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  1. Tactical Joker

    CARDIFF to be or not to be?

    Long while since I went to speedway at West Ham but if it were to be logistically possible the London Stadium gets my vote over Cardiff.
  2. Perhaps I see the header for this thread has been amended to confirm 16.00 start. Not sure why the start time has to be such a cryptic message on the tickets in the first place but taking it all at face value we would have been standing outside for the first hour
  3. I received an email that simply said there was no need to do anything. I’ve printed off new tickets as suggested to play safe but hopefully there would be no problems if someone turned up using tickets with the original 2020 date on them. The new tickets say Doors:5:00PM | Engines 4:00PM , yet https://www.speedwaygp.com/son/event/Manchester says the event starts 16.00, so I assume there is a misprint on the tickets.
  4. Indeed they have, but to be fair they do have the commentary to concentrate on too. I’m slowly getting to grips with the points system but it takes some getting used to. At least that answers the anthem question, shame as the Russian one is one of the best. Well done Laguta.
  5. Me too, never mind the racing, it's just a great trip. However the BBC weather forecast for Saturday looks unpromising at this stage In fact tonight's has got worse since this morning too.
  6. Tactical Joker

    Witches v Stars 3rd June

    Well done Lynn, kept hanging on in there. Been impressed with Richard Lawson ever since hearing him speak so well at the last ever Lakeside meeting, although handing him the opportunity for a tactical substitute ride in heat 14 probably helped tonight. Andres Rowe certainly saved it being worse.
  7. Tactical Joker

    SON 2020

    Can’t think who you are referring to At least if the whole event is rained off no one has to take that trophy home.
  8. Good point about an indoor track being capable of lasting 46 heats. Safety obviously has to be the most important consideration. But an indoor track does take the weather out of the equation. A whole weekend rained off wouldn’t be good. Like the idea of choosing two adjacent venues too, but how many other pairings are practical, especially outside Poland. Hopefully travel restrictions will be over for next season, really missed the European trips this year.
  9. Assuming a Covid free season, and all the effort it takes to create an indoor track, back to back there would make sense if it generates the income. And Scott said that as I was typing
  10. Decided to cancel earlier this week too so backed the right horse for once. Somehow feel the result may be a foregone conclusion for some reason but hope it runs close and Saturday still has something riding on it.
  11. There’s a virus about, otherwise the crowd would have been bigger by at least one. Prague is on both the UK and German quarantine list which stopped me going.
  12. Glad you think that too. That’s what I had on my Mk1 excel spreadsheet. Wonder when they will realise. Two nights of thoroughly enjoyable Speedway with the right winners each night.
  13. According to my score chart, with apologies for any errors in advance, the differences between the two different scoring systems were: Lindgren +6, Woffinden +2, Zagar +2, Janowski +1, Chugunov +1, Doyle +1 Vaculik -2, Madsen -1, Sayfutdinov -1, Michelsen -1 The rest get the same under either system. Didn’t even try to work out positions 5 to 13, just took them off the GP website. Certainly gives you some homework to do after the meeting. Another vote for the old system. Laguta thoroughly deserved that, good to see a new winner.
  14. Tactical Joker

    Rest of the GP series

    Thanks R & R for taking the time to post that. Hopefully it is easier to administer on the night than it is to understand in print. I predict many a spoilt scorecard.
  15. Tactical Joker

    Rest of the GP series

    Indeed. The logistics of trying to sort out who can be admitted to the stadium, on which night and for which seats, from those who purchased tickets for the original event are virtually impossible. Similar for Prague should capacity be reduced there. I’m trying to get my head round the new scoring system as it is, without all this too. I can see me still working out my scorecard while the final is being run

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