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  1. StyxofRock

    Thank u Buster

    A decent old fashioned size Yorkie for me, none of this modern bite size rubbish...
  2. StyxofRock

    Thank u Buster

    Whilst agreeing with your thoughts, snickers are the "new" name for marathon, which is also relevant as reading this is more a marathon than a sprint and a great topic...
  3. StyxofRock

    All Random Chat Here

    How can a thread started 10 hours after another one for the same fixture, be deemed "official". How can you have the balls to go onto the other thread and say post on the official one? You may have some thoughts on the fixture yourself, if so post them on the first posted thread... You love making life hard for yourself. This is from someone who is interested in Swindon speedway, but can not get to meetings due to other commitments.
  4. There was already a thread started for this match...
  5. StyxofRock

    Swindon Stadium

    There's already a thread for discussing team options...
  6. StyxofRock

    RIP Ivan Mauger OBE

    One of the greats who first got me interested in Speedway. RIP

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