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  1. Rob B

    Belle Vue 2019

    Doesn't fit, wouldnt want him anyway.
  2. Very poor, combination of school night, Manchester City parade happening and we had a meeting on Thursday. Will be more then double the size on Bank Holiday Monday.
  3. Another mid meeting slip up from Belle Vue, I was actually thinking we were going to struggle to win the meeting after heat 11 but pulled it out of the bag towards the end. Surely Wells has to go now.
  4. The very wide outside line by fence hasn't been working so well this year, it has been noticed that the track is being graded differenty this year with the dirt being brought down from the outside presumably at the request of riders/management. The racing got a lot better as the meeting went on, plenty of passing from heat 10 onwards, heat 10 was great race between Ellis and Fricke and again Ellis was involved in heat 12 with Lidsey which was fantastic. Heat 15 had 2 races in one between Fricke & Doyle and Bjerre & Batchelor, it wasn't about the inside, far from it, plenty of times we were shouting that riders weren't ride wide enough and being passed.
  5. Musielak confirmed he dislocated arm and not riding for Swindon
  6. Rob B

    Warsaw 2019

    Another annoyance of the Polish federation is making all the Polish riders wear the Polish team kevlars.
  7. Rob B

    Warsaw 2019

    Each bike has to have its own transponder so can be easily seen now when a rider changes bikes.
  8. This is ridiculous that Polish league is riding on Friday nights on GP weekend.
  9. Yep got mixed up with Wroclaw meetings. Another Jason, Jason Crump will also be at Belle Vue on Monday!
  10. How stupid is that, it was obvious from before the meeting that track was different to that day. Different riders, different engines need different setups.
  11. He is riding in Poland tomorrow and presumably GP Saturday.
  12. Riding in Poland last year helped a lot.
  13. We’ve had this before with Latvian GP where they got their time zones wrong.
  14. This format really is rubbish. Bring back the World Cup.

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