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  1. Tactical Joker

    Lakeside v Glasgow Friday 14th

    It was indeed a bit of a marathon in the end but glad to say “I was there” to coin a phrase. Having cut my speedway teeth with Romford Bombers it was sad to see the last Essex team move on, hopefully just for now. Two air fence punctures slowed things more than usual, but hopefully the riders involved Zach Wajtknecht and Nick Morris are OK. Zach hit the fence more or less head on on bend 4 at some speed. The racing was good, a tight track that requires a lot of skill. Have to say how impressed I’ve been with Richard Lawson this week. Not a rider I’ve followed closely but his guesting at Ipswich the previous night kept the match close until the the latter stages, and he was excellent again last night fittingly winning the final heat. Cooky at this level is difficult to beat but Lawson matched him 2-2 head to head. Announcer hoping James Sarjeant wouldn’t demolish the tapes, even off a 15m handicap, amused me. And as always hope the benefit fund collection was well supported.
  2. Tactical Joker

    Slovenian GP Krsko Saturday September 8th

    Well that wasn’t without controversy. Made up for the mostly processional racing, not that Woffinden will agree. Dudek sneeked under the radar there, well done to him. When the dust settles Woffinden is still 9 points ahead. True the momentum is with Zmarzlik, but Tai’s mental response to tonight’s events will help decide if he can keep that lead as much as his racing. Have to agree Hancock’s ride in the semi final to keep Zmarzlik behind him was pure experience and did Tai a huge favour.
  3. Tactical Joker

    Slovenian GP Krsko Saturday September 8th

    Went to Krsko last year. Fortunately Ljubljana was an interesting place to stay as there was nothing in Krsko to get excited about. I like to combine the speedway with some normal tourism to make the most of any trip. Not wishing to hire a car this relies on public transport. So while Krsko was possible, Teterow looks too much hassle. If the speedway is likely to be uninteresting too I’ll settle for watching on the box, but would much prefer to be there. Looking forward to Torun, never been to speedway there, and with interest to next years venues. So hopefully the weather holds, but disappointed no Zagar. Just for a laugh let’s predict Zmarzlik, Hancock, Woffinden, but wouldn’t put any money on it.
  4. Always better to be there live than watching on the box, although Natalie and Scott present the programme excellently. Maybe I’m easily pleased but again I thoroughly enjoyed that. Can’t quite grasp some of the negativity on here. Delighted for Martin Vaculik, who comes across as a decent chap and just a shame he had that injury earlier in the season. Like most, couldn’t see what Pedersen did wrong, just proper speedway. Thought Zmarzlik made a more questionable move to block Vaculik in the final. Woffinden on the podium without winning a race was unusual, as was Doyle missing out on 9 points.
  5. That was more than enjoyable. Never thought the meeting would go ahead when the first TV pictures were shown, what a job the track staff did to get that on. Pedersen was inspired, fully deserved for how much he gives to the sport, whatever personal opinions he attracts.
  6. Tactical Joker

    Witches v hammers 2nd Aug

    It is indeed, just hope the bucket Danny King was carrying wasn’t too heavy and put his recovery back. As for the racing, very enjoyable. Richard Lawson put in a good shift (17+1 from 7 rides) thought he would go unbeaten at one point. Thought Adam Ellis was unlucky to be excluded when Scott Nichols ran him hard on bend 2 in heat 7, but Scotty (13+1 from 5 rides) was a joy to watch. Good solid team effort from the Ipswich boys.
  7. Tactical Joker

    Cardiff 2018 21st July

    Can you THIRD it too. No amount of enthusiasm can make up for the fact that some voices simply aren’t suited to shouting down a PA. I’d agree with those who thought the introductions didn’t work. Took me 5 riders to work out what was happening. OK for TV but didn’t work live. Although meeting delays are part of the sport, what chance of starting the racing at 17.00 rather than 17.15 next year? 15 minutes wouldn’t dent the pub profits too much (and perhaps would have prevented the guy next to me from falling over ) but it would remove the anxiety for those travelling back by train to Swindon, Reading and London. Missing the fireworks is no big deal, but missing the final race (as many clearly did) after such a good evening is a bit of a disappointment. Sure it’s a small percentage of the crowd but not insignificant.
  8. Tactical Joker

    Cardiff 2018 21st July

    Always prefer to be there live, and of course during the track grading you can catch up on opinion (with a pinch of salt) on here . Bit of a desperate dash for the last train back to London, some had to miss the final to be sure, but given the circumstances that’s the least of the worries. Hope news of Jason is as positive as possible. Best rider on the night won, fair result all round. Tough baptism for Lambert but he will be stronger for it. Good to see Cookie happy. For those asking for referees to be consistent you got your wish
  9. Tactical Joker

    Swedish GP 2018 Hallstavik

    I’ll settle for a Lindgren win if England win the footee. So for a laugh let’s predict Lindgren, Sayfutdinov, Woffinden.
  10. Perhaps the tickets were simply too expensive to attract the many that follow other GPs. Very few from abroad judging from the flags, possibly as many Russian flags as any. Horsens £80, Prague £34, both in the back straight just after bend 2. I'm no marketing expert but a weekend in the middle of nowhere v one of the great European cities might go some way to explaining it. Obviously the cost of the temporary track and stadium alterations have to be met. We'll never know whether cheaper tickets would have yielded more revenue overall though.
  11. Not sure we would want Nicki in the Danish airforce anyway. Got to love auto correkt.
  12. How very true. The Pearson knockers are getting repetitive too. Give me Pearson and Tatum over any other combination out there. Back at the GP, gate 1 won 17/23 races, which can’t be right. Phil Morris did seem a bit agitated with the water truck driver as he was going round before the start, but that may be nothing. Looking at the scorecard, that move by Woffinden (the only win from gate 3) to beat Lindgren in heat 20 was pivotal,. A Lindgren win would have put him in the semis instead of Laguta with a chance (although minor as he would have been left with gate 3) of more points. So a good trip in the end, even if the wallet took a bashing for food and drink. Found a couple of good bars in Aarhus so will stay there again.
  13. Well it did get better but not a classic. Gate 3 was a graveyard. Fireworks were good though. Woffinden's move up the inside of Lindgren in heat 20 was my highlight, read where Lindgren was going and rode it perfectly. Best man won, but good to see Hancock on the podium with Laguta. Emil had the worst gates it seems so can be considered unlucky not to make the final. For all the negativity on here, it was enjoyable to see it live.
  14. 11/12 wins from red in gate 1. Never seen such an advantage, although Cook is in red for both his last two rides. Stuck under a deafening speaker playing awful music. Can't talk to anyone. It is quieter during the racing. Things can only get better (another awful song).
  15. I didn't, just smaller compared to others. Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner that most other cities are smaller by comparison. Copenhagen is compact and easy to do on foot for the main sights.

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