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  1. Wolfie456

    Belle Vue 2022

    Just watching Wroclaw meeting horrific crash for young Dan Bewley catapulted over fence coming off bend straight in ambulance. Not looking good keep fingers crossed he's okay
  2. Wolfie456

    Peterborough Panthers 2022

    Just been announced that the rearranged fixture at wolves will be on 27th June could be a close one if you have new team.
  3. Wolfie456

    6 team league

    Feel it could be Oxford and Glasgow especially if they loose the Edinburgh local derby matches.
  4. Wolfie456

    6 team league

    CVS did mention at pre season talk in that he was confident at least 2 more teams would be in top premiership 2023.
  5. Well this is dead boring gate n go.
  6. Wolfie456

    Premiership Pairs

    Ingrowing toe nail this time is it
  7. Cheers thanks for that Phil.
  8. Travelling up tomorrow can you pay on the gate now and is the car park the same or still online booking only?
  9. According to BSPA site it's RR for Worrall old collarbone injured.
  10. Wolfie456

    Wolves v Sheffield 30/5

    You got that right again please say panthers to win next week too.
  11. Wolfie456

    Sheffield vs Wolves 19/05/22 LC

    You were saying
  12. Wolfie456

    Ipswich v Lynn 28/4 LC

    Not really monmore very similar to Edinburgh
  13. A Ellis confirmed at No 1
  14. Wolfie456

    Belle Vue 2022

    Squeaky bum time for Belle Vue I think Poland talking about riders being allowed to double up in leagues there.Which way will Fricke jump.

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