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  1. You forgot to mention the racing will be crap and will be able to fill out programme after 2nd bend.
  2. If Fricke isn’t fit to ride Thursday I can see it being R/R again. Can’t see Wolves allowing their riders to guest for us and would we want them to.
  3. Either the date is wrong or the teams are wrong way round in title.
  4. Will this finally stop the crap from the certain Wolves fans who kept going on that they would never win at NSS because their riders aren’t light enough, engines not powerful enough, doesn’t take any skill to ride etc etc
  5. Rob B

    Race for the top 4

    They have arranged home to Ipswich, 16th September.
  6. Bewley doesn't double up, in fact I think that is part of the problem this year he's not had enough racing coming back from injury. He does ride in Poland and he was binned off for large portion of the season due to his scores there.
  7. Rob B

    Race for the top 4

    Away points gained vs home points dropped table : Poole +12 Ipswich +9 Swindon +6 Belle Vue +2 Wolverhampton +2 Kings Lynn +1 Peterborough -10 I think it's going to come down to how Belle Vue and Wolves do at Peterborough.
  8. What did you expect them to say this afternoon, he’s stuck in traffic his ETA is 8pm he may miss his first ride or not, don’t be ridiculous. Did you not notice how long they dragged the parade on for.
  9. No it’s not, his bikes are here, he has been in his car for 7 hours, very serious crash on A1 and he was trapped in the closure. https://www.stamfordmercury.co.uk/news/man-airlifted-to-hospital-after-a1-crash-9080083/
  10. Could Wolves have any more luck, Fricke out, NBJ out and now Bjerre not here as stuck in traffic.
  11. R/R will score half the amount Fricke would have scored, that’s about 6 or more points lost so 12 point difference on score.
  12. Belle Vue now announced it’s R/R for Fricke
  13. Did you not watch the GP and see what he did? Although he carried on riding in the GP, am sure it will have been lot more painful next day when adrenaline wore off. Apart from the person who has posted up further in this thread, not heard from anyone else that’s its R/R.
  14. Last few years they been very selective which blocks they sell, the blocks behind the camera, 1st to 4th bend upper tier hardly have anyone in them now with some completely empty. They try and fill the back straight and 2nd/3rd bends. Last year we bought cheapest tickets and when went to collect them were given free upgrade to back straight middle tier to fill it out.

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