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  1. Hope Doyle is ok. Questionable using him three times in four races in a meaningless meeting. Save him for the playoffs?
  2. Pass of the season from Fricke there
  3. Weren’t people saying this about Swindon last year too?
  4. Racing has been cracking tonight. Harsh that Covatti is pointless as he has been well on the pace.
  5. Aces High

    Belle Vue V's Wolves 27/08/18

    Not good, hope Rory is ok. Sad to see two big accidents in such a short space of time, kind of dampens the enthusiasm somewhat.
  6. Shouldn't Fricke be riding at number one for us? His rolling average is 8.24 and 2018 average 8.19. Craig's are 7.92 and 7.54. Doesn't the rider with the best average have to rider at number one now? Fairplay to Lambert for his average of 9.46 from 17 matches this season and deservedly winning the number one spot from Iverson. Really enjoy watching him ride. Hopefully Dan Bewley can make that kind of progression as well, he has already settled into the number three spot really well.
  7. Aces High

    Belle Vue 2018

    Hasn't he ridden like two meetings this season???? Cook has been decent away but has a slightly disappointing home average. Fortunately Max Fricke has effectively been our lead rider all season.
  8. Aces High

    Belle Vue 2018

    Very disappointed in this
  9. Aces High

    Wolves vs Belle Vue . 23/07/18

    Disappointing result but good to see Craig building on the good performances of the weekend and finally looking to step into the number one position.
  10. Aces High


    I enjoyed it but I was slightly disappointed, maybe due to high expectations. I thought it put over the sacrifices and the dangers the riders face perfectly. One thing the I did take away was that the sport is way more photogenic than the current production setup lets on. The go-pro headcam footage, the ace shot of Tai in the middle of the track as one of the Thomson's rides by him, the close ups in the bends. There is loads of stuff you could do to push the boat out. With Motorsport becoming increasingly unfashionable it's really hard to attract new interest but between this, the Webber/Doyle interview segment and the video packages at the start I thought BT did a brilliant job of making the sport look big time.
  11. Aces High

    Wolves vs Belle Vue . 23/07/18

    Hopefully Drozdz can pull out another surprising performance again.
  12. Aces High

    Rye House 2018

    Clubs knew they would be riding home meetings on Wednesdays before they put together their lineups. They shouldn't have been signing Danish riders!
  13. Aces High

    Rye House 2018

    I posted earlier in this thread somewhere how you could setup a conference system similar to how the NFL is based and it would totally work. I also like the idea suggested of having club owned bikes. With the setups that riders have and the amount of travelling they do I can't figure out how they are making money, especially if they have bikes in both the UK and on the continent. I am not a huge fan of a level playing field in other forms of Motorsport but it would totally work in speedway - averages would mean something as we would really know who the best riders were. The only problem is that the initial investment to set this up would probably stop this ever happening and it would be difficult to stop teams getting an advantage and making it best equipment wins. That would require a level of scrutiny that we know that the BSPA would not be capable of overseeing.
  14. Should absolute smash these, poor side.
  15. Aces High

    Rye House 2018

    Group A Belle Vue, Wolverhampton, Sheffield, Workington, Scunthorpe Group B Glasgow, Edinburgh, Berwick, Newcastle, Redcar Group C Poole, Swindon, Somerset, Eastbourne**, Leicester Group D Rye House, Lakeside, Kings Lynn, Ipswich, Peterborough Teams in Group A would ride 2x Home 2x Away against teams in their own group - 16 Meetings They would ride one meeting home and away against teams in the other two groups - So group B and C one season, C/D the next - 20 Meetings Playoffs: 4 Group Winners would meet in semi finals with the two winners proceeding to the grand final.

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