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  1. Harry The Goat

    Somerset 2019

    Yes, you're not alone.
  2. Harry The Goat

    Somerset 2019

    Hope so. There are few enough riders coming back to the team from the season just gone. Just Nico so far. Would be good to have a semblance of continuity, despite dropping down from the PL.
  3. Harry The Goat

    Somerset 2019

    If you think the adult season ticket isn't too enticing, look closer at the student version - £203 for 15 meetings. Whereas you'd pay a total of £210 if you attended all meetings at the £14 per meeting student price. A saving of just £7 over the year. Has this been thought through?
  4. Harry The Goat

    01/08/2018 : Somerset v Swindon : Premiership

    It used to be £2 until this year, when they whacked up the price by 40%!
  5. Harry The Goat

    01/08/2018 : Somerset v Swindon : Premiership

    Thinning fixture lists... Thinning crowds... I wonder if there's a connection? Speaking of things thinning, I went for a haircut yesterday. It's the second one I've needed since the last home league meeting (June 25th).
  6. Huge applause to you BurntFaceMan for all your efforts, and for revealing all this. And what a massive disappointment to hear it hasn't worked out. It's unbelievable that some promoters have not been interested, just unbelievable. Do they have ANY nose for business whatsoever? Sadly, I think you're right - 'doomed' is the right word...
  7. Harry The Goat

    Somerset 2018

    As you may well have seen by now, it's been called off: http://www.somersetrebels.co/news.php?extend.2273.1
  8. Harry The Goat

    Rye House 2018

    I think the lack of regular fixtures is HUGELY important. Currently, each Premiership team has around 15 home meetings scheduled each season (+ two or three more if you happen to make the playoffs or KOC). It's no surprise, therefore, that riders want/need to double up/down. And no surprise that fans give up when there's nothing regular any more, no weekly habit to get into. I mean, if you've got a shop, but you only open for one night every two or three weeks from April to September, can you really expect to stand a chance of making much money? Forty years ago you'd have 35 home meetings a year, 21 heats each meeting (13 for the match + 8 second half), meaning a dedicated fan could see 735 races a year at their local track. Nowadays with 15 home meetings and 15 heats per meeting, that's a total of only 225 races a year. Massive difference. In terms of giving speedway fans what they want, surely at the top of the list is the opportunity to regularly see some actual racing?
  9. Harry The Goat

    Somerset v King's Lynn 25/06/18

    Couldn't agree more. Charles would easily have scored more than Claus's current tally of 1 lone point in 2 meetings. This would have affected the outcome tonight... Covatti exceeding all expectations. Vissing the reverse. Good performance by Kings Lynn though. NKI majestic.
  10. Harry The Goat

    Somerset v Poole Prem A. 20/6/18

    I'm disappointed with the news, particularly as regards Jeppesen, who I think's got potential. Was his scoring that bad? HOME - rode in 3 out of 5 meetings, scoring 1, 6+1, and 2+1 AWAY - rode in 5 out of 6 meetings, scoring 3+1, 1, 6, 5+2, and 1+1
  11. I recall Kings Lynn pinched a narrow 46-44 win at the OTA only a year ago, so it seems fitting that Somerset has now done the same in reverse. Unexpected though - I didn't think we'd even get a single league point last night. Well done all riders. I think J Holder is proving to be a really good signing this year.
  12. Me too, unfortunately. Still, a miracle could always occur. Couldn't it?
  13. Just an observation here. I was amused to spot that rule 12.10 of the 2018 Speedway Regulations states: "In all Official Fixtures, riders must provide and wear a jacket, suit or shirt showing the riders Riding Number on the front and back." Having been to several meetings so far this season at various venues, and seen all Premiership teams in action (bar one), I wonder if anyone else has noticed how often this rule is broken? It's the 'riding number on the front' part which is the issue. Many if not most riders do have them, yes, but odd ones don't (e.g. a heat leader in one particular team never wears one), and in one case an entire team didn't. On other occasions the riding number may become obscured by the neck gear protection that some riders wear, rendering it pointless. The riding numbers themselves seem to be of no standard specification, since they vary in where they're positioned on the body, in size and, occasionally, colour, meaning they're not always easy to read. Can't say I'm particularly bothered myself whether or not riders wear numbers on the front - is anyone? - yet the SCB obviously is because they've written it into their 65-page document. And they take no steps to enforce it.
  14. Harry The Goat

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    I couldn't agree more. It's 2018. The technology is to hand. Most teams seem to be filming all their meetings anyway, with excellent quality visuals and often plenty of behind the scenes stuff, commentary, interviews etc. Look at the amount of interest in the proboards site, which simply offers live text updates of the score of a meeting - often several hundred or more people will be viewing (which can easily exceed the crowd size at the meeting itself). It's an untapped income stream. Yet no promoter seems interested. Astonishing.
  15. Harry The Goat

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    And of course at some meetings you could stick the chequered flag out after ONE lap each race and get pretty much the same results as for four laps!

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