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  1. Poor team, no improvement possible in the top 5, relying on inexperienced reserves for improvement.
  2. PETER CRAVEN MEMORIAL – SATURDAY, OCTOBER 23 @ 7:30PM [IND] Broc Nicol, Tom Brennan, Luke Becker, Jordan Palin, Kyle Howarth, Lewis Kerr, Max Fricke, Dan Bewley, Ryan Douglas, Nick Blödorn, Chris Harris, Jason Crump, Jye Etheridge, Brady Kurtz, Erik Riss, Charles Wright
  3. The photo they posted looks like they put covers on an already wet/damp track, that's a big no no, can sweat badly and be a mess under there with no air to it.
  4. Madsen was trying to slow the race down, the commentators only noticed on final bend but he actually started slowing down off 2nd bend last lap but should have thought about it before then.
  5. I'd say Zmarzlik was to blame, he came right across from inside to outside right in front of Janowski and wasn't as fast.
  6. Given an inside gate finally and wins it easily
  7. Lambert has been taking the best gate every time!
  8. GB did but didn't the rules change after that? Poland were 5-1'd by Russia wasn't a split heat.
  9. It started raining about 1am and been light rain all night and into the morning. Stopped raining at 9.30am and looking at radar shouldn’t be anymore. Will be completely different track to yesterday, for those that complained was too slick it will be lot grippier today as that rain will have soaked into inside and will mean racing won’t be as good in my opinion but we will see.
  10. The crashes were nothing to do with the high line don’t be ridiculous. They were both caused by Doyle being slow and riders behind ploughing into him, not Doyle at fault though. Woffinden was miles behind and had plenty of time to shut off the throttle, the Swedish one was caused by both Swedes behind faster then Doyle and both trying to pass him at same time.
  11. I’m another one who was there and got home started reading all the comments on here and Facebook complaining about the track! There was some great racing today, really enjoyed it the racing is always better when it’s slick as when it’s grippy you just get fast riders riding round inside and no one can can get near them. Slick track means they have to search for the grip. Some muppets were saying the track was dangerous and caused the crashes, unbelievable! It was possibly a little too slick to start off with, that’s because they did 14 heats of practise that finished at 3.15, they were then only allowed 30 minutes to work on the track, so when the meeting started it was like after heat 14 of a normal meeting. Don’t know why practise couldn’t have been earlier! no practise tomorrow but there is going to be rain in the morning so track will be grippier and then the same people will be coming on complaining again.

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