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  1. Chris116

    Rye House 2018

    Clegg has had one reasonable meeting and that was the one meeting when he tried the outside line. He has spent the rest of the season at Rye House trying to take the shortest route on the bends and that has never been the quickest way around the Hoddesdon circuit. If he can't ride out by the fence then he needs a change of track!
  2. I am probably in a very small minority but if Rye House were to run on Saturdays then I would not be able to attend anymore than one or two meetings but with midweek meetings I can plan my week around D the Speedway. Next Saturday is the British Youth Championship round and by a stroke of luck I have a very rare free Saturday so I am looking forward to seeing the under 16's in action. At only £5 for nearly 40 races I hope all those who want Saturday racing at Rye House will be there!
  3. My point was that IF you can get to the track then watch it live. IF you cannot get to the meeting for any reason then the TV is a good way to see racing and there is no way I would suggest you boycott TV when you cannot get to a meeting. I wish I had BT Sport so I could watch racing from other parts of the country when there is no racing I can get to see live. IF I had BT Sport then I would go to the meeting and then watch a recording to check out any incidents. My late father used to have all the available TV sports channels and spent a lot of time watching them but he always prefered to watch any sport live and I think he was right. Speedway comes across very well on TV and is great for advertising the sport but if most of the regular fans stop going to the meetings so they can watch the racing on TV then Speedway is in trouble unless the loss of revenue is made up by the TV company and at present I don't think that is true.
  4. Sorry to disagree with what appears to be the majority but live sport of any sort against seeing it on TV is a no brainer to me. See it live every time! What I don't understand is during the winter and early months of the year this forum was full of posts on how the BSPA needed to have Speedway on TV to help save the sport but reading many posts now TV appears to stop the fans from going! To all those fans who don't go because of TV, please don't complain when your track and the whole sport closes down because if it does it will be those who stayed away who are a large part of the cause. Hope you all see some great live racing today, I will be at Rye House.
  5. I will be enjoying the racing this evening. The result on Monday means that progression to the KO Cup Semi Finals is very unlikely for Rye House but that does not mean we won't have a good evening of speedway.
  6. Chris116

    Fixed night farce-how much longer

    Monday nights were never a problem for Wimbledon when Ronnie Moore was racing! As a kid going to school, I never had a problem with enjoying the racing and doing my school work so I have never understood why the kids of today can't go racing during the week. When I was working I went to lots of Speedway and Stock Cars during the week and still was able to do my job the next day. I am now a pensioner but always busy on weekends so I am very pleased the Premiership races on Monday and Wednesday. I think that two equal leagues running in the North and South would be a good idea with the top teams going into the Play offs at the end of the season. We currently have 19 teams in the top two divisions so 10 in one and 9 in the other would seem a good idea. Top three in each league go into the Play off and the rest go into a Trophy competition which with 13 teams should be split into four groups of 3/3/3/4 and the top team in each group goes forward to Semi Finals run over two legs with the winners going to the final which is also run over two legs. I do not believe the fans who currently stay away will return as they will always find a reason to dislike the way the sport is being run. I am not keen on the way the BSPA does some things but still enjoy watching four riders of similar ability over four laps and so go as often as I can. To my mind staying away only makes it less likely that things will improve.
  7. Chris116

    Fixed night farce-how much longer

    Both Ipswich and Sheffield have Stock Car meetings on either Saturday or Sunday, so Speedway has to run during the week and it is a good idea to have at least 48 hours between events to enable any work on the track that needs doing.
  8. I was at the meeting and all the delays were unavoidable. If you don't want dust, you have to water the track between every other race in the heat we had at the track. Heat one crash delay was in the interest of rider safety and for that I for one am happy to wait. From where I was I agreed with all of the restarts in heat nine. Hope all the riders who took knocks are 100% fit very soon. Thank you to all the riders from both teams for some close and entertaining racing, even if they did get closer than they should have a number of times.
  9. Chris116

    Rye House v Wolves 25.04.18

    I do wish Rye House would turn the PA system down in the main stand. It is painful and spoils the evening as I always get a headache. It is the only stadium I have ever had a problem with!
  10. Chris116

    Rye House v Wolves 25.04.18

    I hate to say this but I have just got on the bus to Southfields station and half way to the station the rain has started! I do hope it does not follow me to Rye House and spoil the Speedway!
  11. I agree that time was used up with the grading after heat four but I suspect that without it the track would have been more dangerous earlier. A case of whatever you do it is wrong sadly.
  12. Conditions got a lot worse and if the referee had not stopped it when she did there could easily have been a very nasty crash. Full marks to the promotion for trying to get through the meeting, full marks to the riders for trying their hardest to race in bad conditions and full marks to the referee for stopping it before someone was hurt. I am now looking forward to the next meeting.
  13. Chris116

    2018 Regulations

    In my view, the simple answer to gardening is to revert to concrete starting areas. I know it is an old fashioned method but it worked. There was never any gardening with a concrete starting area.
  14. Chris116

    Fixture Change

    I am so pleased that Rye House are happy about the change. A 3pm start time would have meant my wife would have joined me but a 12 noon start time will mean leaving home around 8.30am and she does not do early mornings! When the fixture list was published I put them all in my diary and intended to attend all the meetings. This problem should have been seen before the fixtures were published and if this is an indication of how things are going to go I may decide not to bother.
  15. Chris116

    Track sharing

    Soccer and Rugby sharing a stadium is like many Speedway tracks are also Greyhound and Stock Car tracks. Wimbledon was at its most successful when all three sports had good crowds. Removing any one of them means the overheads increase for those who are left. In this age you cannot run a stadium which is only used by one sport for maybe twenty events in a year. Which is why I worry about the future of Rye House. The costs of maintaining a track and stadium are not inconsiderable and although I enjoy the racing, there are too few who join me!

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