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  1. Gary67

    2020 NL Season

    Brilliant, you have the money to buy that as well (separate entity to the speedway of course). Crack on.
  2. Gary67

    2020 NL Season

    Plenty of keyboard warriors on this forum could do it.. They all know how to prepare a track, great at team selection and know everything there is to know about speedway so shouldn't be a problem for them. Oh yeah and money. Ah well. All good to put the knife in Dave and his team at Stoke but if it wasn't for him it'd gone a long long time ago. Come on keyboard warriors put your money where your big mouths are and show everyone how to do it. Speedway makes loads of money don't you know. BTW, you won't be able to make the shortfall with stocks at Buxton lol.
  3. Gary67

    Stoke closing down

    Your comment was Yes they were. And a few turned up. FACT. Ask Dave.
  4. Gary67

    Stoke closing down

    Yes they were. I was there when some of the calls were made. Same as for the end of season do.
  5. Gary67

    Stoke V Cradley 29/06/19

    what a bell-end
  6. Gary67


    post hidden, nothing
  7. Gary67


  8. Gary67

    Stoke vs Kent.

    You keyboard warriors should put your money where your mouths are (you'd have plenty) and build your own team, You all know better.
  9. Gary67

    How long are new members moderated

    why's that
  10. Gary67

    Stoke 2019

    Yeah, like actually bringing some money in to the track.
  11. Gary67

    Stoke 2019

    Please never come back. Clown.

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