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  1. Rob B


    We always stay in Haderslev.
  2. KING'S LYNN: Robert Lambert, Erik Riss, Ty Proctor, Thomas Jorgensen, Niels-Kristian Iversen, Michael Palm Toft, Simon Lambert. BELLE VUE: Max Fricke, R/R for Craig Cook, Steve Worrall, Rohan Tungate, Tobiasz Musielak (G), Dimitri Berge, Coty Garcia (G)
  3. Bickley was due to be number 8 but wasn't allowed to be in the end.
  4. Like I said last night Dale Allitt was the aggressor in it all and should be ashamed of his actions. Etheridge wasn’t too happy with Jorgensen (who did nothing wrong in my view) but it was only a bit of finger pointing and they were 2 metres away from each other. Jorgensen then pulled right in front of Etheridge as they came to a stop, Dale Allitt and Simon Lambert then aggressively got right in Etheridge face, Etheridge mechanic was stood behind them and said something and Allitt turned round and grabbed him by the top and pushed him until he was pinned against the fence like he was a night club bouncer. Aaron Summers there for some reason then pushed Allitt and Allitt nearly fell on his backside.
  5. Fancy that, the top of the league team won at 4th place team with 2 of their best riders missing. Well done Kings Lynn you will win the title easily.
  6. Yes but by very forcefully pushing kings Lynn mechanic and rider away and then all the others piled in, it was nothing to Belle Vue mechanics etc.
  7. 4 points for Bewley and 6 points for Cook answers it all. Could easily double those scores.
  8. Actually that was kings lynn team manager Dale Allit starting the handbags by forcefully pushing Simon Lambert and a Kings Lynn mechanic away. Thought he was going to push the mechanic over the fence!
  9. Inside does seem slicker, all about chasing the dirt line at the moment. Cold temperature could have something to do with it, it’s only 8 degrees because of that they haven’t put any water down tonight when they usually water every 4 heats.
  10. R/R for Bewley scored 8+1 last week so Bellego has to score more then that to gain.
  11. Puts a lot of pressure on Fricke & Tungate.
  12. Confirmed its R/R for Craig Cook (everyone can take ride) and Bellego for Bewley.
  13. Craig Cook has announced he not fit to ride tonight, but will be there and bringing engines to help.
  14. On Saturday evening Craig confirmed that there is broken bone, but he said he had movement and wanted to ride. Nothing has been said since, I suspect it would be stiff Sunday morning.

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