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  1. Strange meeting really Workington gated and we're superb early on with Rene Bach and Kindt and goodback upfrom the others ,then Scunny got going with Jake Allen and Josh Auty leading the comeback and think a draw was a fair result As a Scunny fan it was a big decision by the Worky team manager not to put Bach or Klindt out in heat 15 and it backfired so all to play for at Derwent Park some time in October
  2. I wish Workington and other teams would stop bleating about getting there fixture in before the top 4 playoff date can I just put some reasons up for this 1- Speedway can be run from mid March till October 2- So if upto the cut off date from mid March to early September there are 20 to 24. regular racenights to operate on 3 - Take 1 knockout cup fixture , 3 championship shield matches and 10 league fixtures at home so that leaves approximately 6 to 8 dates for rain offs 4- The cut off date has been extended by 10 days 5- We've had the best summer for over 30 years one last point look at my 5 reasons and ask yourself is it your own promotions fault not to fulfill fixtures as they won't have there best team available or is it all to easy to blame Rob Godfrey I Rest my case
  3. Tero Aarnio guests for Dan Bewley
  4. Spin king in all honesty Danny is complaining about been finished after deadline day but which championship side would want a 2point rider averaging just over 1 pt a meeting none, ive watched him all season and could forgive him early season after coming back from serious injuries last year . Early season he wasn’t getting beat by far but recently he’s been well back and on my way home from meetings talking to my dad I said how can Danny get any confidence or money from what he’s doing on the track. Most of his one point finishes have been from falls or engine failures from a rider in the heat , he isn’t a young gun who you could think he will be back next year let him have a look at all the tracks for future reference In all walks of life if you under perform you will be laid if , I certainly would in my job on the building sites and not hitting the targets set by my employers As I’ve stated before upmost respect who rides a bike for my enjoyment of a dying sport
  5. Jenga I’m a proper fan that wants 4 riders in a race , hope Ty is ok for Friday
  6. Now young Danny has been released, laid off , stood down or whatever what’s our choice of replacement for this home leg of the semi final of the shield , I’m sure it will be a limited choice of a 2 pt rider or do we have the choice of Ludvig Lindgren or Carl Wilkinson who only scored 2 pts each at Glasgow at the weekend for Newcastle is that how it works ? put the jesting aside wish Danny well for the future I’m sure he will be back next season at championship level he tried his best but it just wasn’t happening for him . so seriously who are our choices of a replacement ? For Friday
  7. With reference to Danny Phillips rob godrey has been loyal to him and really the lad hasn't really kicked on ,his national league results are proof of this Danny himself might have asked to be released who knows but the beginning of the season he was excused when scoring low points coming back from serious injuries but lately he had ps been getting beating half a lap I have never ridden a speedway bike and admire any one who straddles onto one , hope Danny can take stock and come back stronger and good luck for the future young man and thank you for your efforts
  8. Not a fan of the Wolves or Aces so can someone explain to me why, when a track has a "Time Curfew" which is 10 pm there can be another 4 races after this curfew has elapsed to fulfill the 15 heats and gain a result .I would love to know what the scores were at 10 pm
  9. I’m saying if Workington knew about the guest booking why haven’t they flagged this up as it’s denying us fans 7 man teams racing against each other
  10. From a Scunny Fan firstly a speedy recovery to one of Britain’s young talents Dan Bewley , as for the Steve Worrall guest situation it’s not up to him it’s up to Lakeside management and also the Workington promotion if they have tried to win at all costs that’s a poor show. Hopefully Stevie is paid the full amount he due for his time and fuel . Ps when is the cut off for the Top 4 playoffs as this current weather will hinder a few sides as they strive to get in the top four Once again best wishes to Dan Bewley a rider who always gives his all and to all riders who risk life and limb to provide us fans with our entertainment
  11. Tosh1218

    Somerset v Poole Prem B. 20/8/18

    Chris Harris back to his best tonight Kurtz was a joke i think most speedway fans like it when Poole fail only 13 riders used hope Matt Fords gang come unstuck in the quest for silverware
  12. Stop been nasty ,we have the riders now till the end of the season stop been a bell end and well done to Berwick on the. League shield quest we have two semi finals to look forward too on a great race track and great racing once again
  13. Season over for Sheffield and some serious lowering of there riders averages for next season I believe
  14. Tosh1218

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2018

    Anyone know how Josh is after crashing out last night at Workington please
  15. Tosh1218

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2018

    Gino was brought in on a 5.4 Pt average at the beginning of the season and when the side were going well he upped his average,it is currently 4.2 average and I believe it will go up roughly to his starting average or more so anyone who suggests Connor Mountain as a replacement are stupid as we would weaken our side even further.Connor is a rider for the future who il like but was dumped by Ipswich because he wasn't scoring pts Anyone who goes to the meet the riders after the home meetings understand the reasons for his dip in form, he got a raw deal off an ex Scunny rider over equipment he was sold from him , he is now living on the site at the track and loads of other things which have contributed to his dip in form The team which was set up by Rob has been desimated by injuries all season long yet we are still in there fighting for silverware on two fronts as I think the league position to qualify for the play offs is beyond us .So my call to supporters is back the team to the hilt hopefully Stefan will be back soon , as in past seasons we have been just seeing the season out from August if we win the cup or shield brilliant if we don't we have still witnessed some great racing on in my opinion the best and fairest race track in our league so come on get behind all 7 of our riders and see we're this journey takes us Up The Scorpions

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