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  1. Chris116


    I note that the important information on the points limits for the leagues has not been mentioned by the BSPL. Surely this information is vital to all teams so they can put together a team.
  2. Chris116


    The cynic in me says that the new team in the Championship will only be told if they can run after all the current teams have sorted out their teams leaving the new team with no riders to make a competitive team with. I hope I am wrong!
  3. Chris116

    Whats actually going on?

    Which leads one to the question - Are those in charge sane?
  4. What happened to the sidecars? I watched from event 12 and they were not shown at all!
  5. Chris116

    2021 Season

    I am going to work by the same principle as I did in 2020. If there is racing (2 wheels or 4 wheels) and I think it is safe for me then I will be watch live speedway or stock cars. If there is no racing or I don't think it is safe to attend then I will be watching YouTube videos of both. At the moment there is no point getting uptight about it, what will be, will be. I want to go racing but I will wait until I can enjoy it without worrying that I could catch the virus.
  6. Chris116

    Rye House

    My father told me that the Broadbanks track was built on the Stock Car track that had been used in the mid 50's but by the time Speedway returned was disused. As a very young fan I stood on the bank and looked at the Broadbanks/old Stock Car track which as we had just started going to the cars as well as bikes I was not happy that there was a disused track . Many years later I would become a flag marshal at the Karts but stopped when the stewards refused to stop a race when a driver was lying in the middle of the track with a broken collarbone.
  7. Chris116


    Yes, it is hard to find the content I want to read some of the time there are so many adverts. Note to advertisers - I don't need to be told which of the young ladies, wearing very little, are 'hot'. I learnt how to do that for myself over 50 years ago and have not forgotten in old age.
  8. Chris116

    Godfrey's 16

    But only on Fridays that his team are not due to race.
  9. Maybe it would be possible for either just you or a combined effort by people who video meetings around the country to compile a programme of races with Danny in. He was such a showman I am sure it would be popular and could maybe raise some funds for Danny's family who I am sure would also welcome the video as a memory of Danny at his best.
  10. I watched the meeting against Birmingham this evening. Excellent coverage and great to see Danny Ayres in action. I keep hoping you will show the Belle Vue Colts match from August 2019 as I was present that evening when I met Danny for sadly the only time.
  11. Chris116

    2021 speedway season !

    The situation with Ipswich is not as you say. The National Banger World Final was postponed until 14th November and now already been put back until December as the quote from the Spedeworth website says:- Firstly, we would like to thank everyone for their patience with regards the decision of running the 2020 Unlimited National Banger World Championship.We are now able to make the announcement.The decision has been made to postpone the event until Saturday 14th November 2020.Following continuous discussions with the local authorities and the current climate within the country regarding COVID-19 we believe this will be the most sensible course of action.Whilst we understand some of you maybe disappointed, we hope you can appreciate and respect this decision.Race fans who have purchased advanced tickets please do not panic. Your tickets WILL still be valid for the new date for the event! Race fans who are now unable to attend the event a full refund will be given. Details of how to obtain a refund will be detailed below.Drivers, your bookings will still be valid. If you are now unable to honour your booking, please contact us on 01252 322920.To address the Banger World Championship which should have taken place on Saturday 14th November this event will be re-scheduled to Sunday 6th December.
  12. Chris116

    Has anyone been anywhere yet

    The only cycle speedway I ever saw was at a track on Garrett Lane near Wimbledon Stadium. My father and I had a very enjoyable afternoon watching the racing but I think the track is sadly long gone. I had a look at the track in Basildon soon after I moved there but the riders who were practicing were very unhappy that I was watching them and refused point blank to tell me when race meetings were held so I never went back there.
  13. Yes and the concrete wall was all that between the riders and the crowd!
  14. I think the narrowest track I have seen racing at was Romford.
  15. Chris116

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    What We're Twittering on about... Belle Vue Speedway WE NEED YOU! | Throughout 2020, we have been determined to stage the Peter Craven Memorial. But if we do, it would… https://t.co/lBSxJlVr0E Oct 5, 2020, 1:37 PM

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