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  1. Belle vue -V- Rye House 23.04.18

    Heat 14 & 15 wow. Tungate passing Kasprzak on last lap and then heat 15 Super Dan Bewley passing Kasprzak on final bend!
  2. Belle vue -V- Rye House 23.04.18

    Due to stop about 6.30. First 4 races or so will be bit wet but will be dry underneath.
  3. Paul Bowen won a race last year in KOC semi final.
  4. Heat 6 had to be stopped as Rose ran into side of Fricke, impeding him and damaging his bike. Thought it was the best racing I’ve seen at Kings Lynn for years, mainly because it wasn’t supper grippy as often has been, track was slicker which meant riders had to look for different lines.
  5. KL did their ‘hot laps’, Belle Vue complained and said they wanted to go out too so Buster spat his dummy out and dumped loads of water down making the track like a skating rink.
  6. Steve says he has lost weight personally and also reduced weight of the bikes too.
  7. Time was over 4 seconds slower then track record, which was set by Iversen at World Cup raceoff and on extremely grippy track, no one has come close to it since. They didn't shake hands as Bewley rode on quite fast but Doyle did wave and let on.
  8. Bewley trying a different clutch this year too, getting use to.
  9. I can only presume he had a commitment in Poland which has been cancelled.
  10. The racing was terrible, up until heat 12 there hadn’t been a single pass or anyone close to even making a pass. Couple of oases in last few heats but that was heatleaders passing number 7’s which would always expect. It was all about gating and the gates were inconsistent.
  11. No he hasn't sorted it fully, 2 of his races tonight his bike slowed and stopped, once before he got to the line and another just after the line.