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  1. BristolRebel

    Somerset 2019

    Shame about dropping down, although more home meetings gives me more of a chance to visit the OTA as I was only able to attend a couple of meetings last year. I think in terms of the team start with Charles and Nico and then build from there. I would like to see Henry Atkins in Rebels colours due to his history with the club, my only worry is that it might be a little too soon and could knock his confidence going forward.
  2. BristolRebel

    Somerset 2019

    Assuming things stay the same I’d like to see something like Doyle - 9.57 NBJ - 5.00 Wright - 5.27 C.Holder - 7.16 J.Holder - 7.23 Covatti - 4.57 Number 7 - 4.11 Or NKI - 7.36 NBJ - 5.00 Wright - 5.27 C.Holder - 7.16 J.Holder - 7.23 Covatti - 4.57 Allen / BWD - 4.59 / 5.22 I’m not sure of his average but I feel Rasmus Jensen would be a brilliant signing, used to go so well around our place.
  3. BristolRebel

    Poole v Somerset. Prem B. 13/8/18 BT Sports.

    Yellow card for Summers there
  4. BristolRebel

    Somerset 2018

    Doesn’t appear to be many good guests available to cover for Doyley. Hoping Jack can step up in his absense. While I was browsing the GSAs couldn’t help but notice there are a few riders down in Dorset on tasty averages for next year .
  5. BristolRebel

    Somerset 2018

    Would Rasmus Jensen fit? He always scored well when he rode for us, I was gutted when we didn’t resign him. He’s scoring pretty well in the Championship at the moment. Potentially Bomber & Jensen for Lawson & Summers. Looking forwadd to seeing Summers at the OTA.
  6. BristolRebel

    Somerset 2018

    Congrats Doyley, first of many golds for Somerset!
  7. It will be interesting to see how Jeppesen goes at the dustbowl
  8. Line up per Somerset’s website: Rye House: Chris Harris, Krzysztof Kasprzak, Edward Kennett, Scott Nicholls (Capt), Aaron Summers, Max Clegg, Nikolai Busk-Jakobsen - Team manager: Peter Schroek Somerset: Jason Doyle (Capt), Jake Allen, Charles Wright, Jack Holder, Richard Lawson, Jonas Jeppesen, Bradley Wilson-Dean - Team manager: Garry May I think the hometrack advantage will play dividend. Home win by a couple, potential for an upset.
  9. Was it not the Falcons I saw last night?
  10. Enjoyable meeting once the track came good. Disappointed by the lack of credit given to Somerset on here. Excellent team put together by Mr. May. Jonas and BWD are certainly going to be our trick shot this year. I think once the track settles down were in for a treat this season. Poole looked poor but I’m sure they’ll scrape their way into the playoffs at the last second with some dodgy signings, like they always do. I have to say the moral of the Poole boys on that track looked dire. Heads down, no communication, no passion. I can only assume the atmosphere on this forum transcends into the pits. Can’t wait to finish the job in Dorset.
  11. BristolRebel

    Sheffield 2018

    As a Rebels fan, out of curiosity, how did Charles look out there, was he worth his maximum? Never a boring moment when he’s on track at the Oak Tree Arena.
  12. BristolRebel

    Somerset 2018

    Definitely an option. I don’t like the idea that an overpriced programme is an important revenue stream for Speedway. I think it’s a tragedy that Speedway has completely neglected the power of the Internet and the potential revenue they could recieve online. It’s damn near criminal that there is no online shop on the website over the Christmas period. You cannot tell me that the £3 programme is a necessity when money is just thrown away over the Christmas period. An online shop would open up Speedway merch gifts to the non-fan shopping for the fan something that now is impossible.
  13. BristolRebel

    Somerset 2018

    Especially when the team sheet is usually wrong by the time of the event. I’d rather a 50p foursided racecard and advert sheet anyday.
  14. BristolRebel

    Somerset 2018

    Are we looking at a different team? What do you think makes it look so awful?
  15. BristolRebel

    Somerset 2018

    Really like the look of this team. Everyone has potential to boost their average.

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