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  1. Any news if Scorpions are going to use R/R for Danny Ayres for the rest of the season or a replacement is in line for a team spot ??
  2. Tosh1218

    Birmingham v Scunthorpe

    Thank you get the information from the away side
  3. Tosh1218

    Birmingham v Scunthorpe

    This is were speedway shoots it’s self in the foot ? 2 mobile numbers on the Brummies website one ive left a message on and the other is a message August 7 th and the Brummies are at home to Eastbourne tonight Get in the real world and update your information please ???
  4. Tosh1218

    Birmingham v Scunthorpe

    Thinking of coming to this from Hull when do you think the Brummies will make a decision?? as don’t they incur stadium costs if called off late , thanks in advance
  5. I thought the bspa when sanctioning a new rider for a teams 1 to 7 , the rider had to have clear dates for his new sides fixtures .This is clearly not the case as Sam Masters 2nd fixture he isn’t available and they bring in the hottest rider in the league at the minute in Rasmus Jenson to replace him and folk on this site slate Rob Godfrey for his involvement with and bias towards the Scorpions I think not
  6. Once again the Bell E *d appears
  7. Tosh1218

    Scorpions v Glasgow 28.07.19

    Interesting about the fuel additive any more on this ???!
  8. Tosh1218

    Scorpions v Glasgow 28.07.19

    Totally different meeting to what we get at the EWR it was a bit gate and go . At 9-3 up I thought it’s a Scorpions win but a top class effort from Glasgow and there fans were different class well done well deserved no complaints
  9. Tosh1218

    Scorpions v Glasgow 28.07.19

    This is the beauty of having your own stadium ,were you can work on the track whenever.Unlike Sheffield were there promotion have limited access to there stadium . Hope the weather stays kind as this should be a cracking meeting .Glasgow have the strongest 2 riders in Cooky and Rasmus in this league by far just hope we can contain the rest of the Tigers for the points to keep the Scorpions on track for the play offs , hoping for good racing and all riders finish the meeting injury free
  10. Tosh1218

    Leicester 2019

    Andreas Lyager would be a good option if dates fit and is bang on a 7 pt average
  11. Tosh1218

    Somerset 2019

    Edited the above thanks
  12. Tosh1218

    Somerset 2019

    What's Atkins average ,so him earlier in the season and looked decent .As it stands I don't think anyone can look back at how teams were set up and say hitch is right or wrong . Sheffield built there side with Drew Kemp one match away from doubling his average in the championship and was going to be there trump card but that hasn't happened . The heat format has to change and I believe young reserves should be protected and race against each other in 3 races of reserves
  13. Garrity has signed for Birmingham So I take it Ben Barker is staying
  14. Can someone tell me when Ben Barkers 28 day loan is up and would you keep hi my instead of Jason Garritty ??? i would keep Ben

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