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  1. Parsy29

    Newcastle 2019

    It was a nice send off for a good bloke. George certainly wasnt perfect and at times could be a bit of a pain, however he was genuine and told you his thoughts. He was a one off and someone I certainly enjoyed having in my life from the start. He will be a huge miss to many people at Brough and it was great to see so many give him a decent send off. RIP George Regards Gavin
  2. Parsy29

    REDCAR 2019

    IF Redcar Racer has the team correct it looks like a cracker to me. 3 established heat leaders, 3 young Brits all still very much heading upwards in the sport and Jordy who I have a feeling could be a huge player in the championship next season. Time will tell if he is correct but I for one would be over the moon if it was proved to be the case.
  3. Parsy29

    REDCAR 2019

    First big signing for Redcar 2019 has to be Terry The Track is back. Week in and week out he produces one of the best racing tracks in the country. Welcome back Terry your a massive cog in the mechanics of Redcar Bears
  4. Parsy29

    Teesside Silver Helmet

    Right call made by the promotion. Pretty grim evening and a lot of expense on flights etc would have been wasted. Fingers crossed for better weather next Thursday.
  5. Parsy29

    NJL fours Final

    Yes a match programme was produced. 1st Peterborough 2nd Newcastle 3rd Castleford 4th Glasgow ( Ashfield )
  6. Friday 10th August 2018 after Redcar versus Sheffield Dale Lamb - Ashfield ( Glasgow ) Sponsors Irene and Stewart Marron Fuel Oil and Tyre Leon Flint - Berwick Sponsors - Fuel Oil - Colin Easton Plumbing Tyre - Dave Rowland Kieran Douglas - Berwick Sponsors - Fuel Oil - Colin Easton Plumbing - Tyre - OK Racing Lewis Millar - Edinburgh Sponsors Fuel Oil - Phil Spence Tyre - Dave Jameison James Hitchen - Edinburgh Sponsors - Fuel Oil and Tyre Hartburn Garage ( Graham Abel ) Josh Embleton - Newcastle Sponsors - Fuel Oil - Steve Pate, Teen Print Tyre - OK Racing Ben Rathbone - Peterborough Sponsors Fuel Oil and Tyre Peterborough Speedway Gavin Parr - Redcar Sponsors Fuel Oil - Northern Scaffold Solutions, Tyre OK Racing, Lee Carr
  7. Is the ruling ( I stand to be corrected ) not about what position the riders are in but more so that if the referee deems the falling rider did not make a proper attempt to clear the track. If your knocked unconscious he probably had a pretty good excuse. Its to try and stop riders who fall at the back when they are getting 1-5d and just staying down for a re run I believe.
  8. If you had seen him in the pits afterwards you would have understood why he didnt clear the track ;-) he didnt even know he was in Newcastle for a long time and asked his mechanic after about 20 minutes what had happened and where had he crashed. It was worrying to see him sitting in his chair with the lights on but no one at home.
  9. Parsy29

    Redcar v Glasgow 17/5/18

    I watched his first meeting at Peterborough and he beat Nichols in heat 1. Then in his 2nd he was on a 5-1 with Barker when he flipped coming out of the corner and suffered some internal damage. He then struggled for a few weeks with injury and his engines just were not performing. Sent them off to SWR before last weeks Julie Lewis meeting and I think we have all now seen what the lad is capable of. Could easily be in a heat leader role before long.
  10. Parsy29

    Redcar v Glasgow 17/5/18

    The racing at STMP since Terry took over the track duties at the start of last season has been second to none. Yep the team has been struggling so far this season but thats also got something to do with every away rider relishing the prospect of racing at Redcar. Last night as you say was Speedway right out of the top drawer.
  11. New Line Up for 10th May 2018 staging 1 Jordan Stewart 2 Matt Williamson3 Max Ruml4 Kevin Doolan5 Matej Kus6 Tobias V Thomsen7 Ty Proctor8 Jacob Bukhave9 David Wallinger10 Aaron Summers11 Thomas Jorgensen 12 Simon Lambert13 Ben Barker14 Nike Lunna15 Rafal Konopka 16 Kyle Bickley Res Gavin Parr Res Dave Pye
  12. If Stewart is at reserve he will do well tonight as Scunny dont have the strongest reserves around. Ive already seen enough to know he has the talent and just needs a bit of time to get used to British Racing. The kid beat Nichols around Peterborough and was getting a 5-1 in his next race before looping it out of turn 4. He has had a couple of big offs and is feeling it a bit injury wise. Give him a bit of time and he will defo be a huge club asset in the future
  13. Parsy29

    Newcastle 2018

    1000 Miles, 3 Meetings, 3 days The weekend ahead could be a major make or break one for Josh Embleton as he embarks on three race meetings in three days. This might not sound like anything out of the ordinary to a lot of Speedway riders and fans alike but when the meetings are about as far apart as they possibly could be in England then you will recognise the task ahead for the likable Geordie. On Thursday Josh will head off for the 7 hour drive down to the Isle of Wight where he will be making his seasonal debut guesting in the National League against Eastbourne. Then he will get the ferry back over and head for Plymouth for another meeting on Friday night again for Isle of Wight. His travelling does not stop their though with a return drip up North and on to Berwick for Newcastle Gems meeting against Berwick Border Raiders awaiting him on Saturday evening. 1000 miles will be covered over the three days and also two days unpaid from work. This all will have to come out of Josh’s pocket with points money and travelling expenses not covering the costs involved. This young promising rider is chasing his dream and this just shows what lengths he will go to for the chance to fulfill it. If any businesses / individuals would like to sponsor Josh we at team nopainnogain would very happily display your logos on our website and of course on Josh race bike etc. This lad is making a huge sacrifice for this trip and it would be brilliant if his fellow Geordies could support him in any way which they could. Good luck Josh and we will all be rooting for you. http://teamnopainnogain.co.uk/ paypal donations - gavin.parr@sky.com
  14. I do wonder myself ;-) not used to wearing shorts and t shirt for meetings lol

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