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  1. TonyO

    Somerset v Edinburgh

    It looks like the bad weather that was forecast for the South West has passed through a bit earlier than expected and is now over Birmingham and the Midlands. I can't disagree about your comments about the quality of the racing, but I have been to some meetings at the OTA where there has been some entertaining racing after rain earlier in the day rather than just before the meeting, particularly the latter races. If there's enough time since the last rain for the track to dry out a bit and with some good track preparation I see no reason why we shouldn't see some good racing tonight. In the past meetings have been called off on the basis of a poor weather forecast which has not always materialised, so I guess the promotion are going to get criticised whatever decision they make.
  2. TonyO

    Somerset v Edinburgh

    The weather forecast that I'm looking at doesn't show any more rain for Highbridge until tomorrow morning and I would expect that if it was going to be postponed as a result of rain that has already fallen then an announcement would have been made by now. On that basis I'm going to be setting off shortly from the Midlands. Although I did find myself in a similar situation for the Scunthorpe meeting when I got there only to find out that it had been postponed whilst I was travelling. As per the above post, any information from anyone close to Highbridge would be appreciated.
  3. TonyO

    Somerset 2019

    I'm not a person who writes a lot on forums but tonight I thought that I'd make an exception. Some recent comments have appeared to suggest that someone or something must be to blame for the need to make changes, but does that really have to be the case? Speedway is a competitive sport and as in any competitive sport there should be a desire to win, and sometimes to do this a manager needs to make decisions that are not always popular. I've been to most home meetings and the occasional away meeting this season and overall I've been pleased with the performances and the entertainment value, with a combination of watching young riders develop and the skills that the more experienced riders bring with them. I also enjoyed watching some races where Bomber has team ridden to protect Henry when he (Henry) has gated well. I don't think that Henry has regained his confidence fully since his injury, but I think and hope that he has a long future in the sport. He's only a young lad and I believe that he'll continue to improve, but maybe a bit too much was being expected of him, at this crucial stage of the season. He appears to be a sensible lad and maybe he is aware of his current limitations, especially away from the OTA, where he doesn't get the protection from Bomber. Had it not been for a few potentially confidence knocking falls I think he would have progressed further, but maybe not as much as Anders who continues to impress. Sometimes it takes guts to put your hand up and say that all does not feel right. I just hope that the step up to the main body of the team isn't asking too much of Anders and that he can take the step up in his stride. As regards to Todd Kurtz, he has not impressed me this season and whilst he might consider himself a bit unfortunate to lose his place, I don't think he can have too many complaints and I'm sure that he'll find another club very soon. I'm looking forward to watching the new line up, not least because the weaker bottom end of the team puts greater pressure on the experienced riders, who all need to be competitive from the start of every meeting. The days of the second half Rebels have gone for the time being, but with it there should be some closer meetings and entertaining races, well hopefully anyway. We can go into heat 13 a few points behind and still have a realistic hope of winning whether at home or away. We might not be in the top league but we've had two number 1's from the top league in our team at the same time! When I look round the rest of British Speedway I'm a bit surprised at some of the negativity seen in the comments on this thread, because it appears to me that Somerset is in a much healthier position than the vast majority of clubs and I think the promotion deserve the support that they get from the majority of supporters. Finally I hope that the Rebels golf day that Andrew puts a lot of effort into organising is another great success and gets the support and good weather that it deserves .
  4. TonyO

    Somerset 2019

    Is Berge still planning to ride for Belle Vue? Presumably not based on his excuse for quitting Somerset. More importantly, will we be able to get a straight replacement or will someone else need to be sacrificed, as has happened in the past? IMO he should receive a lengthy ban from UK speedway for not honouring his contract. I notice that the article on the official website does not wish him well etc. Are suitable full-time mechanics really that scarce in the UK?
  5. TonyO

    Somerset 2019

    Has the date been confirmed for the British Under 21 Semi Final? It still says TBC on the SGB website. Good news though, the pairs has been announced for Friday 20th September. Thursday 19th September Swindon at home to Poole, Friday the pairs at the OTA and off to Cardiff on the Saturday. Fit in a few rounds of golf and that's my long weekend sorted.
  6. TonyO

    Somerset 2019

    Unfortunately there are not enough fixtures to ensure regular meetings every month. Overall I think that the balance is better than last year and we've got 3 meetings in July and 4 in August. No matter how the fixture list was compiled it is inevitable that there would be some negative comments. I've been reading through some of the posts from the Premier League and although I was initially disappointed that we dropped down a league, I'm now of the opinion that we're going to have a better season in the Championship. Speedway in the UK is in a mess and as you point out, we have speedway to watch. I'm looking forward to the season starting and I'm optimistic that we will have some good entertainment at the OTA this year.
  7. Before the second leg of the semi final against the Rebels Betfair had Poole at 9/4 to win the Premiership outright. They're now 7/2. Surely they've got more chance now with a big lead than they had before they'd even got to the final. I had a few quid on at 9/4 for the value and I've had to have a few more on at 7/2 for even better value. I didn't really have much interest in who won but I have now. I guess no one at Betfair takes any notice of the comments on this forum! Kings Lynn are 1/6. So if you fancy them to lift the title you need to put £6 on to win £1. I just don't understand how Kings Lynn can be such favourites even if they have a big track advantage for the second leg.

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