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  1. After heat 6 I thought we would be lucky to win the meeting, never would have thought we we be going into heat 14 with still a chance! In the end 10 points was a good result we let ourselves down in 1st leg as usual. From heat 6 to heat 15 we made up the 14 points, if only we didn’t go behind in the match, heat 2 and heat 5 were the critical heats. Heat 13 what a cracker again! All 4 riders kept passing each other with Cook pipping Doyle on the line for a 5-1! Even better then the heat 13 two weeks ago.
  2. Whoever we used tonight was surely the 2nd choice guest, and they have someone they think will be better on Monday.
  3. Rob B


    We are not talking about the channel, the channel has been around over a year, its the HD version that was promised in June.
  4. Rob B


    It's not actually in HD, it's still an SD channel that you can only get on the HD platform (confusing I know) I hate watching in SD.
  5. Rob B


    Still waiting!
  6. Rob B

    Swedish play-offs 2018

    Could they change next Tuesday to 1st leg and have 2nd leg next Wednesday?
  7. The grandstand is easy to estimate, each block holds 300 there, the middle 3 blocks were nearly full plus all the people up in Peter Craven suite so thats about 900 so are you saying there was less then 300 in south stand? Can at least double that, so minimum 1500.
  8. It was disappointing crowd but it was probably bad timing with schools going back this week and live on TV. But you are talking rubbish, there was about 1000 just in grandstand, i’d say in total it was about 1700.
  9. Heat 10, Tungate & Riss fell first bend, clear 1st bend bunching which ref also said, for some reason Masters was gesturing to referee and when he got back to pits gate he started having a go at Riss, words were exchanged looked like Masters pushed Riss and Riss threw a punch, Masters was straddled over his bike and he fell over his bike, was quickly split up.
  10. No sh!t Sherlock, one word Bewley! He is irreplaceable, was scoring far higher then his average, R/R scored 5 points from 2 meetings, Bewley would have scored at least 18 if not more. Of course any team is going to pick Belle Vue as we are severely weakened!
  11. 52-38 with 1 point R/R for Bewley
  12. Because you are not opening your gates till 7pm, would have been bit tight getting everyone in in 30 minutes
  13. SRBF collection, and after what has just happened to Dan Bewley is quite important, not a tight turnaround doesn’t start till 8.00pm tonight!
  14. Will be fine, cloudy but dry.

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