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  1. Redcar handed fours

    They had to get it on a certain date to make sure the car parking at the adjacent Karting / moto cross facilities will also be in full sole operation by Redcar Speedway for the 4s meeting. Dont worry everything has been well and truly thought out before this meeting was accepted by the promotion
  2. Thanks for the info. Can you tell me what time it would finish on the Sunday evening. Just planning flights and can get one back on Sunday to Newcastle or would maybe need to stay until Monday. Cheers
  3. Redcar 2018

    Last years track was superb and produced great racing. With Terry back again this season Im sure you will see as good if not better.
  4. thanks a million for the info.
  5. Im looking to go to Berlin for the meeting on 3/4th of March and very new to the Ice Speedway scene. Does Saturday consist of qualifying and Sunday the final or are they run over a 2 day final format ? Sorry for the ignorance in the post.
  6. Redcar 2018

    All will be revealed tonight. The promotion will put together the best possible team they can under the restraints they have. Sadly we dont have a huge financial backing like a couple of the other clubs so you can only pay out what you can afford. Still reckon Kev and Ben will give a team well worth coming to watch each week. One thing you will get is 100% transparency and any questions will be answered by them.