet.

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