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  1. Absolutely correct. I have just checked the rules on the SCB website and I had got myself confused as one of the match officials said he could be replaced by a reserve OR a tactical substitute and I had replaced the OR with an AND. Thank you for correcting my wrong information.
  2. At IOW the reserves were only allowed to cover one of his four rides and we had three riders only in three races. If Belle Vue had wanted they could have used a Tac Sub in one of the races but the Tac Sub was used elsewhere.
  3. Chris116

    Speedway Promotion or Lack of it.

    The real point is that it should be the BSPA bringing Speedway to the attention of the general public and not Speedway Star losing money by selling through WH Smith's.
  4. Chris116

    IOW Warriors v Belle Vue Colts 20/8/19

    An unattached 2 pointer could have been drafted into the team but there were none already on the island and by the time it was known that Phillips would not make the meeting it was too late for any mainland rider to get to the track.
  5. Chris116

    Favourite Rider of All Time

    Ronnie Moore for me. Peter Craven for my late mother.
  6. Chris116

    King's Lynn v Belle Vue 22/8/19

    In the USA the fixture would be listed "Belle Vue at King's Lynn" . They don't understand the "v" we use. I have an American wife so know all about how they can't use English correctly!
  7. Chris116

    IOW Warriors v Belle Vue Colts 20/8/19

    Sadly the Wizards fixture in the MSDL against Birmingham Bulls has had to be postponed due to injuries and non availability in the Bulls team. As stated above Georgie Wood has been replaced in the Warriors side by Danyon Hume due to injury.
  8. Chris116

    Cradley Heathens 2019

    Probably a license to lose money!
  9. Chris116

    IOW Warriors v Belle Vue Colts 20/8/19

    I suspect that Georgie will be OK if he is 85% fit at National League level tonight but needs to be at 110% fitness in the Championship especially away from home. As I write this I can see the stadium lighting pillons from the train at Smallbrook Junction Station. I just wish there was a footpath from the station to the stadium as it would make life so much easier and save the promotion the cost of the taxis they supply for those coming from the mainland.
  10. My second visit to Smallbrook Stadium and looking forward to seeing the Belle Vue Colts in action. Last night they were at Kent and secured one league point so will be hoping to do the same or better tonight. The Warriors will be hoping to be back to full strength with both Georgie Wood an Danno Verge retuning to the action. As well as the National League clash the Wizards are in MSDL action against Birmingham Bulls making an evening of 21 competitive races. I set out from Clapham Junction on the 07:22 train and will spend the day on the IOW Steam Railway before heading for the stadium for what should be a good meeting. EDIT Since writing the above news has come through that Birmingham are unable to field a team for the MSDL fixture.
  11. Chris116

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    When anyone can get a word in edgeways. Block the problems and the thread becomes reasonably sensible.
  12. Chris116

    Introducing yourself....

    See the answers above.
  13. Teams according to the BSPA are as follows:- EDINBURGH: Sam Masters, James Sarjeant, Josh Pickering, Ricky Wells, Cameron Heeps, Connor Coles, William Lawson.EASTBOURNE: Nick Morris, Georgie Wood, Kyle Newman, Lewis Kerr, Richard Lawson, Alfie Bowtell, Jason Edwards.
  14. Plymouth, Scunthorpe and Glasgow have all postponed their matches for this evening so the only match still on is at Armadale with the Monarchs hoping to clip the Eagles wings. Looking at a couple of weather forecasts shows that while they give very different answers they do agree that rain for prolonged periods is a probability! Now admittedly they are both Edinburgh forecasts and we all know Armadale can have very different weather, I do fear that the chances of any racing this evening is slim. Can anyone local let us know how the weather is at the moment? EDIT - Good news from the Monarchs website at 2.30pm they were working on the track and had not had any rain since 11am. Looks like we might get some racing tonight at Armadale.
  15. I was sorry to miss this evening at Smallbrook after my visit last week but the rail/ferry tickets were too costly for me. I have got the tickets for next Tuesday when Belle Vue are on the Island. Thanks for your texts to the Updates site which at least meant I was able to follow most of the meeting.

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