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  1. Wolfie456

    Wolves 2018

    He may even be fit to ride
  2. You are so one eyed you said toft bailed out and yet your useless jam roll didn't.Take your bloody blue and white glasses off for God's sake.
  3. Bloody Ellis not interested think been paid off by Poole.
  4. Wonder if you be saying same if Jackobsen had ended up on his arse.I very much doubt it.
  5. Or Poole having the biggest choke of all time
  6. Looks like Poole played the ref again.
  7. Bloody crap track whoever has gate 2 and 3 wins boring track.
  8. Bit difficult for Nicholls with a broken ankle
  9. Am Here in czech republic see a certain Mark Riss down to ride in Sunday's Golden Helmet.wether they got wrong Riss programmed we will see.How Belle Vue explain that one.?
  10. Wolfie456

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    Glad you shut them up for another year
  11. Why did summers get involved pratt
  12. Typical Belle Vue bad losers

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