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  1. Rob B

    SON 2020

    I'm sure there will be refunds if required. Lots of companies like airlines, hotels etc who said they don't normally do refunds are currently doing them.
  2. Wouldn't surprise me if Cardiff is the first GP.
  3. Rob B

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    The National League Colts admission has been £10 adults and free for under 18 since 2016. It has been an absolute bargain, quick look around can see last year Mildenhall were charging £13 last year and Kent were charging £15! So can't complain at an increase to £12 first increase in 4 years for National League with the best racing in the country and good facilities.
  4. Rob B

    SON 2020

    In 2016 you could buy a single day ticket or 2 day, for standing it was something like £25 for the final or £30 for both. The final was pretty much a sell out there was only a handful of tickets left before the event in the temporary stand. The race off the temporary stand was only about half full and they were moving people from standing into there if they wanted.
  5. Rob B

    SON 2020

    Can only think it's the 2 day format that putting people off.
  6. Rob B

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    Big names in the past, league has lost Max Fricke a new GP rider and rising star.
  7. Belle Vue Colts team announced : Jordan Palin Kyle Bickley Connor Bailey Ben Woodhull Ben Rathbone Paul Bowen Harry McGurk
  8. Rob B

    SON 2020

    They not on sale yet, maybe waiting for confirmation of stand size etc? I’m sure it will happen else capacity will only be about 3500ish. in 2016 there was the huge temporary stand on the 3rd/4th bend plus there was an additional standing stand on 1st bend that not there anymore which made capacity 9000.
  9. Rob B

    SON 2020

    Looks like can only buy 2 day tickets.
  10. Rob B

    SON 2020

    Not heard anything definite, but I would really think that stand will back. i would have thought there will be significant discount to buy 2 day ticket so if you bought 2 seperate tickets would probably cost more.
  11. Rob B

    SON 2020

    The Diamond lodge usually gets reserved by the club for officials etc. If want cheap, there is a Travelodge less then a mile away down Hyde Road that is £30.99 for the Friday night https://www.travelodge.co.uk/hotels/285/Manchester-Sportcity-hotel?checkIn=08/05/2020&checkOut=09/05/2020&rooms[0][adults]=1&rooms[0][children]=0
  12. Rob B

    SON 2020

    FIM/BSI do the ticketing and set the prices etc for these events, not Belle Vue.
  13. Rob B

    SON 2020

    It's been Saturday and Sunday last 2 years, but as posted above the Friday is a bank holiday so even better.
  14. Rob B

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    Belle Vue Aces team announced ♣️ Brady Kurtz Peter Kildemand Charles Wright Dan Bewley Steve Worrall Jaimon Lidsey Jye Etheridge
  15. Rob B

    Sheffield 2020

    Surely this has got to be a temporary signing until say start of May? Can't see Nicki at his age wanting to ride in 4 leagues for a full season and can Sheffield afford him for a season? But it's a win win, Nicki gets to ride in some meetings to warm up from injury comeback before the major leagues starts, for some decent money. Sheffield get good press and social media coverage now and good crowds to start the year.

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