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  1. Stoneroses

    Sheffield 2020

    Great news! already looking forward to belle vue away, is the zoo still open lol.
  2. Todd Kurtz should be the first name on our list
  3. Stoneroses

    Sheffield 2019

    Dont know if it would fit and not in riding order but what about. Josh Grajczonek Kyle Howarth Kasper Andersen Todd Kurtz Zaine Kennedy Brock Nicol James Shanes
  4. Stoneroses

    Sheffield 2018

    No meeting this week, top gun the week after. The fixtures this season are a joke, I've started bringing my new partner to speedway for the first time this year. How do I explain the gaps between team meetings and keep her interest in a new (to her) sport? I now know how the workington fans feel. I've been a regular for over 45 years and every Thursday during the summer was speedway night, now I don't know if I can be bothered anymore. Something needs sorting for next season.
  5. Stoneroses

    Sheffield v Ipswich 5/7/18 Championship

    Jack Smith as a guest alongside the Aussie Brit makes this interesting
  6. Don't like to bad mouth any rider but that has to be the worst showing by a guest at number one ever
  7. Josh as much as I like the Barnsley chop should have been replaced as soon as he fell off his sledge, with this season being so short, we really are going to struggle to keep in contention for the top four. I reckon we just have to swallow this pill and go for next season the promotion team at Sheffield have done us proud in the last few years, let's not forget the years between the cup win in the 70's and the title wins of the Wilson era, or the years we did not even run. I remember the high light of the year was to see if we could get one over Belle vue not win the league. Reality check guy's lets just enjoy what we've got.
  8. Stoneroses

    Scorpions riders

    A guest captain? Would that be a first? Do you want to borrow Steady as team manager just to round things off
  9. Ostergaard declared himself fit, could be close this one
  10. Charles looks like he's been at Owlerton for years, both Smudger jnr and James will more than hold there own at reserve. Todd is looking like a heat leader at the moment, Kyle and Lasse could turn out as the best top two in the league and when we get Josh back, this team could take some stopping.
  11. Stoneroses

    Sheffield v Peterborough 12-4

    Aqua speedway anyone?
  12. Stoneroses

    Sheffield v Peterborough 12-4

    Home win for me, though I expect the Panthers to run us close. Lot may depend on which ully turns up and what bike Scott is using.
  13. Stoneroses

    Sheffield v Newcastle 05.04.18

    Sheffield 59 Newcastle 31, great to see both Jack and James get their first paid wins, Kyle, Charles and Lasse unbeaten and solid showing from Todd. For Newcastle Wilkinson Morris looked good, Robson and wethers had a go but the rest dreadfull only points they got was against reserves,
  14. Stoneroses

    Sheffield 2018

    Spot on! That sounds fair enough to me. Other promotional teams should take note,
  15. Stoneroses

    Sheffield v Newcastle 05.04.18

    This could be a cracking meeting Newcastle along with Berwick have been written off by most "experts" and tho' I can only see a win for the tigers. I expect a shock or two along the way.

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