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  1. I can see Holder being a big rugby fan; after all its a game where the players spend eighty minutes pretending not to be hurt!
  2. Nice to see the manipulation of IRR rule didn't pay off!
  3. It will be interesting to see what changes next season brings. Obviously injury has played a big part, but some personnel changes are definitely required. I lost count of the times their rider off gate three took our rider wide on the first bend, not one of them had the perception and or skill to lay off and cut inside. Surely its the managers role to point this out. We need someone with the tactical experience and riding ability to actually team ride rather than just gate and go.
  4. But how many have you emptied already to reach that conclusion! Not even sure this is worth using the free entry from last week for.
  5. It hasn't! Raining heavily in ipswich right now.
  6. Just hope it's not going to be a repeat of sedgeman last season!
  7. Perhaps not lightly, but certainly far too late for all the paying public who have spent their time and money. I can't think of many other sports where this sort of situation would occur.
  8. I hope Drew keeps his options open and continues with his formal education, because based on tonight's events the future of speedway in this country isnt exactly looking bright.
  9. I couldn't hear any bikes being warmed up, and Glasgow not even changed. You have to wonder if certain riders had already made their minds up!
  10. Sprocket

    Ipswich v Redcar 19/7/18

    Thanks for that, I admit I was thinking antipodiean as well. Your right in what you say, Just taking the time with a young fan can make all the difference, and certainly speedway needs as many of those as it can get if it is to survive.
  11. Sprocket

    Ipswich v Redcar 19/7/18

    What's with the secret squirrel stuff? Which rider was it? I'd like to know which rider considers himself above giving an autograph to a young fan.
  12. Sprocket

    Craig Cook

    It's the other three GP riders in every heat who'll be in front of him!
  13. Sprocket

    Ipswich 2018

    Apparently this came from the man himself a couple of weeks ago.
  14. Sprocket

    Ipswich 2018

    Ive heard a rumor that Doyle wants to ride for ipswich. Based in Norwich and fed up of travelling down to Somerset, plus he's sponsored by tru plant. Make of that what you will!
  15. Sprocket

    Ipswich v Edinburgh 21 6 18

    I can't understand why the club didn't ost anything on the website regarding the closure of the A1m on sunday. I wasted 3 hours and twenty quid on fuel as i was so delayed i gave up and turned back. Surely they must of been aware of the closure.

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