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  1. Pretty depleted looking Scunthorpe side. Don't think it will be much of a meeting but hopefully we can only beat what's in front of us.
  2. Winditon

    Berwick v Newcastle Ko Cup

    Do you also think he's always gonna get gifted races?
  3. Winditon

    Berwick v Newcastle Ko Cup

    Ha ha. What a ridiculous quote. Give your head a shake. If you think that is job done you really haven't got a clue.
  4. Worst Newcastle reserve pairing i can remember for a long time. Maybe ever.!!!!!
  5. Winditon

    Berwick v Newcastle Ko Cup

    You need to be scoring points and giving 100% should just be the norm. Just because you work at the speedway you're frightened to criticise Phillips. Why don't you just admit he's never gonna make it as this level.
  6. Winditon

    Newcastle 2019

    I wouldn't hesitate Ruff. I'm sick of tired repeating myself that Danny Phillips will never cut the mustard and the sooner especially his dad realises the better. I think Connor Coles has came on a ton since he was with us. Glasgow would have signed him now if they hadn't already agreed to use Bailey the young Australian. Not sure if we would put Coles back in as he left on not the greatest terms as apparently he wouldn't take much notice to advice he was given. Personally i would still give him another chance. Infact I'd rather put you in Ruff.
  7. Winditon

    Newcastle V Leicester 19/5/19

    How can you even consider having Danny Phillips in your team. He is not going to improve. People were getting carried away after the Glasgow meeting but Glasgow reserves on the night were very poor. Bickley just cannot get around Brough Park and Ruddick is struggling as much as Phillips. We need changes but will it happen.? Who knows.
  8. Winditon

    Newcastle 2019

    Off topic. Anyone know why Tommy is missing tonight? Will he be ok for Sunday?
  9. Winditon

    Newcastle 2019

    My argument is that Danny Phillips has been around for a good while now and isn't showing any sign of improvement. I understand he had a bad injury but my honest opinion is he is and will only ever be NL standard. I hope he proves me wrong.
  10. Interesting points. Will George & Martin take a chance? Regardless of who is and isn't available i think the promotion have to have a serious think about making changes.
  11. Yes i know what you mean. We aren't a million miles away from a good side. We scored 37 points today from 5 riders so if we can get two riders to chip in with a few each and that would make all the difference.
  12. After today's meeting at Leicester we have to seriously consider making changes and moving Lambert and Phillips out. Lambert was expected to score points away from home but isn't even doing that. Phillips is also struggling badly. We need to act soon before we lose too many more matches and the crowds start dropping off. Not sure what the answers are with replacements and averages etc.. but i think something needs done.
  13. Winditon

    Newcastle 2019

    I see your point and time will tell but one thing for sure is we will be stronger now in the crucial heats of 13 & 15.
  14. Winditon

    Newcastle 2019

    P.S. It would be great to see Arsonfire and Boomerang become regulars again. Ha ha

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