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  1. Belle vue -V- Rye House 23.04.18

    From speedwaygb website, definitely supports the idea of him being level headed. Nice to see from Max Fricke too, he has been brilliant so far both home and away.
  2. Belle vue -V- Rye House 23.04.18

    Two heat 15's in a row for Bewley, everyone in the team chipping in. Very happy with how things went tonight.
  3. Wolverhampton v Poole. Prem A. 23/4/18

    Early days, stick by them. Growing pains but Poole will walk the league this year
  4. Belle vue -V- Rye House 23.04.18

    Is Etheridge riding in this meeting or do we have another guest in as well? (apologies in advance if this has already been posted)
  5. Belle vue -V- Rye House 23.04.18

    Man on a mission at the moment. Somehow exceeding expectations this year despite them already being high.
  6. Belle Vue 2018

  7. Shame about the result but about as expected given our injury problems. Seems Dan Bewley is already outgrowing riding at reserve too.
  8. Same way as on Monday, by Max, Cookie, and DB picking up the slack. Away from home that is a much bigger ask though so, as usual in speedway, home win is the only prediction that makes sense. Fingers crossed we can pick something up.
  9. Nice one, Lasse is good value as a guest rider as you know you're still going to get 100% out of him.
  10. Good post. I think amongst the pre-season hyperbole it got lost that Poole are only retained two young riders from last years team. With such a young team, containing 3 riders who haven't raced in the UK recently, a young lad at reserve and an inexperienced number one it is only right to allow time for the team to gel. Holder has always been the key to this side and it is unfair to judge them until he is in the mix as his experience will be invaluable. Despite that they have been pretty good so far.
  11. I thought Woryna looked decent for Poole and Josh G had a good meeting. Thought it was weird that they were all wearing their own gear though. Max and Dan were the stars of the night for BV but Cook looked a bit quicker tonight as well. Lasse Bjerre was involved in loads of close racing so was good value for money as a guest. We really missed Worrall and that made the meeting a lot closer than it should have been.
  12. 10 point away win
  13. Dan B flying tonight, very impressive.
  14. Woryna with a great pass on Lasse Bjerre on the last lap to get a 5-1 for Poole. Spring Rohan has turned up it seems, very frustrating.
  15. 17-7 BV after 4 heats. Poole with a lot of work to do.