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    Premier league race nights on Monday and Wednesday. Championship race nights on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  2. Newcastle 2017

    I've watched the Diamonds only once this season due to other commitments, can anyone give any opinions on the team overall. Just from looking at the squad and averages, it seems very top-heavy.
  3. Who Offers Speedway Betting?

    Cool, I thought they only had televised meetings up, cheers for pointing that out. Also i bet on Rob Lambert to win the U21s, probably a tall order but the odds were good
  4. Isle Of Wight 2017

    Hi, just wondered if Isle of Wight have a meeting on the 14th september, going to be down there for a couple of days, I know on the fixture list it says reserved but just wondering if its changed.
  5. MÃ¥lilla Gp 2017

    Probably some of the best Speedway i've seen in a while, felt sorry for Lindback being pipped in the final but Zmarzlik rode like a God round the outside
  6. Who Offers Speedway Betting?

    I've bet on Speedway through Sky Bet. They make betting on the meeting available if its on TV (e.g. Somerset vs Leicester yesterday). You can bet on the overall winner, the handicap and who will win a specific heat
  7. King's Lynn Stars 2017

    https://www.tremr.com/freddie-webb/the-sacking-of-chris-holder-and-troy-batchelor-who-is-to-blame Wrote about the Chris Holder and Troy Batchelor situation here, read it if you want too