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  1. Chris116

    Newcastle 2020

    Wimbledon had large stands all around the track but living two miles away our next door neighbours always knew when the racing was on as they could hear both the bikes and the cars, and they knew which was racing by the length of the races. Sound barriers cost a fortune for very little effect except as a sop to the NIMBY's.
  2. Spedeworth TV covers the car racing at Ipswich and all their other tracks for £12 a month!
  3. Chris116

    Has anyone been anywhere yet

    Since we came out of lockdown I have had three meals with my wife in restaurants and a Stock Car meeting at Aldershot which is just under an hour by train and then a 30 minute walk. Sadly I have not got to a speedway meeting and doubt if I will this year. My wife normally does four or five trip abroad each year and will not be doing any for the time being. Both of us are getting rather fed up with life.
  4. Can I ask exactly where the details of the British Championship being held at Ipswich are? I have looked on the speedwaygb site and also on the Ipswich website and neither make any mention of it and while other places can do good advertising I would have thought that the two I mention should be among the first places for such news to appear.
  5. Chris116

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    We also need to remember that the size of the crowd has to be limited so if NDL meetings normally cost £13 with around 600 paying fans the admission price has to go up if only 400 are allowed by the rules in force at the moment. Last season I went to two meetings on the Isle of Wight and paid my £13 admission plus around £40 in train and boat fares from London. If the Warriors were to run a meeting this season (they have said they are not going to) I would expect the admission to be £14 or £15 and be quite happy to pay that amount.
  6. The Stock Car promotions are asking that you wear a mask at all times inside the stadium so I would expect Speedway to be the same. I went to Aldershot on 26th July and the person in front of me at the entrance explained to the staff member that they could not wear a mask for medical reasons and was allowed in but told to keep away from other spectators so that they did not catch or pass on anything.
  7. Chris116

    Defunct speedway tracks - and their resurrection

    Wimbledon was opened in 1928 and ran until the team was moved to Eastbourne before it returned in the Conference league for a short time. Nice new stadium being built so all that needs to happen is to get AFC Wimbledon to move out!
  8. Most sports events that are running also accept the email being shown on your phone. Before the virus arrived many of the smaller concert venues preferred you to not print the ticket so not having a working printer should not be a problem.
  9. Chris116

    European U 21 Championship( IMEJ) 2020

    Speedway Updates now changed to show Leon Flint with 4 points. The original tweet by SpeedwayGB also said 3 points but the BSPL report said 4 like the FIM say. Seems that wrong information has been coming from more than one source which is not a good advert for the sport but at least all the sites now have the same information.
  10. Chris116

    European U 21 Championship( IMEJ) 2020

    That is as stated on speedway updates but the lead report on the BSPL website incorrectly says he scored 4.
  11. Chris116

    European U 21 Championship( IMEJ) 2020

    It is a shame that the speedwaygb site gives Leon Flint's score as 3 in one place and 4 in another. Having checked speedway updates, he scored 3 and appears to have suffered machine problems. Well done to Tom Brennan and better fortunes in the future to Leon.
  12. Chris116

    Virtual Skid

    I have watched all the Virtual Skid meetings but only one of them at the time they are first shown. I suspect many people watch them the next day or later in the evening.
  13. Chris116

    IOW 2020

    Very sorry to see that Warriors will not have any meetings this year but totally agree with the reasoning and wish Barry and Martin all the best for a successful future.
  14. Chris116

    Season Cancelled

    Yes, that is very true. It is true that the international meetings due to take place for National Hot Rods, F1 and F2 Stock Cars and possibly Superstox have all been cancelled due to the limited crowds that are being allowed.
  15. Chris116

    berwick bandits 2021

    Nothing, hopefully!

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