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  1. Rob B

    Stars v Aces 19/05/22

    Only Kings Lynn could, after having a sun delay, then decide to have interval at 9.15pm.
  2. Helped with no Zagar or Etheridge 9 points for them two, Palm Toft was disappointing.
  3. As long as there isn’t one after 7pm then it won’t be an issue. The track has excellent drainage, it hasn’t rained for days so track bone dry. I suspect they will be watering by start time.
  4. Rob B


    Promoter doesn’t have to be at away meetings, most aren’t!
  5. Rob B


    Scott Nicholls would be best in the pits role obviously when not riding. Never rated Crump as a commentator back when he uses to do Aussie GO etc. Pickering was ok as a one off. Why isn’t Chris Louis being used?
  6. I wouldn’t go that far, but I do cringe when I see ‘experienced’ curators dragging the dirt from the outside to the inside. That just makes it worst, dragging loose dirt onto the inside and destroying the dirt line that is building up.
  7. That’s what happens when Buster has input, he ruined Kings Lynn.
  8. And then didn’t even show it from on board in replay!
  9. Must be Belle Vue, two poor meetings against them, banging in big scores against everyone else.
  10. Good to see they finally realised don’t need to see Dave Rowe at other track and show some racing highlights instead.
  11. Bailey also crashed on that dodgy Newcastle track yesterday, don’t know how he is.
  12. He’s not broken his scaphoid but his hand will still be sore.

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