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  1. cometbaz

    bandits 2020

    You might think it's an underwhelming team but I wish we had it at Workington. It's the team you've got so get behind them or you'll be joining our increasing defunct clubs list.
  2. cometbaz

    Newcastle 2020

    Riders averages should be capped in the lower leagues. Would be much better racing if you had a two full teams of 6 point men riding against each other rather than Cookie against Danny Phillips
  3. cometbaz

    Newcastle 2019

    There is not enough difference between the two leagues now. In the days when Stoney was hitting maximums week in week out at workington he would do a meeting in the elite league and score 5 points as a reserve or second string. Nowadays championship heat leaders can be heat leaders in the premiership. The whole set up has lost its way and teams have lost their identities.
  4. My guess is Reds will move to Derwent Park and Borough Park will be flattened. Council will then decide there is no money for new stadium and will sell the land for development. Reds and Town will share Derwent Park and Speedway will never be able to return there.
  5. cometbaz

    Workington 2019

    Really sad news. Have to feel for the seven riders. They must feel that they've been badly stitched up. Rasmus will be pleased he followed the big money to Glasgow. He was slated for not showing any loyalty to Workington but that all seems a bit hypocritical now. Hope this isn't the end for the Comets.
  6. cometbaz

    Workington 2019

    Surely if the lease is signed by a limited company then that company goes bust, the council would have no comeback? So all any club has to do to commit to a 50 year lease is become a limited company.
  7. cometbaz

    Workington 2018 .

    What a time to be a comets fan. Having watched since the early 70's this has been a long time coming. I'm convinced our success has been down to building a team with strength in depth and no big hitters. Any of the riders could have ended up at reserve without altering the balance of the team. For years we have had second strings dropping to reserve and the reserve moving up and been totaly out of their depth. This year, if a rider had an off night all the others could carry him Its fantastic to have ended the season with the team we started with and there wasn't a weak link among them. Kyle has done everything that was expected of him and this weekend showed what he can do with full credit to the management for sticking with him. Many thanks to Laura and her team for what they have done for us and I sincerely hope that she can find the necessary backing to continue next year. Maybe someone could also be found to knock some sense into the council with their hairbrained stadium ideas. It's time they got into the real world. Heres hoping we're all back next year to defend our THREE 7 man trophies.
  8. I hate rider replacement full stop. I think it should only be used as absolute last resort. We pay to see 7 riders racing and it causes major problems if any injuries happen during a meeting. Think once two minute light is on riders should be at the tapes ready to start when the light goes out. If they want to garden and mess about at the start then they would have to get out early. It would also stop the mind games between riders who want to be last at the tapes.
  9. Cant believe what I've just seen. Never seen the lads ride with such determination and passion. If they can do that over 2 legs to Edinburgh they can do it to anyone! Well done the Comets!
  10. cometbaz

    Derwent Park

    Have to agree THJ. Teams like Workington just don't get the support to sustain a fully professional team. Time to go back to the days when 90% of the riders held down a full time job and rode in their spare time. Leave the high flying, full timers and their ever increasing demands to the premiership and make the championship a stand alone league, all be it a a lower level than now but at least sustainable for the crowd levels we get.
  11. Excellent meeting last night. Thouroughly enjoyed it with plenty of passing. Klindt had a night to forget Rasser was superb Ben Barker an excellent choice of guest and always seemed to be trying his hardest Rene had a good night after a slow start and showed the type of determination we know he is capable of Ty does not seem as sharp as he did a month or two ago when he was guesting for everyone and banging big scores in everywhere but did OK Kyle did well again and it was good to see him getting points after a brave pass down the back straight when plenty of others would have shut off. I'm so pleased he is finally getting his rewards at this level Mason had a solid night but definitely needs faster machinery as proved by Nicolai when he borrowed his bike He was first out of the start but struggled to hold third Just a thought but if a rider like Klindt last night, blows a bike up in the pits when warming up, couldn't Hoggy announce it to the crowd? If we knew what was happening it would be less frustrating for us and we would feel more sympathetic towards the rider concerned
  12. Good result but very poor meeting. All won from the gate. Was more passing in the junior meeting that followed than the main match.
  13. cometbaz

    Glasgow 2018

    Workington have a team of 6 point men and doing very nicely thank you (when they can get a meeting). There's a lot to be said for strength in depth.
  14. Simple answer is you should be allowed a guest for any missing rider. I know there will be arguments when people will say that teams are using a facility to strengthen up but as long as it is a rider with the same average then so be it. The public pay to see 7 riders not the crap that will be served up tomorrow.
  15. cometbaz

    Workington 2018 .

    Just read the press release about cancelling all the Friday night fixtures after tomorrow. What an absolute shambles this sport is. You couldn't make it up. Does anybody know any other business that is run in such an amateurish way. Those in charge get a holiday in the sun to dream up this crap. They must supply them with drugs to come up with the ideas that they do. Will the last one to leave please turn the light out. British speedway doesn't stand a chance with the present clowns in charge.

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