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    If demand isn't there for the full price, then the full price is too high. Simple as that. A lower price needs to be applied on a regular basis, not just as a one-off. The aim of a promoter, from a business point of view, is surely to maximise the gate receipts? Not just to keep blindly charging the same as last year + £1 (not counting increases for parking and programmes). Unfortunately, in the manner of HM Government wrestling with the Laffer curve, this would require some testing at different prices, and for different periods of time, to see what would happen, and I can't imagine any clubs would bother to try this.

    Good points, although I wonder if the bit I've highlighted should be the other way round. Higher admission costs = a dwindling fan base.
  3. Somerset 2018

    2016 - Admission £15.00, Car Park £1.00, Programme £2.50 2017 - Admission £16.00, Car Park £1.50, Programme £3.00 2018 - Admission £17.00, Car Park / Programme not sure yet I've been printing my own racecards since early last year, when I turned up for one meeting and they'd sold out of programmes. Since I always want to score the meeting, it seemed the only sensible way to ensure I wouldn't miss out again, and it's now become a habit. But if they offered cheap racecards at the OTA (instead of or in addition to the full colour programme) I would probably buy them.
  4. SGB Premiership Confirmed signings 2018.

    Thanks for updating and pinning this thread. Very useful for reference.
  5. Somerset 2018

    Well done Somerset. Really looking forward to seeing this new-look team in action.
  6. So where did it all go wrong?

    Is this true? You'd think a forum of dedicated fans would - or at least could - provide vital feedback for any promoter. Re Barry Bishop's words, I'm hugely impressed and wish him every success. If only I was within easy striking distance of the IOW.
  7. Somerset 2018

    Great news about Jake returning. A rider who's always enjoyable to watch, and I think he's going to do very well in 2018. Fingers crossed we can get Charles back too. It'll be disappointing if not.