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  1. christalan

    start date ?

    I believe this season will not be able go ahead so I suggest the BSPA have a meeting to cancel this season altogether like many other events have throughout the UK then all riders etc from abroad can return home.
  2. christalan

    Poole 2020

    Obviously some of you do not know that at the present time Poole are still in the Premiership and will continue to be so at least up until the BSPA AGM and as nothing has been decided yet they may well continue in the Premiership. So until the outcome has been ratified one way or the other lets wait and see what happens.
  3. Well if you do not like it then do not watch it, surely nobody is making you watch it. 

  4. christalan

    Poole vs BV. Premiership. 27/06/19

    Some people on here talk like politicians trying to create animosity among supporters.
  5. christalan

    Poole vs BV. Premiership. 27/06/19

    The 10.15 curfew was announced before the racing restarted when both teams were 24 points each not before the meeting so both teams had equal opportunity to win the meeting.
  6. christalan

    Poole 2019

    Itmay be a problem for others to score 10+ every week as well.
  7. christalan

    Poole 2019

    The reason Matt Ford wishes to sell and move on are not the same as the circumstances for Coventry closing.
  8. christalan

    Poole 2018

    How does one become a REF member?
  9. Please do not make accusations you are unable to substantiate.As Nigel Pearson said in last nights programme ''The downside is, of course, the negativity of which there has been more than ever speedway related this year.Some people post scathing content about the sport and about certain people which could often be wrong and it's there for all to see.'' Yes I am a Poole supporter and this current team is giving us great value for money, dishing up some superb racing entertainmemt.
  10. Can somebody show me the indisputable evidence where Matt Ford was supposed to have made these statements or are they fictitious like many posts on here.

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