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  1. Tosh1218

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2022

    How long are both likely to be out for and what riders would be in the frame to face Edinburgh on Sunday ??
  2. Not happy paid to watch it on BSN tonight ,first time I’ve used this do I get refunded , chose another match or get to watch the rescheduled match in the future
  3. The Scorpions would have lost this meeting last season,the difference in having a top heat leader in Ryan Douglas is massive . The team is back upto strength now but there a slight break in fixtures
  4. I think both teams deserve praise for hanging around to complete the meeting although it was later than advertised
  5. Brexit hasn’t helped rider availability and the number of Aussie & American rider numbers are down compared to years ago Plus this is my first post since my 5 day ban on here ,so won’t be responding to a certain Leicester fan
  6. Can’t say hat saying I got banned last week for it
  7. Tosh1218


    Nothing to do with Granty it’s a rider in your declared 1 to 7
  8. Don’t think his teammates are happy about him
  9. Last night was the worse conditions to get a race track ready for a meeting Sunny and windy , but to be fair there was some cracking racing on the track Redcar are always good visitors to the EWR and that was to be proven again . The delay at the start due to medical staff was the right call as the riders deserve to have all medical staff present while there racing . Connor Cole’s was a breath of fresh air as he was on the pace in every race and deserved more pts to be fair and will be a great edition to the Scorpions line up . Redcar had a great backing at the track from there supporters and could quite easily have got the away win for them . Speedway is a dangerous sport and two medics are essential to me, as for the permanent hatred by Iainb towards the Scorpions riders,track and management it’s laughable are you 8 yrs old ??? . Speedway needs all tracks to stay open especially when you hear Edinburgh will be a doubt to race in 2023 due to a lack of a racetrack ,so let’s support Speedway or we will lose it
  10. Connor Cole’s has signed for the season after tonight’s display

    1. Paul Johnson

      Paul Johnson

      yes mate, heard at track, he was brilliant

  11. What a complete bell e*d you are
  12. Any team news for Friday yet ??? Thanks in Advance
  13. Just a thought to help our sport
  14. It’s all to easy to slate any promoters,but what we need to do is a way forward . Riders are in short supply as are paramedics ,my question is do any sides have Paramedics within there support inside the stadium who could gain free entry to meetings and be used as a replacement paramedic in instances like Friday night or do they have to be registered to become a replacement paramedic ?? As I can see the situation happening again this season
  15. Why isn’t Aarnio racing

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