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  1. TonyO

    Somerset 2019

    Is Berge still planning to ride for Belle Vue? Presumably not based on his excuse for quitting Somerset. More importantly, will we be able to get a straight replacement or will someone else need to be sacrificed, as has happened in the past? IMO he should receive a lengthy ban from UK speedway for not honouring his contract. I notice that the article on the official website does not wish him well etc. Are suitable full-time mechanics really that scarce in the UK?
  2. TonyO

    Somerset 2019

    Has the date been confirmed for the British Under 21 Semi Final? It still says TBC on the SGB website. Good news though, the pairs has been announced for Friday 20th September. Thursday 19th September Swindon at home to Poole, Friday the pairs at the OTA and off to Cardiff on the Saturday. Fit in a few rounds of golf and that's my long weekend sorted.
  3. TonyO

    Somerset 2019

    Unfortunately there are not enough fixtures to ensure regular meetings every month. Overall I think that the balance is better than last year and we've got 3 meetings in July and 4 in August. No matter how the fixture list was compiled it is inevitable that there would be some negative comments. I've been reading through some of the posts from the Premier League and although I was initially disappointed that we dropped down a league, I'm now of the opinion that we're going to have a better season in the Championship. Speedway in the UK is in a mess and as you point out, we have speedway to watch. I'm looking forward to the season starting and I'm optimistic that we will have some good entertainment at the OTA this year.
  4. Before the second leg of the semi final against the Rebels Betfair had Poole at 9/4 to win the Premiership outright. They're now 7/2. Surely they've got more chance now with a big lead than they had before they'd even got to the final. I had a few quid on at 9/4 for the value and I've had to have a few more on at 7/2 for even better value. I didn't really have much interest in who won but I have now. I guess no one at Betfair takes any notice of the comments on this forum! Kings Lynn are 1/6. So if you fancy them to lift the title you need to put £6 on to win £1. I just don't understand how Kings Lynn can be such favourites even if they have a big track advantage for the second leg.

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