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  1. You think Chapman's going tell Peterborough to win at Ipswich tonight and ruin there play off chances
  2. Wolfie456

    King's Lynn v Belle Vue 22/8/19

    Will be fit for GP challenge Saturday night
  3. Wolfie456

    King's Lynn v Belle Vue 22/8/19

    As said before no way will he ride tonight and ruin his chances in GP challenge on Saturday night.
  4. Wolfie456

    King's Lynn v Belle Vue 22/8/19

    No way fricke will ride more interested in riding at GP challenge on Saturday than Belle Vue.
  5. I'm going but I wouldn't put any money on it Steve with our abysmal track record there.
  6. Wolfie456

    Wolves v Peterborough 12/08/19

    Like was at poole when we were there then. old blue eyes.
  7. Wolfie456

    Wolves v Peterborough 12/08/19

    You do talk through your backside.
  8. Our next away match is even bigger think belle Vue running out of steam and if Swindon do us a favour on Monday then its game on again.We have to win at Belle vue sometime.
  9. And then you woke up Steve
  10. Think they will Jacob's confidence seems back after swedish title win and Nicks since joining somerset.
  11. Think that might give us glimmer of a chance on Thursday if hes not fully fit.
  12. Wolfie456

    Wolves v Belle Vue 5/8/19

    Yes but eventually law of averages says we going to win there sooner or later even if it's more by luck than skill hopefully it will be in 2 weeks time that will really open up the play off chase .
  13. Wolfie456

    Poole v Peterborough. Prem. 1/8/19

    Confirmed on BT tonight he rides on Thursday
  14. Wolfie456

    Belle Vue 2019

    His own words not mine.
  15. Wolfie456

    Belle Vue 2019

    As you seem to know everything you obviously dont read programme read programme vs wolves he said he prefers old kirky lane track because he would be guaranteed to score 14 or 15pts as was a trick track .The new one is to fair and he wouldnt score as many.

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