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  1. Pirate Rich

    Poole 2019

    I agree that Bomber is on a high average at 7.78 and would be hard pushed to achieve that, but maybe we should look beyond that. He obviously wants to ride for Poole, he rides with passion and other team members have said that he inspires them. If he can get a few more points out of the others with his positive attitude in the pits then he may be worth it, possible candidate for captain?
  2. Pirate Rich

    Somerset 2019

    I'm sorry to see Somerset go championship, been some great matches against the Rebels
  3. I live in Bucks so not as far to go as you Poole residents! Also I've booked me and the wife in to a pub about 10 miles from the stadium, so we can have a meal there and don't have to rush back home after the meeting. First bend sounds good.
  4. I'm making the trip up to watch the Pirates win! Can you Kings Lynn fans tell me what the parking is like at the stadium, are there plenty of spaces? what time it opens? charges? Thanks
  5. Pirate Rich


    Grateful for any coverage, but really annoying that sometimes it is live on freesports and other times it is live on premier sports then repeated on freesports later. The commentator Dave Goddard has grown on me though and seems to know his stuff.
  6. Pirate Rich

    Race for the Top 4

    Well what a season it has been, so unpredictable. At the beginning of the season there was so much negativity from some of the Kings Lynn fans about their team, while us Poole fans thought we'd got it right! Personally I think Somerset are the team to fear over 2 legs, having said that, all of the Poole team are capable of big scores, just so inconsistent, if they could all find form at the same time we would be unbeatable!
  7. Pirate Rich

    Swindon 2019

    I sincerely hope that The Robins are around for a long time to come, as an ex Oxford supporter I know the pain of losing your club. I support the Pirates now (don't think bad of me!) which means a trip of over 100 miles each way for me. Living in Bucks I used to have Oxford, Reading and Rye House all within about 30 miles, plus all the London clubs that are no longer with us.
  8. Pirate Rich

    Poole 2018

    I was under the impression that the track had been sorted over the winter! I'm afraid this sort of thing will keep people away. I live just over 100 miles from Poole so have to pick my meetings, I look for a meeting where both teams are at full strength, when the weather looks good and now I have to worry about whether the track will be fit for purpose!
  9. You don't sound so optimistic Starman !
  10. Thanks Steve, fingers crossed!
  11. Have any of you good folk in Poole seen the track lately? I am planning on coming down on Wednesday (105 miles each way) but dreading another postponement! Just wondering how the track was holding up with all this rain.
  12. Pirate Rich

    Poole 2018

    What about doing something at the bike night, which I presume still happens on the Quay every Tuesday from about April? I have attended it a few times and never even seen a poster advertising the speedway! Surely it would be possible to have a bike on display at least, maybe hand some promotional leaflets out. There are always hundreds of people there who obviously have an interest in motorcycles.
  13. Pirate Rich

    Reassessed Averages

    Surely riders averages will always be distorted unless the team building limit is kept to 45 each year?
  14. Pirate Rich

    Poole 2018

    I think Hancock would be a big gamble anyway, not knowing how well he will recover from his shoulder injury, these things take longer as you get older no matter how fit you are! Anyone know what average he would come in on as a matter of interest?
  15. Pirate Rich


    There are some great ideas on this forum, I wonder if any of the "promoters" have read them?

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