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  1. Tosh1218

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Jordan Jenkins Jason Edwards dont know what pts are available anyone know what we have left ?
  2. Oops. ignore message as it is 1.5 the other way. 10.65ish

  3. SSSHHH on Bewley! Do you realise what average he could come in on?

    No Championship team so current PL average used 7.10 divided by conversion 1.5 less 2.5% Brit = 4.61

    Garrity 7.30 & Bailey 3.18 gives loads of scope.

    Auty now fit(ish) could of brought in Howarth. No Nicholls, Douglas, Kerr or Heeps as already riding elsewhere.

  4. Think we should all wait for an official comment from Rob or the clubs website if it's true ? , will he be given a 28 day ban who knows also I love seeing Garrity on the track but he's contracted to ride in all Scunthorpes fixtures ,so I think there should be a statement released by the club to the supporters. If he does get released,I would make a double change as Josh Bailey isn't doing what he was brought in to do Tero Aarnio or Dan Bewley for Garrity Ben Wilson for Bailey if his average fits
  5. Is it just me or is Jenga like Thrush He's irritating
  6. Tosh1218

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Why mention Jordan Palin to Belle Vue ,his family previously had a connection with Hull Vikings until they closed . I believe they are based in Beverley and Scunthorpe is the most local track I think and I'm sure unlike Glasgows track which has limited use .Ive seen Jordan transform from been a young lad stumbling around the track before and after meetings to now been a very accomplished young man racing competitively after league racing and amateur track days.wayne Carter does a great job behind the scenes at the EWR and he's taken Jordan and a few more under his wing using his fine knowledge . So now to the original question why is it pretty strange he and his family have picked Scunthorpe over Belle Vue ,the answer is within the first paragraph ,also Mr Vatcher at the bspa should take some credit aswell .If he keeps focussed and injury free he will be a very good speedway rider so good luck on your journey Jordan and his family in the future
  7. Remember all other fans commenting on the Scorpions pages last year for being unfair . Well I witnessed Danny all last season home and away ,I gave him the benefit of the doubt returning from injury etc .But when you see a rider de throttle to miss the first bend on so many occasions to be in a safe position is beyond me . If he wants to ride Speedway that's fine but the rest of the guys are racing and competing ,that's why when supporters pay good money they expect effort and commitment. Ive seen Speedway for 40 plus yrs and some of my favourite ride back at the old Hull Vikings were Peter Scully and Mike Hampson not the greatest riders but always give 100 % effort
  8. So the team tipped for greatest this season are struggling. I don't know the. IN's and outs with regards team averages and changes and the dates when the averages change .But to be hotly tipped due to Drew Kemp steal of an average the Tigers are under performing
  9. Thought it was only Scunny fans that wanted the back of Phillips
  10. Tosh1218

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Any ideas on the last two riders
  11. Tosh1218

    Sheffield 2019

    All riders will increase this season due to the pts limit . Im afraid the league won't be won by averages alone ,it will be the side that steers clear of injury the modt
  12. Tosh1218

    Workington 2019

    Let’s be honest now and look at it properly 1- Rye House we’re closed down due to monetary problems 2- Workington could have been closed down with the same problems last year 3- if you think putting Workingtons licence on ice for 2019 and be back up and running for 2020 get real Ask Long Eaton, Hull vikings , Bradford Dukes fans if this will come true as this was the statement put out to there fans when speedway was suspended at there tracks For speedway to survive in this country at championship level costs have to be cut and riders will have to become semi-professional riders Why can’t people see what is happening All Teams in All leagues have to agree a budget and stick to that budget if I was in business and my outgoings are more than the income , then I would close down , until people stop looking through rose tinted glasses and wake up Speedway will be defunct within s decadee
  13. Tosh1218

    Workington 2019

    I feel for the fans of Workington losing there team ,but why in the section of Championship 2019 there is a Workington section as rpthey will not be up to tapes , We don't have a Rye House section in the elite teams 2019 so let's move on with the season 6 weeks away
  14. Tosh1218

    Workington 2019

    Sad what’s happened , but why declare to run if money problems from last weren’t sorted. Really feel for Stevie Worrill ravaged by injury last season at Scunthorpe and agrees and signs a deal with Workington this season and won’t even get to tapes
  15. Tosh1218

    Workington 2019

    Shambolic is the word to describe this whole episode . Feel for the riders signed who will have invested in machinery etc , hope they get fixed up if possible . As for Workington speedway what were the crowds last year and had a break even figure ever been announced for the coming season ? I feel we as supporters aren’t hearing the full story of the closure A lot has been said of the merging of the football and rugby league clubs into one stadium , Was Workington Speedway part of this merger in the future I think no and this is why the Comets won’t be coming to the tapes in April . As an owner who has run it as a loss this season as Laura has asked for investors to help and no one has come forward I believe this is a get out clause . Surprisingly Rob Godfrey hasn’t been blamed yet for the demise by the comets fans , believe me as a Hull Viking supporter once the gates are locked on you it’s so much harder to reform in the future . So one last call if you are a speedway fan support your local side to the best of your ability as you don’t know what’s around the corner

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