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  1. Couple of decent races from Swindon meeting, there were plenty more.
  2. Start delayed to 8.00 and the rain is getting even heavier. Just call it off.
  3. Typical been dry all day and started pouring down at 6.50. Track wet now and looks like rain in for another hour at least. Would rather they called it off then try and start in these conditions.
  4. Most tracks take a few heats to get going, but especially this one first 4 heats or so are always going to be more processional as the grip is round the inside early on, once the dirt starts moving out that’s when the racing lines develop. The 5:00 rain misses too, might be some rain about 7.00 now but that might miss too. Nightmare for the track guys knowing how much to water.
  5. Been no rain at all, might get a bit of rain around 5.00 as we might catch the edge of a band going across but it won’t be much. Fridays Colts meeting started in time despite very heavy rain an hour before start.
  6. Belle Vue ‘Rentruck’ Aces: Craig Cook, Steve Worrall, Dan Bewley, Rohan Tungate, Max Fricke (C), Jye Etheridge, Damian Dróżdż; TM: Mark Lemon Somerset ‘Cases’ Rebels: Jason Doyle (C), Bradley Wilson-Dean, Aaron Summers, Richard Lawson, Jack Holder, Jake Allen, Nico Covatti; TM: Garry May
  7. Will Rosco be slating Morris again like he did last time.
  8. @Phil The Ace put on Facebook : "Getting alot of stick for my behaviour towards starman over on BSF apparently. And rightly so. I apologise to him and anyone else I offended. If anyone's on there fan they please put on my apology. As I have been banned from there"
  9. Yep of course everyone going to stay around for that!
  10. Poor promotion from BSI this year, stadium is only going to be two thirds full and no fan zone outside the stadium this year. Half an hour before gates open and nobody around when in past it’s been buzzing.
  11. Of all the fuss Poole made about not wearing race suits, why has Klindt decided to get himself a new Poole race suit and not wear race jacket lol.
  12. Rob B

    Team Hancock Haj

    All been done before and didn’t last, there was Team Exide (Hancock & Hamil), Team Nilsen (Nilsen & Crump), Team Rickardsson (Rickardsson & Polish rider), Team Tatum (Nikon’s Klingberg I seem to remember) none lasted long.
  13. Rob B

    Bt Sport Coverage

    When this happens they have normally changed the programme in some way like the title or time so the recording gets cancelled.
  14. BSI really pricing everything too high, also the semi final at Belle Vue was too high, and the Danish GP is ridiculously high and looks like it could only be half full.
  15. Rob B

    Bt Sport Coverage

    Don't know what happened tonight but it seems anyone who set it to record on Sky it didn't record, BT must have changed the programme information at last minute.

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