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  1. Swc 2018

    Can't be a coincidence that this announcement is being delayed and there is no news coming out of Belle Vue at the moment.
  2. 2018 Grand Prix Venues

    From Horsens website : AC Horsens is NOT organizers for speedway like the last 3 years, but is responsible for the location, sale and help with the execution. The organizer is BSI Speedway. The tickets are NOT for sale yet. Information about this will be available on our website when there is a clarification on the matter. The race starts the 30 of June 2018, and the race is held at CASA Arena Horsens, Langmarksvej 59, 8700 Horsens, Denmark.
  3. Belle Vue 2018

    Bjerre might not be available if he chooses to ride in Denmark?
  4. Heat 13 : https://youtu.be/_GLz83v0J24
  5. A change to tomorrow’s line-up sees Chris Harris guest for the Belle Vue ‘Rentruck’ Aces in their Knock Out Cup grand final second leg at the National Speedway Stadium in place of Max Fricke. Belle Vue Speedway have today been advised by the SCB/BSPA Management Committee that Craig Cook will receive a Period of Inactivity for 7 days, as per Speedway Regulation 16.5.1 f. He will be eligible to return on Sunday 22nd October and his clubs are eligible to operate a facility in his absence. Belle Vue Speedway will therefore operate Rider Replacement at No.3. The SCB will issue a further statement on the matter on Monday October 16. BELLE VUE V WOLVERHAMPTON - 7:30PM - MONDAY OCTOBER 16 - SGBP KOC GF L2 Belle Vue ‘Rentruck’ Aces Kenneth Bjerre, Steve Worrall, Craig Cook R/R, Rohan Tungate, Chris Harris (G), Dan Bewley, Jack Smith; TM: Mark Lemon Wolverhampton ‘Parrys International’ Wolves Scott Nicholls (G), Richard Lawson (G), Richie Worrall (G), Jacob Thorssell R/R, Sam Masters ©, Mark Riss Nathan Greaves; TM: Peter Adams
  6. All the bikes already gone, they had to be in Amsterdam on Monday I think.
  7. If Howarth is fit he will be riding for Sheffield.
  8. It wasnt raining when started! It rained from 6.30 to 7.00, stopped, they worked on track till 8.15 it was in decent condition then. Then it started raining again just before 9.00.
  9. Meeting abandoned after 6 heats after more heavy rain. Been rearranged for Monday.
  10. Yes we thought those 2, or Palm Toft etc. What about Nick Morris again?
  11. One drunk idiot who threw a plastic bottle was dealt with.
  12. So has anyone bikes been shipped out to replace Fricke?
  13. m Ah right thats the reason for the large section of fans doing V signs, masterbation signs and shouting foul language. Wolverhampton trying attract families, I would never take my kids there. Wolverhampton management have acknowledged they have an issue with their column in a programme in August warning fans of their behaviour.
  14. Can a Wolverhampton fan explain why Craig Cook was getting so much abuse after heat 13 & 15, what has he done?