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  1. Aces High

    Rye House 2018

    Clubs knew they would be riding home meetings on Wednesdays before they put together their lineups. They shouldn't have been signing Danish riders!
  2. Aces High

    Rye House 2018

    I posted earlier in this thread somewhere how you could setup a conference system similar to how the NFL is based and it would totally work. I also like the idea suggested of having club owned bikes. With the setups that riders have and the amount of travelling they do I can't figure out how they are making money, especially if they have bikes in both the UK and on the continent. I am not a huge fan of a level playing field in other forms of Motorsport but it would totally work in speedway - averages would mean something as we would really know who the best riders were. The only problem is that the initial investment to set this up would probably stop this ever happening and it would be difficult to stop teams getting an advantage and making it best equipment wins. That would require a level of scrutiny that we know that the BSPA would not be capable of overseeing.
  3. Should absolute smash these, poor side.
  4. Aces High

    Rye House 2018

    Group A Belle Vue, Wolverhampton, Sheffield, Workington, Scunthorpe Group B Glasgow, Edinburgh, Berwick, Newcastle, Redcar Group C Poole, Swindon, Somerset, Eastbourne**, Leicester Group D Rye House, Lakeside, Kings Lynn, Ipswich, Peterborough Teams in Group A would ride 2x Home 2x Away against teams in their own group - 16 Meetings They would ride one meeting home and away against teams in the other two groups - So group B and C one season, C/D the next - 20 Meetings Playoffs: 4 Group Winners would meet in semi finals with the two winners proceeding to the grand final.
  5. Aces High

    Rye House 2018

    You are spot on here. When I lived in Norfolk my Dad used to take me to watch Kings Lynn (the knights as they were then) and the meetings against Peterborough and Ipswich were always the best to go to. BV have to make do with Wolves but it would be nice to have a team like Sheffield for example to match up against.
  6. Drozdz did alright again too. We seem to have found a polish lad better at small tracks than big ones which would be great if our home track wasn’t massive
  7. Aces High

    Somerset v Poole Prem A. 20/6/18

    At least Poole won pre-season Matt.
  8. Cook has been picking up some decent scores away from home which should help. Hopefully Max and Dan can continue to step up as Drozdz still needs a bit longer to get used to some of the different UK tracks. Even a point would be a good result.
  9. There's more than one way to skin a cat. BV is a very good track but criticising all other tracks for not being the same layout seems a bit weird. There are plenty of decent tracks in the UK.
  10. How is that stupid? Makes it far fairer. Helps give teams with a smaller talent pool (such as GB) compete against the teams with a larger one.
  11. At the meeting I didn't realise Cook was on a warning and was very disappointed for him. However knowing that I think Rossiter did the right thing for the team and should be commended for it. I felt that the replacement in the second heat was pre-planned but when Lambert won he had to stick with him. Lambert then followed that up with another race win and by that point I don't think Rossiter had much choice but to go with the form rider. It would have been unfair to pull Robert at that point and although he slipped up against Italy throwing Craig back in for those two heats after everyone else had four heats under their belts would have been unfair. Lambert grabbed his opportunity and Cook didn't. Will Cook be disappointed? I would have thought he absolutely would be, he has to know it has been a poor season so far. This has been a new low but even in the league he has been outshone by Fricke, Bewley, Worrall and now Tungate. As a BV fan I will be hoping he can turn it around next Monday but he must be about fourth or fifth favourite for that meeting now on his home track. If he doesn't win it or go close I can't see where the turnaround is coming at the moment.
  12. I wouldn't completely write France off from competing. Bellego does alright in league meetings at our place and Berge was in the mix for a lot of the 90th anniversary meeting.
  13. Pure class that! Hopefully we will see riders helping their team mates out tonight instead of disappearing off into the distance. Despite all the moaning on here I am really looking forward to going to this tonight.
  14. Is Gino ok? Felt awful watching that.
  15. Aces/Stars match thread - now with tinfoil hats.

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