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  1. Doyle second problem was his own doing, he forgot to turn his fuel on! Crowd was decent but disappointing for nice summers day in school holidays and 1st v 2nd but maybe quite a lot on holiday. Lot more there last week and on previous bank holidays.
  2. Great racing all night but what a final race, both Aces passing Doyle then team riding side by side to keep him beind!
  3. They not at full strength and just ‘strengthened’
  4. Witches getting massacred
  5. Rob B


    Going to be unused soon when the Bradford Bulls move out https://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/news/17840618.bradford-bulls-leave-odsal-dewsbury/
  6. No, he rides for Zielona Gora, riding for them right now in play offs.
  7. Is he still riding in Poland, Denmark & Sweden?
  8. Rob B


    Anything said tonight if they showing a meeting next week?
  9. The embarrassing thing is they obviously never thought what would do if this happened, Surely in all the decades of individuals they must have thought what to do.
  10. Why Adam he crap tonight.
  11. Won’t carry on but how do they decide it between Brennan and Harris? Can’t have a race off in these conditions
  12. We in t-shirts too, been cracking the flags all day, first rain we had in long time.
  13. Light rain currently, looks like the heavy stuff might not be here till 8.30 so might get an hour in.
  14. Looks like it’s pushed over faster, rain will be here by start time now and it a going to be heavy and non stop so can’t see any chance now.
  15. 8.30-9pm it’s due to arrive. how many heats for a result, 12?
  16. With Eurosport starting broadcast at 7pm no reason 1st heat shouldn’t be starting dead on 7.30pm and then get on with it.
  17. Like last year when Bewley was there available to come in.
  18. At least team managers can't get anything wrong.
  19. He could but Brennan already on his way back here.
  20. Feel for the track men, 4 meetings in 4 days would be bad enough but also a practise each day so equivalent of 8 meetings in 4 days, impossible to prepare decent track.
  21. They don't really need it anyway (apart from Danes and it's their home track)
  22. Yes has the power but never happens, I never seen it in my 40+ years watching speedway.
  23. And if other rider had come off then he would have been excluded. So back to original question why does a rider have to come off, can be forced into fence and impeded and it’s ok.
  24. Why does a rider have to fall off for another rider to be excluded for foul riding.

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