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  1. Just wanted to Thank everyone for their help and input, really appreciated. Thank you! GBM
  2. Hello, Thanks again for all the really useful answers. Just wanted to re-post my enquire re the Torun Website asking for my passport number to register. Just wondered if this is perfectly safe to do. Thanks again really appreciate your help. GBM
  3. Well first of all I would like to thank everyone who took the time to reply with such valuable information. Just one small point please. I want into the Speedway Gp website, clicks on the Torun Gp, clicked on but tickets that directed me to the Torun Stadium site. There they asked me to register and one of the requirements is to give my passport number. So is the correct site I need and is it perfectly safe to do this. Sorry to rattle on and I really do appreciate your help. Thank you.
  4. Hello, Hope this is the correct section, if it is not I’m sure someone will kindly move it for me. Ok, looking to make my first visit to see the Torun GP next year as I understand that this is one of the very best venues of the GP. I would therefore love some information please. Firstly, I know they do speedway tours but as I plan to go out there for about a week this is not applicable. So, what I would like to know please are the following question. · Where do I buy genuine tickets? · How far in advance do they usually go on sale? · How do I receive my tickets? · Are the best seats those in the RED AREA adjacent the starting gate? · I believe Bydgoszcz in the nearest airport, is this correct? · Any other information will be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks, GBM

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