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  1. Well done to Phil Morris and everyone else involved in getting the meeting done in two hours or so with the weather threat, that fortunately never really materialised (and for allowing us more drinking time afterwards). Madsen has to be taken seriously as a potential champion although there's a long way to go, but congratulations to Kolodziej for grabbing the win.
  2. Or just get the tube back. No queues there. A few decent heats watching it live but not a classic. A few drops of rain now felt but nothing really.......yet.
  3. Tactical Joker

    Warsaw 2019

    Another great evening in Warsaw. Atmosphere brilliant until the second semi final when it all went relatively quiet. What odds was Madsen?, should have invested a zloty or even two. Pleased to see Iversen up there after last year's injury, but we'll done Robert Lambert.
  4. Tactical Joker

    Warsaw 2019

    Yep that's the point. It's a deceptively long walk to the Stadium. You can see it but it never seems to get any closer. If it rains like last night we'll all get drenched.
  5. Tactical Joker

    Sheffield 2019

    After last nights SoN paid a first visit to Sheffield today. Thought the racing was fair enough, some good passes and some 4 lap processions but no worse than seen elsewhere. The programme did mention how much work was needed on the track. Not many speedway tracks where you can sit and have a Sunday carvery roast though.
  6. Tactical Joker

    Warsaw 2019

    And an incredible atmosphere when full of excited Poles Hopefully we’ll be sat with some calm Swedes again this year However much they ‘big’ Cardiff up, this event has overtaken it and is now the biggest and best indoor GP. Plus Warsaw is a very underrated city with plenty to explore.
  7. Tactical Joker

    SoN Belle Vue

    You can’t fault her enthusiasm, but the pitch of her voice does unfortunately cut through you after a few heats. Yes the catering, and the general policy if not being able to take your own food in, which is rather strange. Is it simply to boost bar profits? What about those with specific dietary requirements. Ridiculous long queues for rather unappetising stuff when you finally get to the front. Glad we had a decent pint elsewhere beforehand. But lets be positive. For anyone who hasn’t been to Belle Vue make the effort. The racing is fast and entertaining.
  8. Tactical Joker

    SoN Belle Vue

    Iversen just said ref held tapes for a long while, possibly too long so two of them possibly thought the gate had failed? Just a wild guess.
  9. Tactical Joker

    SoN Belle Vue

    Nice evening here. Hope some of the racing is competative but not expecting a classic. Programme scorecard isn't great, riders names are in white on a black background. Forgot to bring my white ink pen for the changes. Still if that's the only moan......
  10. An extra minute or two to fill in all the details prior to heats 14 and 15 wouldn’t go amiss, but apart from that 90 minutes for 15 heats seems about right, especially with a slightly chilly wind blowing tonight. Add 15 minutes for the parade at the start and it’s about the same length as a football match. Fortunately there have been no real incidents in the meetings so far to cause significant delay. Enjoyed all three meetings I’ve seen at Ipswich this season, let’s hope the entertainment continues and more come through the turnstiles. Tonight Jake Allen beating Jason Doyle has to be a highlight, a superb effort to get 16 points.
  11. Agree 100%. It seems a bit of a kick in the teeth to all who follow the GPs round Europe to potentially be denied the opportunity of seeing the championship decided, unless you have unlimited time and money, nice as an Australian holiday is. Possibly about 5 European jaunts to be had there, Wroclaw is a very pretty town but apart from that nothing particularly new to be done.
  12. Time for a live report. Tickets were available on the day but the place was pretty full for most of the meeting apart from some very low down seats. Dragged on a bit partly due to a nasty crash which ended Iversen's participation. Hope he is OK. And then with the reserves taking 2 on the trot in the latter stages the gaps between heats were longer. Of course what doesn't come across on TV was how cold it got. Nippy wind if you were on the back straight. Shame Hancock failed to finish in his first heat as he may have given Tai a run for his money. Racing wasn't great but the occasion was more important.
  13. Dry in the stadium at the moment if not in the pub beforehand. Looks like being a decent crowd, bit of a testimonial feel about it but could be entertaining given the line up.
  14. Tactical Joker

    Torun 2018

    Thought I’d get some meaningful insight on here, but instead have had to wade through a treacle of abuse to read anything sensible. Great night in Toruń, good atmosphere and the Poles we met were quite gracious considering what was at stake. Best heat one I’ve seen in a GP which set the tone for an exciting evening. Laguta and Smarzlik on 12 each after 4 rides made heat 19 tense. Laguta was brilliant and a shame he didn’t go through the card, but can’t deny Woffinden the glory after making life more difficult than it perhaps should have been. Pleased Lindgren got a medal, some may think he is border line but he worked hard to come back from a serious injury. Also pleased Sayfutdinov gets another go next year. Even Chris Holder won a heat to sign off with. So congratulations to Tai, to Smarzlik for making it interesting, and to all 8 who qualified for next year. Following the GPs around Europe where possible is great fun, and would encourage anyone to save up and try it. Here’s to next season.
  15. That was worth staying up for. Chris Harris - simply a brilliant ride, and yes Gary May put a brave face on it, just about as unlucky as you can get. All the better for not keep swapping meetings. That would have been far less dramatic if it had to be shared with unimportant heats from Lynn.

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