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  1. This will be a close 1. Think Lions reserves will struggle so that may the clincher for the Scorpions
  2. Lionsman66

    Sell me your team to Support

    Leicester Lions for me, loyal support even when we are propping up the league year after year but still we stand by our boys.....thick & thin.....we'll be on the terraces
  3. Lionsman66

    Leicester NL 2019

    With having to pay the high B.T sport price surely alot will go to see the cubs as they can't afford to have said channel...just a thought
  4. Lionsman66

    Leicester 2019

    Looking forward to the league fixtures coming out & planning to visit some away matches. It'll give the car a run if nothing else
  5. Lionsman66

    Leicester 2019

    Moving on....
  6. Lionsman66

    Leicester 2019

    I still have lots printed from last season so wanna use them up
  7. Lionsman66

    Leicester 2019

    Does anyone know If the race format will still be the same? I still have printed blank programmes from last year to use!
  8. Lionsman66

    Leicester 2019

    For the cubs Hume will do well
  9. Lionsman66

    Leicester 2019

    Would Richie Worrall providethe clout needed at number5?
  10. Lionsman66

    Leicester 2019

    Its looking quite likely now that all but 1 lions rider 2019 will be an English rider. Maybe thats so they have a better understanding of the accent from the new manager. Joking apart though, I feel he'll get the best out the team then the rest is up to them.
  11. Lionsman66

    Leicester 2019

    Does anyone know if the race format 2019 will be the same as last season in the premiership?
  12. Lionsman66

    Leicester 2019

    Not over shocked or impressed with josh bates signing. Think he will struggle to find the form he showed in 2017 but I so wanna be wrong. I also see Ty Proctor was with Josh at the unveiling. Maybe a future Lion??
  13. Lionsman66

    Leicester 2019

    Gotta be bates if its being announced in a local pub
  14. Lionsman66

    Leicester 2019

    I'd like to see klindt or Nicholls named in the lions team at no.5 with Wells at no.1
  15. So what are we hoping for in this years AGM? North/south split maybe, I heard alot wanting it.

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