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  1. Aces High

    Belle Vue 2019

    The league is pretty weak though and he does ride our track well so I don't see why he can't. There are not many riders who look like they can score 15 points against us like Freddie and NKI in the league this this year. Lambert will still be a problem of course and Cook could be if he gets his setup right but other than that I am not too worried.
  2. Aces High

    Belle Vue 2019

    Fingers crossed both Becker and Lidsey are good, I would have been happy with either. Don't see why it has to be an either/or.
  3. Aces High

    Belle Vue 2019

    Relies on the two point reserve scoring two points though.
  4. Aces High

    Belle Vue 2019

    Jack's a lovely lad but would we have seriously considered him as a reserve this year? His two seasons in the Premiership have been very poor.
  5. Aces High

    Belle Vue 2019

    I'd agree with that but I think it is a gamble worth taking. His fearlessness is a big part of what makes him so exciting. I hope that the accident makes Dan realise that he needs to focus on improving his gating as he should still be fast out in front where it is a lot safer! Compare that to Kenny last year who lost out due to a stupid 1 over 8.00 rule. He didn't criticise the club, accepted the decision and is back with the team again this year. I can understand Cookie being so disappointed but some things are best said in private.
  6. Aces High

    Belle Vue 2019

    Absolutely, that is the benchmark if we are going to be successful. Once Lambert got the number one spot there was no taking it away from even though he had a very fast and experienced rider in the team as competition. Cook was a huge disappointment leading the team and it was only really because of rolling averages he held on to it for as long as he did. Lambert killing it for team GB at Belle Vue showed it too. We go into the season with two heat leaders who have proven that they can ride as a number one in this league and another in Dan who almost certainly will do at some point in his career. That is what we should be aiming for.
  7. Aces High

    Belle Vue 2019

    He was the only rider of our riders who you could trust to get anywhere near to Lindgren (too close as it turned out).
  8. Aces High

    Belle Vue 2019

    I am happy Bjerre is back if he can ride like he did in 2017. After the home defeats to Kings Lynn last year we simply had to get stronger at the top of the order.
  9. Hope Doyle is ok. Questionable using him three times in four races in a meaningless meeting. Save him for the playoffs?
  10. Pass of the season from Fricke there
  11. Weren’t people saying this about Swindon last year too?
  12. Racing has been cracking tonight. Harsh that Covatti is pointless as he has been well on the pace.
  13. Aces High

    Belle Vue V's Wolves 27/08/18

    Not good, hope Rory is ok. Sad to see two big accidents in such a short space of time, kind of dampens the enthusiasm somewhat.
  14. Shouldn't Fricke be riding at number one for us? His rolling average is 8.24 and 2018 average 8.19. Craig's are 7.92 and 7.54. Doesn't the rider with the best average have to rider at number one now? Fairplay to Lambert for his average of 9.46 from 17 matches this season and deservedly winning the number one spot from Iverson. Really enjoy watching him ride. Hopefully Dan Bewley can make that kind of progression as well, he has already settled into the number three spot really well.
  15. Aces High

    Belle Vue 2018

    Hasn't he ridden like two meetings this season???? Cook has been decent away but has a slightly disappointing home average. Fortunately Max Fricke has effectively been our lead rider all season.

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